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Tutorials / How to display a PS5 at 1440p
« on: 03:37 AM - 06/04/21 »
We all know by now that PS5 can't display at 1440p resolution, despite being technically capable of doing so. Most 4K games are upscaled 1440p, so the only reason Sony has disabled 1440p is to force sales of 4K 120Hz HDMI 2.1 screens that we really don't need for next-gen console gaming. But I digress...

I have one of these lying around - https://www.marseilleinc.com/mclassic/ and thought I'd give it a try on PS5. mClassic has a 1440p upscaler built-in and is capable of supporting 120Hz games.

I'm happy to report that the mClassic works! I have the PS5 running Days Gone in 1080p 60Hz, but displaying on the Dell at 1440p  60Hz :o

I have two screens connected to my gaming setup - a Dell 27" 1440p 144Hz and an Asus 43" 4K 120Hz (via DisplayPort 1.4). I also have an Elgato 4K Pro MkII for streaming / video capture, so the screens are connected to my consoles via a Portta HDMI 2.0 4x2 switch, followed by an Orei 1x2 HDMI 2.0 splitter.

I slotted the mClassic between the HDMI splitter and the Dell screen at the last HDMI cable in the chain, rather than from the console HDMI port. Neither the switch nor the splitter are required as the mClassic will work straight from the console, but it does demonstrate that mClassic works in more complex setups.

The Dell screen is displaying Days Gone at the screen's native 1440p resolution, but the Asus screen is displaying at the PS5's native 1080p signal. This means the two screens can run at independent resolutions instead of the HDMI signal forcing both screens to 1080p. That's a solid outcome.

mClassic adds smoothing to the 1440p upscaling to fill in the pixels, giving the textures an almost painted or cel-shaded quality with silky antialiasing, which looks very nice. I'll see how it looks in OBS when my RTX 3080 Ti arrives in a week or two.

More testing is needed as I've only tried a 1080p 60Hz game, but mClassic apparently supports 1440p and 120Hz upscaling. My hope is that mClassic can fill in the gap for PS5 gaming at 1440p until Sony adds native support.

As an added bonus, the Orei HDMI splitter provides 4K downscaling to 1440p for the Dell, while simultaneously display 4K on the Asus, so I have the best of both worlds. My PS5 will get more love than I anticipated as I wait it out for native 1440p support :)

[Update] mClassic supports 1440p 60Hz or 1080p 120Hz. Unfortunately it can't do 1440p 120Hz upscaling :-\

mClassic does provide a 1440p upscaling option for PS5, but I wouldn't recommend it for multiplayer shooters. I got some beautiful results for 1080p 60Hz to 1440p 60Hz upscaling in some games (brighter colours, better depth, smoother aliasing, cleaner separation), but not for all.

I like mClassic, but maybe not enough to use it on the daily. I may try to push mClassic into OBS because the results can be a significant visual improvement in games like Days Gone & Borderlands 3 that benefit from mClassicís antialiasing and brighter palette.

Game Support / Destiny 2 Series X/S ST is broken....
« on: 08:55 PM - 05/07/21 »
I'm not sure when the Destiny 2 ST was updated for Series X, but there is something seriously wrong with it. I'm using XIM APEX FW release 5.00.20210223 with an Xbox One controller for auth.

I've played thousands of hours of Destiny over the years and am very familiar with the look mechanics. I've put maybe 100 hours into D2 on Series X over the last 3 weeks using the Destiny2 X1.1 ST. Everything feels crisp, no complaints at all.

However, Destiny2 XS 1 ST is broken. The HIP translator has what feels like timed acceleration. It also cannot follow a straight horizontal line and pushes the reticle in a downwards trajectory, which ends up on the floor within 2 x 360 turns. Attempting to correct for the downwards push creates a weird sinewave movement.

It is very easy to demonstrate when equipping a sword. Perform a 360 on the width of a pad in HIP, or a quick 180 turn on X1.1 and you get exactly the expected result. On XS 1, the turning distance is roughly half that of X1.1 for the same hand movement and your aim moves downwards.

This is largely restricted to the HIP ST, but the ADS ST doesn't feel quite right either. The downwards movement seems to be there and the turning isn't as fast, nor is it predictable. In short, my aim is way off using the XS1 ST compared with the X1.1 ST. I can instantly feel a massive difference when toggling between the two STs.

Mist and OBsIV, would you please review the changes made to the XS1 ST? X1.1 feels leagues better, even on Series X. Movement is unpredictable, acceleration has been added, turn speed is lower and there's a weird downwards push that I've never felt in any ST over the past decade.

I just dropped into my local EB Games in Australia and jokingly asked if they had any Series X consoles available...and they do  :o 

The girl behind the counter handed me the one she was holding with a cheery "There ya go!" and I almost shat a brick. After picking my jaw up off the floor and shoving my money in her face, I just brought mine home and I can call myself a happy next-gen XIMmer.

Apparently Microsoft has sorted out their preorder issues and Series X stock is filtering through to retail outlets worldwide. EB Games didn't know the stock was coming, but it was rumoured that they'd have some available for Black Friday, so supply may be limited. Get on it peeps!

Sony on the other hand way oversold PS5 preorders and stock apparently won't be available until mid-2021. Hopefully, like MS, they'll spring a pre-Xmas surprise, but I'm not holding my breath.

General Discussion / XBSX and PS5 Black Friday...
« on: 10:32 PM - 11/22/20 »
I was speaking with a friend at EB Games and he mentioned that JB Hi-Fi in Australia, and Walmart & Gamestop in the USA have apparently held back some stock for Black Friday deals. So keep an eye out this Friday for XBSX and PS5 consoles.

If you miss out (which is highly likely), XBSX should be available again in April. At this stage PS5 is looking like its sold out until June, but EB is expecting some stock to pop up in April.

Preorders for both consoles may open up again at the end of Dec or early Jan, so jump in as quick as you can!

General Discussion / PS5 canít do 1440p, XBSX can
« on: 06:01 AM - 11/05/20 »
Source - https://press-start.com.au/news/playstation/2020/11/05/the-ps5-does-not-support-1440p-output-according-to-sony/

This is a big problem if you want to play at 1440p @ 120Hz instead of 4K @ 60FPS, or if you donít want to upgrade to a HDMI 2.1 screen (1440p @ 144Hz is the gold PC standard).

Few if any demanding games will run at 4K @ 120Hz on next-gen consoles. The latest RTX cards on PC are made for stable 4K gaming and thereís no way a console is outperforming a 3080 (4K @ 60Hz), let alone touching a 3090 (4K @ 120Hz...maybe).

The difference between 60FPS and 120FPS is significant for MP gaming and consoles wonít push that at more than 1440p. Game devs can still screw the pooch by limiting games to 60FPS on XBSX (they shouldnít as MS is targeting PC <> Xbox crossover) but Iíd rather the option for 1440p than be forced to live without it.

Not to mention that XBSS will likely be a 1440p console for $250 cheaper than a PS5, so thereís a vested interest in maximising 1440p performance. IMHO, XBSS is a more attractive entry point for the budget conscious, or for PC gamers dabbling in console games, than a digital-only PS5. Game Pass Ultimate is also a great deal if you play on both PC and Xbox and Iíd rate it higher than PS Plus.

Thatís the final straw, Iíll be going with XBSX for cross-platform games, shooters, multiplayer etc for 1440p @ 120Hz, 16-bit stick resolution and more flippity flops...the stuff gamers want for high performance.

If you care about it, 1440p will be the next logical step for streaming, not 4K, which is still a good 5-10 years away due to storage, encoding and bandwidth limitations. Iíll be recording at 1440p (best for YouTube encoding) and streaming at 1080p (until Twitch supports 1440p), so XBSX is a no-brainer.

RIP Sony, Microsoft is kicking big goals this time around and should take this generation. Iíll still buy a PS5, but for single-player exclusives and PS4 BC only. This is a complete 180 for me - Iíve been a Sony pony for 25 years and have barely touched my Xboxes. But MS is ticking more of my next-gen boxes with nothing obvious to complain about.

Titan Two can swap mouse & keyboard from PC to either XIM 4 or XIM APEX via the KMG Capture function in Gtuner IV. Unlike XIM Link, this works reliably when using a XIM on PC. Titan Two's KMG Capture is also significantly more reliable than a USB Switch (a switch can kill kb input within a few swaps).

1. Connect mouse & keyboard to PC. Leave the controller connected to XIM. Don't connect any other devices to XIM or Titan Two.
2. Connect Titan Two to PC via the PROG port.
3. Set Gtuner IV > Device Configuration > Output Protocol to "USB Multi Interface HID".
4. In Gtuner IV > Device Configuration, select "Disable Joystick from Multi Interface HID output".
5. Create a new empty GPC script in Gtuner IV, paste the m/kb passthrough code below and transfer it to a spare Memory Slot on Titan Two. An Input Translator is not required.
Code: [Select]
#include <keyboard.gph>
#include <mouse.gph>
init {
main {
   if(mouse_status(MREPORT_UPDATED)) {

6. Connect a compatible power adapter to XIM APEX's USB hub. XIM 4 should work fine without additional power.
7. Connect XIM to a powered-up PC or console.
8. Connect Titan Two to XIM via the OUTPUT port.
9. Select the Memory Slot on Titan Two to enable the m/kb passthrough GPC script.
10. Activate KMG Capture in Gtuner IV (press F4).
11. Bind your kb keys and mouse buttons to Actions in XIM APEX Manager.

The power adapter is critical for this to work on XIM APEX. If Titan Two can't pull enough power from the XIM, USB Multi Interface HID won't work (OUTPUT LED remains unlit). Requirements for the power adapter are 5V 3A, 3.5mm x 1.35mm, centre-positive. A power adapter on Titan Two won't help (I use one), it needs to be on the XIM APEX.

Mouse DPI in Windows may need to be increased significantly (most mice default to 400 DPI) for use with XIM APEX. 3200 DPI is a good starting point, but may be too fast when navigating Windows.

To slow the mouse pointer on PC, go to Control Panel >  Mouse > Pointer Options and reduce the pointer speed. Pointer speed won't affect in-game sensitivity while playing native m/kb PC games. Game sensitivity may need to be dialled down to a comfortable speed when using 3200 DPI.

If KMG Capture drops out for any reason, Alt-Tab across to Gtuner IV and re-activate KMG Capture. To escape KMG Capture, hit Ctrl + Esc, as per the Titan Two window prompt.


There are no mods in the above GPC script, all it does is forward mouse & kb input from PC to XIM APEX. Additional mods can be added to the GPC script, however anti-recoil may not work correctly because Titan Two can't read stick values from the XIM APEX in this configuration.

Mileage will vary in terms of mod detection on PC due to more sophisticated anti-cheat software. Though the risk of triggering anti-cheat software on PC using a Titan Two is extremely low, you do this entirely at your own peril. PC is not a supported XIM platform, so you're on your own for technical support.

Thanks to ME. on the ConsoleTuner Discord for helping to resolve a few issues with USB Multi Interface HID connectivity.

Hardware Compatbility / Tilted head tracker works on XIM
« on: 06:51 PM - 04/07/20 »
Rack this one up to "Why would you do that?", but I can confirm that Tilted works with XIM APEX -

From what I can tell, Tilted is no longer available for purchase, but it's quite a neat little tool that uses a gyro to detect up to 8 actions bound to kb keys. Those actions are Tilt Left, Right, Forward, Back and Move Forward, Back, Up and Down. You can see the actions in the video at the top of the Kickstarter campaign page linked above.

Tilt L/R & F/B work really well, but Move F/B & U/Dare inconsistent and not worth using. I setup my Tilted to bind to the Left, Right, Up and Down arrow keys for Tilt L/R/U/D and skipped the Move bindings.

First test - use Tilted in Gtuner IV on PC via KMG Capture passthrough to Titan Two. Binding the arrow keys set on Tilted to whatever I wanted in an Input Translator works without issue.

Second test - connecting Tilted's USB dongle to Titan Two INPUT-A or B works.

Third test - plugging Tilted's USB dongle into XIM APEX works. All 4 bindings for L/R/U/D arrow keys register in XIM APEX Manager. Neat.

Tilted can be used for things like Lean L/R in PUBG and Siege. Crouch, Walk, Turn Assist, Sprint, Reload, d-pad etc also come to mind as possible bindings.

I wouldn't use Tilted for anything requiring precision timing, but for more deliberate and less time-sensitive actions like leaning, sprinting and reloading, it could be useful.

Tilted also has application as an accessibility tool for those with limited mobility to add head movement into their gaming arsenal for actions like WASD.

It's a pity Tilted doesn't seem to be available because it works really well. I'll give it a crack for leaning because I naturally tend to tilt to the side to look around corners like a numpty while gaming.

ControlPad is a robust bit of kit with a tonne of functionality including keyboard, numpad, mouse, game controller, macros, dual action buttons, analog input etc, so it shows real promise as a Windows 10 gaming device. But it's come up short for XIM gaming on console, which is somewhat disappointing.

ControlPad works in digital (WASD) mode on both XIM APEX and Titan Two. But the real selling point of ControlPad is the analog switches, which don't work when connected direct to either device.

[UPDATE] J2Kbr added support for ControlPad in analog mode (360 controller emulation) on Titan Two, but it requires a PC and KMG Capture passthrough from Titan Two to XIM APEX to work.

ControlPad relies on AimPad PC software for analog input, so there is no workaround to use the device in analog mode when connected direct to XIM APEX or Titan Two.

A quick tut while I think of it. I'm using Horizon: Zero Dawn as the example but the same technique applies to other games with weapon wheels.

1. Open XIM APEX Manager on iOS, Android (via Bluetooth) or PC (USB only).
2. In HIP, setup the binding for Inventory to an easy accessible button or key. In my case, it's the button behind the scrollwheel on my mouse. Don't bind Inventory to a thumb button for reasons that will become obvious below.
3. Swipe twice from right-to-left to display the Auxilliary 1 page.
4. Deselect Inherit on the Auxilliary 1 page.
5. Set Activation Key on Auxilliary 1 to the same binding as the Inventory binding.
6. Swipe all the way down the bottom of the Auxilliary 1 page to the Analog section.
7. In Left X, tap the left arrow to select None. For Left Y, do the same.
8. In Right X, tap left a few times and select Joystick Left X.
9. In Right Y, tap left a few times and select Joystick Left Y.

When Inventory is held, the thumbstick on the Azeron or Nav controller is now the weapon wheel selection stick, which is significantly easier than attempting to navigate the menu with a mouse using high sensitivity or Turn Assist. Movement is unbound on the Auxiliary page to prevent your character from moving, but is optional.

Note: this won't work on a keyboard, it's for analog input devices only.

General Discussion / New Mod Squad website is live...
« on: 04:29 AM - 11/05/19 »
After 6 long months of daily grind, I've finally launched the new Mod Squad site - https://modsquad.com.au. I built, designed & wrote it all myself, it looks good on desktop, mobile & tablets and I'm pretty happy with the result (needs TTFB optimisation, I'll get to that).

The XIM APEX page is detail-rich, including easy to understand overviews of Features & Expert settings, and the FAQ is comprehensive with some solid troubleshooting tips. It's worth a look, even if you aren't an Aussie (we don't ship internationally, sorry).

There's a tonne of new products to be added, with hopefully hundreds more next year, including games.

Live streaming will start again next week to demo XIM APEX, Azeron Compact, Wooting Two, Titan Two, Fragpedals and other goodies. Expect loads of ring-rust, trash aim and hissy-fits...I haven't played any games since April  :-[ Jump onto Twitch for a chat, or just to point and laugh.

Hey all,

J2K at ConsoleTuner has been working on a secret project for the past 4 or 5 months (not a new Titan), but is now back into Titan Two development in full swing.

The latest T2 update includes the ability to set Input Polling Rate. We already had Output Polling Rate so we can match XIM APEX Response Rate, but Input offers a couple of benefits.

1. We may be able to use Input Polling to tweak XIM APEX output to improve audio quality as chaining the two devices can cause garbled audio. This *might* be another tool to counter jitter too (similar output filtering to Sync but at higher values).

2. Connecting a mouse direct to Titan Two will now poll at the full mouse polling rate, including at 1000Hz. Previously, mouse input was capped at 500Hz. This is only important if passing m/kb through to XIM APEX via HID Multi Interface (expert-level T2 scripting). Most of us use the reverse setup of XIM > T2.

Selectable Input Polling on Titan Two has piqued the interest of a number of e-sport game devs (I won't name names, but they are BIG games). Titan One and CronusMAX devices are already used in world championship tournaments to remove USB input lag (XB1 from 8ms > 1ms, PS4 from 4ms > 1ms). These same game devs are looking at using Titan Two to replace the older T1 & CM tech (all invented by J2Kbr at ConsoleTuner).

There's some other new stuff including External Tools (calling third-party apps within Gtuner IV) that I haven't fully wrapped my head around. KMG capture for macOS (m, kb & joystick passthrough from Mac) is being investigated more thoroughly (already on PC), and full Force Feedback wheel support on XB1 will get a deeper look in the coming weeks (already on PS4). I've been chasing these up for many months, hopefully they'll materialise soon.

Selectable Input Polling on T2 is the big one for those of us who stack XIM APEX with Titan Two and I thought it best to give you lads a heads-up :)

A customer of mine picked up a XIM Apex today and reported an interesting issue I haven't seen before.

On Xbox One, mouse and keyboard input is being overridden by "J-up" that seems to be coming from the connected Elite controller. The button isn't bound in his Apex Legends config.

He has the Elite, a Razer Naga mouse and a kb attached (I don't know the model). AFAIK, no CronusMAX or Titan is connected.

I just tested an Elite controller on my XIM Apex and I can see all regular button presses detecting and outputting in XIM Manager as expected (e.g D-pad Up registers as "Up") so I'm confused as to where J-up might be coming from.

Any idea what this could be?

At a guess I'm thinking custom Elite controller profile setting, or maybe one of the side-buttons on his Razer Naga mouse. I also thought it could be stick drift, or a faulty USB cable, but neither explains why "J-up" appears in XIM Manager. None of these explains why disabling stick input via XIM Manager > Apex Legends > HIP > Analog works.

I'll send him a link to this thread if he has anything further to add, but this one has me stumped  :o
The only time I've experienced similar symptoms is when using Fragpedal foot pedals directly attached to XIM Apex (same solution).

General Discussion / Gamers should watch this...
« on: 10:01 AM - 03/16/19 »
I'm gonna get deep and meaningful for a minute -

Watch from approx 10.00 to 14.00. It's all about losing with grace rather than blaming the loss on someone else.

A lack of accountability is why XIM cops so much hate from those who know nothing about it and this video nails the reason behind this phenomenon.

Reflecting blame is how many gamers react when they should be owning the loss, analysing their gameplay and improving their own skills to prevent a similar outcome.

Good players lose with grace, are humble in victory and play well with others. Be that guy.

Can anyone confirm that Ducky One 2 Mini kb and Finalmouse Air58 mouse work on XIM Apex?

I suspect both do, but would appreciate confirmation :)

General Discussion / Xim4 SA3 vs Xim Apex in BO4
« on: 01:40 AM - 10/30/18 »
I've been testing Xim4 on SA3 vs Xim Apex in BO4 today and have some very interesting observations.

Xim4 settings - BO4 ST, 125Hz Response Rate (not configurable), 1000Hz Polling Rate, 12K DPI, HIP 8, ADS 5, Steady Aim on, Boost 84. No curves.

Apex settings - BO4 ST, 500Hz Response Rate, 1000Hz Polling Rate, 12K DPI, HIP 8, ADS 5. Sync Default. No curves.

VAPR with High Cal, Rapid Fire and Suppressor. Engineer, Gung Ho, Dead Silence. Acoustic Sensor.

1. SA3 - aim & movement feels smooth with clean cut-through into the hitbox. Overall, SA3 provided a trouble-free experience that rewards good aim, but AA feels weak.

2. Apex - aim & movement feels smooth, AA is like a gravity well and sticks like baby poo to a blanket. Overall, Apex works great with AA, as long as you can break through the AA bubble to get into the hitbox.

The results were not even close - want less AA? Use Xim4 SA3. Want more AA? Use Apex.

I played equally well on both - adjusting aim into the hitbox was easier on SA3, but AA is magnetic on Apex. I preferred hitbox entry on SA3, but pulled a higher killstreak on Apex, so it boils down to user preference.

I don't know what the difference is under the hood to make the two firmwares feel so different, but I'll play around to see if I can get Apex feeling closer to SA3. Adjusting RR, changing Sync, increasing ADS sensitivity and a Ballistics Curve should help, but vanilla SA3 felt spot-on from the outset.


Here's the TLDR version of the test results posted in the thread.

Final Apex Settings
BO4 ST, Apex & mouse at 1000Hz, 12K DPI, HIP 50, ADS 40. Sync Off, Smoothing 0, Gradual curve.

Gradual Curve
Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>

Granular Curve
Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>

Sync Off had much more impact on AA cut-through than DPI, so use whatever DPI works for you.

Sync Off uses Apex's Response Rate rather than attempting to sync with a game's processing loop. This tends to have a dampening effect on AA, which is needed in BO4. Both 500 & 1000Hz RR worked well.

OBsIV's quantization curves reduce the AA bubble, similar to the SA3 Xim4 experimental FW build. The curves posted above are dynamite, the gold nugget of this thread.

Smoothing at 0 or 20 felt roughly the same (I expected a lot of floatiness at 20), so I didn't test extensively. If you get jitter at 1000Hz, either decrease Response Rate to 500Hz, or increase Smoothing.

If you still have a Xim4, use SA3 for BO4. AA behaviour is very clean and SA3 works well on vanilla settings. Just know you're getting less AA than an Apex.

BO4 AA is obscenely strong on Apex, which more closely equates to a controller experience. However, the AA bubble is troublesome at mid to long range and can act as a repellent. Combining Sync Off with OBsIV's SA3-like Ballistics Curves cleans up AA issues at all ranges.

I wanted both strong AA and easy hitbox entry, I can only get that on Apex. I'll be sticking to the Apex with the settings posted above.

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