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Hey all,

J2K at ConsoleTuner has been working on a secret project for the past 4 or 5 months (not a new Titan), but is now back into Titan Two development in full swing.

The latest T2 update includes the ability to set Input Polling Rate. We already had Output Polling Rate so we can match XIM APEX Response Rate, but Input offers a couple of benefits.

1. We may be able to use Input Polling to tweak XIM APEX output to improve audio quality as chaining the two devices can cause garbled audio. This *might* be another tool to counter jitter too (similar output filtering to Sync but at higher values).

2. Connecting a mouse direct to Titan Two will now poll at the full mouse polling rate, including at 1000Hz. Previously, mouse input was capped at 500Hz. This is only important if passing m/kb through to XIM APEX via HID Multi Interface (expert-level T2 scripting). Most of us use the reverse setup of XIM > T2.

Selectable Input Polling on Titan Two has piqued the interest of a number of e-sport game devs (I won't name names, but they are BIG games). Titan One and CronusMAX devices are already used in world championship tournaments to remove USB input lag (XB1 from 8ms > 1ms, PS4 from 4ms > 1ms). These same game devs are looking at using Titan Two to replace the older T1 & CM tech (all invented by J2Kbr at ConsoleTuner).

There's some other new stuff including External Tools (calling third-party apps within Gtuner IV) that I haven't fully wrapped my head around. KMG capture for macOS (m, kb & joystick passthrough from Mac) is being investigated more thoroughly (already on PC), and full Force Feedback wheel support on XB1 will get a deeper look in the coming weeks (already on PS4). I've been chasing these up for many months, hopefully they'll materialise soon.

Selectable Input Polling on T2 is the big one for those of us who stack XIM APEX with Titan Two and I thought it best to give you lads a heads-up :)

A customer of mine picked up a XIM Apex today and reported an interesting issue I haven't seen before.

On Xbox One, mouse and keyboard input is being overridden by "J-up" that seems to be coming from the connected Elite controller. The button isn't bound in his Apex Legends config.

He has the Elite, a Razer Naga mouse and a kb attached (I don't know the model). AFAIK, no CronusMAX or Titan is connected.

I just tested an Elite controller on my XIM Apex and I can see all regular button presses detecting and outputting in XIM Manager as expected (e.g D-pad Up registers as "Up") so I'm confused as to where J-up might be coming from.

Any idea what this could be?

At a guess I'm thinking custom Elite controller profile setting, or maybe one of the side-buttons on his Razer Naga mouse. I also thought it could be stick drift, or a faulty USB cable, but neither explains why "J-up" appears in XIM Manager. None of these explains why disabling stick input via XIM Manager > Apex Legends > HIP > Analog works.

I'll send him a link to this thread if he has anything further to add, but this one has me stumped  :o
The only time I've experienced similar symptoms is when using Fragpedal foot pedals directly attached to XIM Apex (same solution).

General Discussion / Gamers should watch this...
« on: 10:01 AM - 03/16/19 »
I'm gonna get deep and meaningful for a minute -

Watch from approx 10.00 to 14.00. It's all about losing with grace rather than blaming the loss on someone else.

A lack of accountability is why XIM cops so much hate from those who know nothing about it and this video nails the reason behind this phenomenon.

Reflecting blame is how many gamers react when they should be owning the loss, analysing their gameplay and improving their own skills to prevent a similar outcome.

Good players lose with grace, are humble in victory and play well with others. Be that guy.

Can anyone confirm that Ducky One 2 Mini kb and Finalmouse Air58 mouse work on XIM Apex?

I suspect both do, but would appreciate confirmation :)

General Discussion / Xim4 SA3 vs Xim Apex in BO4
« on: 01:40 AM - 10/30/18 »
I've been testing Xim4 on SA3 vs Xim Apex in BO4 today and have some very interesting observations.

Xim4 settings - BO4 ST, 125Hz Response Rate (not configurable), 1000Hz Polling Rate, 12K DPI, HIP 8, ADS 5, Steady Aim on, Boost 84. No curves.

Apex settings - BO4 ST, 500Hz Response Rate, 1000Hz Polling Rate, 12K DPI, HIP 8, ADS 5. Sync Default. No curves.

VAPR with High Cal, Rapid Fire and Suppressor. Engineer, Gung Ho, Dead Silence. Acoustic Sensor.

1. SA3 - aim & movement feels smooth with clean cut-through into the hitbox. Overall, SA3 provided a trouble-free experience that rewards good aim, but AA feels weak.

2. Apex - aim & movement feels smooth, AA is like a gravity well and sticks like baby poo to a blanket. Overall, Apex works great with AA, as long as you can break through the AA bubble to get into the hitbox.

The results were not even close - want less AA? Use Xim4 SA3. Want more AA? Use Apex.

I played equally well on both - adjusting aim into the hitbox was easier on SA3, but AA is magnetic on Apex. I preferred hitbox entry on SA3, but pulled a higher killstreak on Apex, so it boils down to user preference.

I don't know what the difference is under the hood to make the two firmwares feel so different, but I'll play around to see if I can get Apex feeling closer to SA3. Adjusting RR, changing Sync, increasing ADS sensitivity and a Ballistics Curve should help, but vanilla SA3 felt spot-on from the outset.


Here's the TLDR version of the test results posted in the thread.

Final Apex Settings
BO4 ST, Apex & mouse at 1000Hz, 12K DPI, HIP 50, ADS 40. Sync Off, Smoothing 0, Gradual curve.

Gradual Curve
Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>

Granular Curve
Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>

Sync Off had much more impact on AA cut-through than DPI, so use whatever DPI works for you.

Sync Off uses Apex's Response Rate rather than attempting to sync with a game's processing loop. This tends to have a dampening effect on AA, which is needed in BO4. Both 500 & 1000Hz RR worked well.

OBsIV's quantization curves reduce the AA bubble, similar to the SA3 Xim4 experimental FW build. The curves posted above are dynamite, the gold nugget of this thread.

Smoothing at 0 or 20 felt roughly the same (I expected a lot of floatiness at 20), so I didn't test extensively. If you get jitter at 1000Hz, either decrease Response Rate to 500Hz, or increase Smoothing.

If you still have a Xim4, use SA3 for BO4. AA behaviour is very clean and SA3 works well on vanilla settings. Just know you're getting less AA than an Apex.

BO4 AA is obscenely strong on Apex, which more closely equates to a controller experience. However, the AA bubble is troublesome at mid to long range and can act as a repellent. Combining Sync Off with OBsIV's SA3-like Ballistics Curves cleans up AA issues at all ranges.

I wanted both strong AA and easy hitbox entry, I can only get that on Apex. I'll be sticking to the Apex with the settings posted above.

Game Support / BO4 - advice for nubcakes
« on: 08:12 PM - 10/15/18 »
I am not ashamed to admit that I am complete nubcake when it comes to CoD MP  :-\

The only release this generation I haven't dismissed as complete garbage within a few minutes is BO3, so I bought BO4 on release...a first for me for CoD games, I usually wait for them to hit the bargain bin.

Shooting is fine, positioning will develop with map knowledge, but I am clueless about MP classes, perks and weapons.

I'm after some advice for recommended classes, loadouts, perks, wildcards, attachments etc to fast-track my progress. I'm thinking SMG and/or AR is a solid starting point while I level up.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Please don't post Xim settings, there are tonnes of threads covering that already.

I just received an email from the guys at Aimpad.

They've paired up with Cooler Master to release the ControlPad. It's a 24-key mech keypad with analog switches - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/coolermaster/controlpad-24-keys-with-analog-control

I've backed it for $55 USD (+ $20 shipping to Oz) on the early bird pricing. This is pretty much what I wanted from the Wooting Two's numpad, so I may sell that on arrival in Dec.

Also, Cooler Master has a new full size MK 850 keyboard launching later this year featuring the same Aimpad analog technology.

If you're interested in the ControlPad, get in now while there are plenty of early bird slots available. We'll have to wait until May 2019, but it looks like it'll be worth the wait.

The Cloudflare changes are making it near impossible to post on the forums using a Mac. I understand why Cloudflare has been added, but the restrictive settings are killing the user experience.

I can't use Chrome at all - DDOS protection redirects all posts to create a new thread in Xim Apex Discussions. Safari constantly tosses a Captcha verification after every post or edit.

I need to edit my posts because on Mac, all paragraph line-spacing is doubled. I used to get around that by using the Toggle View button to clean up the code, but that's not working either.

OBsIV, I also can't email anyone at Xim directly, Cloudflare is bouncing the emails.

Can you please review the Cloudflare settings and check the forums using a Mac. I haven't tried on PC yet, but I'm on Mac 99% of the time.

PS, see the formatting above with the variable font sizes? That's new too, I can't clean it up due to Toggle View.

Game Support / Fortnite - what's your XP grind strategy?
« on: 10:19 PM - 06/27/18 »
I've jumped back into Fortnite this week to grind the Omega skin and I've settled into a pattern that is racking up decent XP and fits comfortably with my play-style. 

I would have thought that kills generate more XP, but it's survival time that seems to matter most. My goal is simply to finish in the Top 10 for around 1000XP per match for the quickest progress. I don't really care what happens at that point due to diminishing returns, rinse and repeat.

I'm an older gamer, so run-and-gunning with a shotgun around Tilted, whilst fun to snag an occasional rampage, isn't going to get me the most consistent result, nor the most XP. More often than not, if I push hard, i'm the one who ends up with a face full of buckshot. Nor am I particularly good at building yet, so a fort battle is off-the-cards most of the time.

Instead, I'm blowing through the grind by roaching around as stealthily as possible, plucking off stray rats, preferably with a Scar, Hunting Rifle, SMG, Sticky Grenade and my favourite, the Silenced Pistol (most peeps have no idea how to react). On average, it's only about 4 kills per game, with the occasional spike if I get lucky baiting a honey pot or get a good run.

To achieve as much XP per game, I drop in a smaller regional zone with known chest spots, take out the first player or two competing for that location, then steadily work my way into the circle. I've been consistently hitting the top 5, then taking out 3 of the last 4 for the win, when I do get a win.

Stickies are for taking out forts (otherwise I'm screwed on the low ground) while I sneak around looking for the best angle for the kill. Even though taking the high ground is sensible, I don't particularly like camping in a fort because it telegraphs your position and sniping ain't my forté.

I know it's grand to beat one's chest, claim you're a sniping god or building guru and wipe testicle sweat on the dead as you carve a path of destruction in your wake, but what strategy are you gents really using to reduce the grind?

XIM Link / Xim Link connection query...
« on: 06:32 PM - 05/17/18 »
Is it possible to have Xim Link connected to PC to access AHK, but leave the m/kb attached to Apex?

No particular reason for asking, I'm just curious.

General Discussion / Wireless Logitech G Pro mouse...
« on: 04:13 PM - 05/15/18 »
Rocket Jump Ninja posted a review of the new G305. Basically it's a wireless G Pro -

J2K has removed the 125 and 250Hz limits that were hard-coded into the Titan Two to prevent USB desync issues (purple lights) on Xim4.

Unleashing the Titan's own 1000Hz polling has fixed purple lights on Apex. We can now bump our Apex polling rates to 500 or 1000Hz when paired with a Titan Two. Lovely jubbly.

J2K is a fantastic bloke and has actively supported Xim for years. Let's return the favour and support his device. Titan Two is an excellent product that fills the macro void on Apex, while offering a tonne of other console gaming features to boot. Apex and Titan Two fit hand in glove, I wouldn't game on console without either of them.

XIM APEX Discussions / Apex setup pics...
« on: 07:11 PM - 02/28/18 »
Holy sh!tballs, Xim.tech has the fastest shipping in the world! It only took 7 minutes from submitting my order to receiving an Apex  :o

It's the little USB thingamajig with pink LEDs at mid-left of image.

Close-up of Apex and hub. Apex is connected to Titan Two.

Share the love, spread the world. The Apex is out in the wild!

Post your Apex pics, questions and comments below.

General Discussion / Burnout Paradise Remastered...
« on: 11:45 PM - 02/21/18 »
Here I was thinking EA was dead against remasters and they've just announced Burnout Paradise Remastered.

I loved this game on PS3, played the p!ss and pickhandles out of it and I think it was my first Platinum trophy. This is a no-brainer purchase for me. If you missed this game last generation, consider picking it up in 4K glory on PS4 and XB1.

General Discussion / Elgato Stream Deck...fave new toy
« on: 08:18 AM - 11/09/17 »
It's been a few years since I last updated my game recording setup, so I dropped a few bucks on some new kit - an Elgato HD60 S, Elgato Stream Deck and Elgato Cam Link (so I can hook up my Go Pro as a webcam).

I've used the Elgato HD since its launch back in the PS3 era and it has served me well. So much so that I've never felt the need to look elsewhere, so I've kept the brand loyalty rolling. However, aside from the annoying 5 second or so delay, I've always had a problem with Elgato's terrible implementation of flashback recording in the Game Capture app, which is nothing short of a confusing mess.

Elgato's come to their own rescue here with the Stream Deck. Aside from the obvious support for Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, OBS etc (none of which I find overly interesting), they've snuck in a neat Flashback Recording tool that dovetails into the Game Capture app. Instead of swapping back to the Mac/PC app and wrestling with the obnoxious "drag rewind, then hit Record" and hoping for the best, a button (or buttons) can be assigned to record the last 15, 30, 45 seconds, or 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 30 mins.

That may sound tame, but it overcomes the single most frustrating aspect of the Elgato game capture product range, at the touch of one, or many, customisable buttons. Buying a Stream Deck is an expensive solution (why they couldn't just build this into the app is beyond me), but it's made me a happy camper and I'm now far more inclined to record highlights on-the-fly and actually get some use out of the Elgato gear.

There's plenty of other goodies tucked under the hood for productivity and automation freaks :ahem...whistle:, so take a look at it, even if you're not a strimmer.

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