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General Discussion / Infinite Warfare (not a XIM issue)
« on: 11:26 PM - 11/29/16 »

Does anyone know how to change the variable site (VMC) zoom when using the OSA?  Normally, the press/hold on the Y button changes the zoom level, but with the OSA it brings up the @#$% grenade launcher site.  I'm not sure how to change it when the OSA is used.  Any ideas?



General Discussion / XBOX One Goliath hack?
« on: 08:54 PM - 04/05/15 »
Experienced this today and had to record..


Not sure if that link works or not.

General Discussion / This.. pubs!
« on: 07:22 PM - 03/13/15 »
Pubbing..  Thanks, team!!

General Discussion / Tired of pubbing alone on XBONE..
« on: 10:09 PM - 01/31/15 »
add/invite plz..  I can hold my own

GT: Dnyd3

EDIT:  oh yeah.. COD AW

General Discussion / 4 more hours....
« on: 03:07 PM - 12/05/14 »

General Discussion / Corsair M45 Owners.. question..
« on: 02:51 PM - 12/04/14 »
I just got an M45 today and am curious how you switch between profiles?  The only way I found to change a profile is by running the software.  Other mice have button assignment options like "profile up", "profile down", "profile cycle", etc.

I'm a bit confused on why they give you onboard profiles and no way to change them "on-board".  If I have to connect to a PC to change profiles, then that's a deal breaker for me.


So I've started completely shutting down the XB1 and I swear every since I started doing this, my lag is gone.  Well, I've played three separate times where I shut down and fired AW up, and no lag so far.  This would sort of make sense since the lag IMO doesn't feel like network lag.  It really feels like a the system is struggling.

That being said, I'm sure it is luck and the last three times I've played were with good hosts.  But for now, I'll keep trying it.

General Discussion / Mionix Avior 7000 - Mini Review
« on: 04:35 PM - 11/22/14 »
The Avior 7000 has good specs.. DPI, polling rate, etc.  It also has great tracking.  It feels very smooth - similar to a high-end Logitech gaming mouse. 

The on-board profiles are also a nice addition for us XIMers.

That's what I liked about this mouse.

Here's what I don't like..

The right side buttons - IMO, they are worthless because the way I hold the mouse (and most people with medium to large hands might have the same issue), the right-rear button is always pressed by my right ring finger.  No problem thought as I just disabled the buttons.  And since I don't use right side buttons currently, no big deal.

The Macro editor - For a mouse in this category (high end / +$60 mouse), I would expect a better macro editor.  Simple things like repeat while held, only while held, repeat # of times, etc.  There is no repeat options for macros.  These are basic settings found in other high-end gaming mice.

General Discussion / TF - Wow, all this time..
« on: 08:08 AM - 08/16/14 »
Been playing TF all this @#$% time and always thought that the core amplifiers were automatic.  So every time I would hear "Damage Core Online".. I would rush to find a titan to kill.  BUT I NEVER ENGAGED THE CORE!!!  Haha… didn't know you had to.  So last night, I accidentally pressed the key it's bound too and heard "Damage core still charging".  I'm like @#$%?!?  First time I ever heard that in the game.  Then when I heard the core was available, I pressed the key again and the core enabled.  I'm like @#$%?!?  All this time..aahhhg!

Technical Support / [RESOLVED] XBONE and Original Mixamp
« on: 05:59 PM - 08/07/14 »
For some reason, I can't figure out why my mic isn't working in games.  I had this issue with XIM4E also..

My setup is XBONE + XIM4 + Original Mixamp + AD700 + mic

I'm pretty sure everything is setup correct because the game sound works great.  I just can't hear anyone when the adapter is plugged in.  I think the mic is also working because when I go to create a party and talk, I can see the green circle glow as I talk.

Any ideas?  Please let me know if more info is needed, and TIA!!!

Xbox / Any XBONE TF players on tonight?
« on: 08:30 PM - 07/18/14 »
Add me plz.  Tired of pubbing. 

Player:  Dnyd3

General Discussion / 24 - Jack Bauer
« on: 11:18 PM - 05/19/14 »
Geek alert..  Nice IP address, Jack. 

Beta / XBONE: XIM4E Beta 20140329 and Titanfall
« on: 10:02 PM - 03/31/14 »
I know that in game turn speeds should be set on Insane, but I gotta say, ADS seems much more stable when in game is set to Very High and use a higher ADS speed.  When set to Insane and lower ADS turn speed compared to Very High and higher ADS turn speed, the Very High/higher ADS seems easier to stay on target.  Could be in my head, but I'm going with it.

I also get the strange matrix-like noise when using the headset adapter, Astro, headphones.  It only lasts for a few seconds, but it's pretty annoying.  I use fiber/DTS and haven't tried other audio settings (5.1, 7.1, etc.).  I'll try others later.  I only get this strange sound when using the headset adapter… ie, doesn't happen when xbone fiber->amp>headphones. 

Loving the beta so far.

As the subject states, the above combination sounds really bad for me.  I'm not using the mic at all, so that's not it.  I guess it could by my old mixamp.  Same setup with mic sounds great on the 360.  On xbone, it barely sounds like surround sound. 

Anyway, if anyone has any ideas on how to resolve this, I'm all ears.  I'm going from XBone to mixamp with with an optical cable.  Then mixamp to Audio Technica ATH-AD700 headphones.

Hmm.. as I'm typing this, I think my monitor has an audio output jack…. wonder if HDMI audio would sound better.  Worth a shot.

On a positive note.. the XIM4E beta is awesome!  Got my BT adapter and was up and running in no time.

Clan Clash / Pubbing getting old..
« on: 11:37 PM - 12/28/12 »
I play with a few on here, but it's too infrequent.  Sadly, I'm terribly unsociable and have like 20 Live friends.  If anyone needs another for a party, hit me up..  Dynd3


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