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Technical Support / [RESOLVED] Xim4 wont pair after update
« on: 12:47 AM - 12/09/14 »
So I got the xbox one stereo headset as a gift and it requires me to update the firmware on the controller in order to use.. However now my phone wont pair up with the Xim4. The Xim4 still works but you can't connect to it to change configs or edit anything.

Any ideas? Or anyone else run into this? Is there a way to undo a firmware update on the controller?

Configurations and Requests / Destiny..
« on: 12:58 PM - 06/14/14 »
Anyone know if Destiny is gonna be supported on Xim3? I mean I assume so seeing it's being released for xbox360, but didn't want to pre-ordering without knowing for sure.

Configurations and Requests / Defiance?
« on: 01:15 PM - 03/25/13 »
I was wondering if there are any plans to support this game? I would love to have a nice smart config for it. I'm surprised I haven't seen more talk about this game.

Smart Translators / Monday night combat
« on: 04:38 AM - 05/05/11 »
I was wonder if we could get a newer version of MNC, thanks.

XIM 3 Discussions / Ebay xim scalping
« on: 10:23 PM - 11/10/10 »
Is there anyway to add maybe like an item ID# on the side of them and track what members receive them? Maybe you could black list the member/and or address from buying a future xim's on pre-production releases(Or something like that)? I don't even know if this is possible but I know obsiv wanted to keep the xim scalping as little as possible. This is just a thought..

XIM 2 Discussions / Question...
« on: 07:25 PM - 05/23/10 »
I know this is dumb(shouldn't believe anything you read) but I keep seeing someone posting that a group of Xim users got to play str8 rippin and lost. Now I think Xim users would lose but when did this ever happen? Anyone who played in that match got a video saved? Or is this someone just talking out their @#$%..

"The way I see it, the XIM3 is not a cheating device, but the equivalent of an arcade fighting stick, a joystick, or a steering wheel. Fighting game enthusiasts will use the arcade stick; flying game enthusiasts will use the joystick; driving game enthusiasts will use the wheel; and FPS enthusiasts will use a M/KB via the XIM3. Each product is potentially more advantageous in the hands of a skilled player, but that's not always going to be the case. For proof, look up the match between Str8 Rippin (an MLG clan) and a group of XIM2 users; the latter got their @#$% handed to them despite having the advantage of a mouse and keyboard, because the former were simply better players. In the end, the only thing that matters is skill, not what peripheral you use."



Technical Support / Failure: Right A-axis stick..
« on: 03:08 AM - 01/28/10 »
Hello I purchased a Xim360 prebuilt a little while back and tonight when I ran a stress test it ended up failing... Failure: Right A-axis Stick.

Now I have uninstalled the software and re-installed it, that didn't work. So I tried re-calibrating it and running the stress test over and it still comes up with the error.(Done this a few times.) I've also moved the usb plugs around and still nothing. Anything else I should try? Crazy thing is I've never dropped it or anything.. And yet it passes the calibration tool. Here are the results one of the many stress tests..


Technical Support / XIM store called me
« on: 02:17 AM - 02/11/09 »

General Discussion / XIM?
« on: 07:26 AM - 05/25/08 »
I'm sorry I'm new to this but I was wondering has anyone use the XIM 1 for halo 3 and if it was any good for the online play? Or is it too good to be true? I almost ended up buying the XFPS Sniper thinking that was the best out there... And if they still sell the XIM 1? Or should I wait? I don't really want to wait too long. But I'm completely in the dark... To the people who have the XIM 1 what games is it great for?

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