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Playstation / Help with new xim on ps3
« on: 11:57 PM - 11/19/10 »
Hi All,

I received the xim today and I am trying to get it running. I get to the part where I start xim and everything is fine I can navigate the ps3 menu with my keyboard and mouse and I can see movement with the mouse. One thing that is weird is that I cannot enter config mode by pressing Ctrl-Enter. It just does nothing.

Went into black ops to play some zombies to test but it seems every time I fire my gun the pitch goes straight down and I reload every time. This is even stranger when I throw a grenade. Start to throw grenade, looks straight down, throw grenade, fire gun, reload. I am not entering all these commands it just does it on its own from 1 button press. I though I was following the instructions correctly to get it going. If this sounds familiar to anyone, can you offer any guidance.

I'm on windows xp 32, wireless keyboard, Microsoft gaming mouse
using this adapter


Playstation / Buy adapter at brick and mortor store?
« on: 11:04 AM - 11/16/10 »
I google'd for a good mouse keyboard solution for ps3 after a night of frustration and got really excited when i saw this.

So after reading a little i had to go buy a xim1 from Maximus on ebay. I will be playing black ops mainly and can't wait to start killing with a new setup, which brings me to my question. I don't think the adapter I bought from Amazon is going to areive in time for the weekend so i was wondering if anyone has seen a reliable adapter at a common brick and mortor store (Best Buy, Target, Wal Mart, Fred Meyer.)

I really just can't wait. My first night with black ops multiplayer was so frustrating, i might as well be an infant with a controller in my hand.

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