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Tutorials / How to solder
« on: 08:46 AM - 02/08/08 »
I found this on you tube it may help.

General Discussion / Xim party Cod4
« on: 01:47 PM - 01/31/08 »

I was thinking about having a gathering of xim-ists jam some Cod4, it would be a good opertunity to actually talk about some of the issues and settings, and kill the crap out of each other, just a thought let me know what you guys think.    If you dont want to be on the advetised list send me a pm.

!! UPDATED 3/22/08 !!

[XIM] Party People
thorimmortal  GT= thorimmortal
 Ub3rnoob     GT= Ub3rn00ber
 cameltoe      GT= cameltoe1009
 paulybear     GT= Furious Runt
 nickstudy      GT= ii tr00f ii  2 i's 2 zero's
 Petricore       GT= Petricore
 EAM25          GT= EAM25        
 Cyclone        GT= Omega Cyclone
 Sick Tight      GT= Blind2NSideJobs
deag1er         GT= ninjalistic
 Westy VRS      GT= Westy VRS
 Dynatron       GT= DYNATRON
 Drastic          GT= DrasticNyc
 evm               GT= BTGEVM
 Def2fyn          GT= KC DEF2FYN

Configurations and Requests / Call Of Duty 4 [Logitech G5]
« on: 03:00 PM - 01/26/08 »
User: Thorimmortal
Game: Call Of Duty 4
Mouse DPI:Logitech G5 default 800 dpi
Mouse Dead Zone:           = 0
Mouse Update Frequency:    = 2.5
Dead Zone:                 = 17
Dead Zone Type:            = Circular
Y/X Ratio:                 = 1.9
Translation Exponent:      = 0.25
Sensitivity Primary:       = 18.0
Sensitivity Secondary:     = 26.0
Smoothness:                = 0.3
Comments: This set up is for the default 800 dpi, I started with the 2000 dpi but it didnt feel right to me , too many years of BF2 at the default on the mouse I guess, setting the update frequncy @ 2.5 helped it seem less jerky when trying to steady for a shot, the dead zone is pretty low but it seems to work just fine, this is not my final setup I will keep tweaking untill im happy.

Support / Config ? right mouse button
« on: 04:59 PM - 01/22/08 »
Does any one know if it is possible to make the right mouse button a toggle on and off instead of a momentary, example most PC FPS when you press the right mouse button your view stays zoomed in untill you press the button again, but what I have noticed on the XIM setup you have to hold it down to stay zoomed in, im sure this is part of the game binding to the controller, is there a way around it, if this is possibile some one please let me know. Thanks

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