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General Discussion / PS4 SSD
« on: 11:45 PM - 02/01/14 »
Anyone have an SSD or hybrid in their PS4?

I know they don't increase boot or load times significantly enough to be worth purchasing a large one, will probably go hybrid if anything. I'm interested in whether or not they increase speed of switching out of and back into game. Example, hitting the share button or checking invites/messages. Couldn't find anything about that online,  only boot and game loading stuff.

Technical Support / Hi
« on: 03:22 PM - 01/31/14 »
Can you guys change my forum user name to my gamertag/everything else user name.

Code: [Select]
I hereby promise to behave myself if you can. Thanks. 

General Discussion / Question for the PS4 people
« on: 07:17 PM - 01/30/14 »
Do any of you guys stack stuff on your console? There's no vent on top so it seems like you'd be able to. I either want to put my mixer or monitor on top of mine, but I want you guys to break yours first by stacking stuff on it.

General Discussion / Concerning IP Bans
« on: 04:23 PM - 12/27/13 »
Recently was stated that they don't do IP bans here, but they do! Whenever I try to log in from the neighbor of my old office's wifi I got a message calling me a sock puppet

Quote from: OMGsus
Thread locked. Also, some of you miss the point of account bans. We have no problem if you come back on a different account if you ever get banned. Just don't get your new account banned and no one will be the wiser ;) if you want to "sneak" back in and behave, well, mission accomplished. The only IP bans that happen are either automatic because the IP is on a blacklist somewhere (we use several databases and a honeypot) or you are using a VPN service on a netblock that a spammer used recently.

creatorscast.com - check it out

Not really great if you want to get your videos seen by tons of people (which is unlikely anyway) but its nice for sharing footage with friends. 60fps and the small quality bump really make videos look much better than they do on youtube.

Technical Support / XIM Edge Problem
« on: 10:24 AM - 08/25/13 »
My devices keep shutting off mid game. Sometimes mouse only, sometimes keyboard and mouse, sometiems keyboard mouse and controller. XIM edge always stays powered. A power cycle fixes the issue for a bit. It was doing it a few times a session, but it's happening like 3 times per game now.

Oh and when it happens whatever i was doing with the mouse will keep going. example, if i was shooting and turning, i'll keep turning in circles shooting after the mouse powers off.

I'm going to try a new USB cable if I can find one. I've tried different ports on xbox but it didn't help.

wat do

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