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Release Candidates / Halo 4 Translator Feedback
« on: 01:12 AM - 11/08/12 »
It feels great! Good job once again! :)

Compared  to the Reach translator, it has the same feel to it, but it allows for much smoother movements, especially when moving the crosshair very small distances.

Hey guys,

I just finished adding joystick support to XC.NET, and I was hoping I could get more people to test it! All the controls are fully configurable, and I plan to add more features in the future (like configurable dead zones, etc...)

If you guys are interested, stop by the XIM Apps subforum and check it out :)



XIM Apps / XIMCommander.NET
« on: 12:38 AM - 10/12/11 »
XIMCommander.NET is a port of the original XIMCommander made by OBsIV, but with a few extra features:

  • Joystick support
  • Mouse ballistics editor
  • Mouse pass-through bypass (for using a mouse directly connected to the XIM)

 - .NET Framework 4: http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=17851
 - Managed DirectX Run-times: http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=35
 - Transfer cable :)

Note that there are a few steps required to use the ballistics editor:

1. Turn your XIM3 primary sensitivity down to 1.00.
2. Normalize your XIM3 secondary sensitivity: If your previous primary sens was 15, then you'd divide your secondary by 15, and that'd be the new secondary value. (If my previous sensitivities were 15.00 / 30.00, then my new ones would be 1.00 / 2.00)
3. Input your preferred sensitivity value inside the XIMCommander.NET app, and everything should feel the same. (15.00 in our case)
4. Change the curve around and enjoy!

Feel free to leave any feedback, and I will do my best to get back to you  :)

Change log:

 - Added option to disable mouse pass-through.

 - Bug fixes
 - Added "Left/Right Stick In" and "Guide" Buttons to Joystick mapper (sorry about that!).

 - Bug fix.

 - Added joystick support. This is a beta, and there are a few UI issues that I still need to fix, but I need feedback to make sure the app's core is working :)

 - App now saves settings!
 - Added a few more games to the list. If your game is not in the list, just select "Full Range" and then move your mouse to find out where you black dot. Build your graph up to that point.

XIM Apps / XIM3 DeadZoner
« on: 04:31 PM - 10/05/11 »
XIM3 DeadZoner Build 929

This app allows one to find a game's stick dead zone size and shape for easily setting up standard configs (those that lack smart translators).

The app is very similar to OBsIV's XIM2 Dead Zoner, but it has a few extra features to make finding dead zones a quicker process:

 - Dead Zone wizard: Allows one to set a stick angle, and after answering a few prompts, find the magnitude of the dead zone vector in that direction. This is the quickest way of finding a dead zone, as it requires the least amount of trial and error.
 - Stick circle spinning mode: Helps the user find out if a dead zone is circular or rectangular by rotating any specific vector around the origin. Circular dead zones will display screen movement throughout the entire turn, while non-circular (usually rectangular) dead zones will exhibit erroneous movements near the diagonals.
 - Direct stick input: Allows the user to input specific vectors instead of having to find them through trial-and-error by moving the current stick position around the graph. This is very helpful for checking a dead zone size around one axis after finding the other axis's dead zone with the wizard.

Note: This application is BETA and may contain some bugs!

Requires build 928 of XIM firmware and SDK.


 - Download the app attached to this post. Extract to a folder.
 - Download the SDK (version 928) from the official thread.
 - Download and install the .NET Framework 4 runtime (http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=17718)
 - Copy XIMBridge.dll to the same folder XIM3DeadZoner.exe was extracted to.
 - Run the app!

Release Candidates / SDK 928 Feedback
« on: 02:26 PM - 09/29/11 »

I noticed that the ControllerInput struct still lists all the Trigger constants as shorts, where the triggers themselves are bytes. You might want to check that.

Also, is there a timeout on the bridge itself now? I haven't tested the new drop yet (I will tonight), but the biggest problem with XIM Apps is that turning off the 360 before closing the app makes the apps freeze, and there is no way to prevent it. I think implementing a connection timeout (as you had mentioned before) should be near the top of the priority list :).

Thanks again, and keep up the good work! (I saw you fixed pretty much every bug that was reported!)

Hey guys,

I re-made XIMCommander a few days ago, and I recently modified it for some people who were wanting a way to select weapons on games with wheel-style menus. A prime example of this is Red Dead Redemption. To change weapons, one must hold down the weapon-select key, then push the right stick towards one of the weapons.

I added a mode where one can hold down "Q" (my weapon select key), then move the mouse towards the weapon of choice. I have not added a way to change the key binding yet, and it is not possible to disable this. If this ends up being an issue during the preview, I can spend more time on it, but for now, I'd just like to know if the method itself is good. Once that's taken care of, I can work on the harder stuff.

Give it a try on RDR, and let me know if this is a good idea or not. You can also try to reach me over XBL @ "X4 KodeK" as I'll be around for the next few hours.

You must place a copy of XIMBridge.dll inside the same directory as the executable.
You must have .NET Framework 4 installed.
Please unplug any joysticks that you may have plugged in, as there's some other test code in there that will interfere with the application if it detects a joystick plugged in :)

Release Candidates / XIMManager bug report
« on: 04:03 PM - 09/13/11 »
I just found a weird bug in XIMManager build 824, and I thought I'd post about it:

I have a config that has the following smart advanced values: 68.71 / -1.00 / 1.17 / 0 / 0.
Whenever I open the config, and I immediately hit Enter to dismiss the "edit config" dialog, the YX Ratio (which is also misspelled, btw :)) decreases by one. I've also seen my sensitivity value change.

I know hitting Enter is probably not the most popular way of exiting the dialog, but I'm very positive something else is causing this, and it could potentially cause issues somewhere else in the app. EDIT: It happens regardless of whether I hit Enter, or I click on the OK button.

I can reproduce this every time, even after I close the app and reopen it. Saying "no" to saving changes does NOT save these changes.

I can send a copy of my database if needed.

Release Candidates / XIM3 DeadZoner Preview
« on: 08:54 PM - 08/23/11 »
Hey guys!

I feel confident enough to release a preview version of XIM3's DeadZoner. This version supports almost every feature that was available in the original DeadZoner made by OBsIV.

This version also includes a new feature called the "Dead Zone Finding Wizard" that will help you find a perfect dead zone in at least one direction. I will be working more on this feature later on, hopefully making standard configs less of an guessing game and more of a science. You should still always use a smart translator when one is available.

Requires build 929 of XIM firmware and SDK.


 - Download the app attached to this post. Extract to a folder.
 - Download the SDK (version 821) from the official thread.
 - Download and install the .NET Framework 4 runtime (http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=17718)
 - Copy XIMBridge.dll to the same folder XIM3DeadZoner.exe was extracted to.
 - Run the app!

NOTE: Expect bugs. I coded the entire thing in pretty much one sitting while waiting for the transfer cable to be shipped to my house. If you do find any issues, please let me know!

Download: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/30248/XIM3DeadZoner-20110929.zip


 - Added ADS-holding option
 - Updated to use 929 version of SDK.

 - Fixed memory leak

08/28/2011 Rev 3
 - Allows changing angle for the dead zone wizard (experimental).

08/28/2011 Rev 2
 - Fixed negative coordinate entry bug.
 - Changed zoom hotkeys from "+/-" to "Q/E." Scroll wheel still the same!

 - Added manual coordinate entry.
 - Fixed bug in Wizard resulting in a dead zone one unit smaller than the actual dead zone
 - Fixed other various bugs.

 - Added stick spinning mode.

 - First preview release

Release Candidates / XIM SDK Feedback
« on: 12:26 AM - 08/22/11 »
I don't see a place where to post yet, so I decided to make a thread.

I checked the header file and it looks incredibly intuitive. My first step will be to try to make a C# wrapper as it's my preferred language. It will also make it easier for other people to get started by just downloading Visual Studio Express (http://www.microsoft.com/visualstudio/en-us/products/2010-editions/visual-csharp-express).

It looks like you're using DirectInput 8 for capturing peripheral input in the sample application. Did you need the DirectX SDK to compile it? (EDIT: I just managed to compile it without any issues on VS Pro 2010 without installing the DirectX SDK. Awesome!)

I seriously cannot wait for my easy transfer cable to get here to get started. I don't know why I didn't buy it any sooner, knowing I'd need it either way. I even paid for one-day shipping :)

This is gonna ruin my first week of school :P

Release Candidates / SDK/API Ideas
« on: 10:28 PM - 08/14/11 »
Hey guys,

According to OBsIV, the SDK is being worked on right now. Let's think of features that would be great to have added to it! I'll start:

 - The ability to manipulate part of the XIM status display page. This seems like an important feature, as most people who have their XIMs next to their computers are also sharing displays. Allowing XIM apps to display relevant information in the XIM's screen sounds like a good way to deal with this new issue.

I have some other dumb ideas, but they're not exactly specific to SDK development (such as allowing chatpad key characters to be sent remotely, or microphone muting/unmuting).

Any other ideas out there?

General Discussion / Dealing with crappy matches
« on: 01:31 AM - 07/18/11 »
Hey guys,

I just came back from playing some Halo, and I lost five games in a row. This is the worst I've ever done since I've had my XIM3, and it's incredible frustrating. How do you guys deal with the stress induced by a bad gaming session? I find that I usually play video games to get away from real-life stress because hey, they're fun and relatively social. But when playing makes you so mad that the only option is rage quitting and going outside for a minute, it makes me think I've picked the wrong hobby.

I still manage to keep it civil, though. I hate insulting people when I'm not doing well, yet I know some people (even my friends) who will take it out on the other team or even their own team.

So what's your go-to way of dealing with video-game induced stress?

Preemptive PS: Please don't @#$% about Halo. It's irrelevant to the topic and it ends up turning the thread into a fanboy war. Let's love (or hate) all games equally.

Release Candidates / 707 Bug Report
« on: 04:56 PM - 07/08/11 »
Here's a bug I found:

I just finished making a BF1943 config, and I didn't bind anything to Left stick down in the XIMManager. I decided to bind it in-game through the xim, but as soon as I go into Edit buttons, and push my left stick down, the XIM freezes up. I tried going into Edit buttons and pushing the other buttons, and the XIM works perfectly with them. It's only when I push the left stick down that it freezes up.

Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help you fix this.

Edit: A bit more info to reproduce this bug.
Since the button was marked as Unused in the XIMManager, I decided to unbind it from its default. It was marked as None and grayed out. I believe the bug is due to the fact that the XIM tries to load the current bind and fails when there is none.

Release Candidates / Headset issue on 610
« on: 11:58 PM - 06/21/11 »
Possible bug report here!

I've noticed that every now and then, sound will stop coming out of my headset, yet the microphone still transmits my voice. Since I have voice also coming out of my speakers, this hasn't been a big deal and for the most part, I can't even tell it happens. I'm not 100% sure it's the XIM not transmitting the audio back into my headset, but I did fix it last time by unplugging my XIM and plugging it back in. Doing the same with the headset made no difference, though.

I will let you know if I find a way to reproduce this, or if it even keeps happening.


XIM 3 Discussions / Posts made by OBsIV RSS Feed
« on: 10:34 PM - 06/19/11 »
Hi guys,

I found out about a site that lets you turn any webpage into an XML document (like an RSS feed), and I ran it through OBsIV's post history. I'm sure I'm not the only one staying up-to-date on XIM3 news by stalking him, so I'm posting it here for others' benefit.

Code: [Select]



This is a bit experimental, so if you're having any issues, let me know so I can do my best to correct them.

If you'd like me to make an RSS feed out of anything else, let me know and I'll see what I can do.


PS: OBsIV, RSS support in the forums would be awesome!

XIM 3 Discussions / Mouse recommendation
« on: 04:55 PM - 06/17/11 »
Hi there,

I have a G500 that I love, but the other day after turning on my xim, it stopped working. Literally. It just didn't want to work anymore. The lights turned off and not even my computer would recognize it as a mouse.
I bought a new G500, but I'm not thoroughly convinced with the way the buttons feel in this new one. I'm thinking about taking it apart and using the electronics of the new one for the old one, but before I void my warranty, I was about buying a different mouse.

Is there anything besides the G500 that you guys recommend? I'm willing to test a different mouse, but the replacement has to be 110% compatible with the XIM3, and hopefully with DPI as high or higher than the G500.

Thanks everyone!


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