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Technical Support / Using PS2 Controller
« on: 04:01 PM - 01/25/08 »
Hi all,

I just got all my parts in today and was starting to put them together when I found my old PS2 controller wires were extremely small and brittle. They are also braided with some other material. I remember reading in the old forums that someone had used a PS2 controller to connect the XIM. They also used the empty shell of the controller as a case for the ToolStick. Just wondering how that worked out...I'm afraid of using these wires and it falling apart soon thereafter.

I tried to find that old posting, but I can't get back to the old forums (it's just a link to xim360.com now.) Any help on this would be great! Or, if the PS2 extension cable isn't made of flimsy wires I can go pick one of those up...somewhere - I couldn't find one locally.


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