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General Discussion / Good deal on a DSS?
« on: 01:57 PM - 03/07/16 »
Not sure what I'm gonna do with it but I couldnt leave it sitting there.

My wife got me a ps4 for xmas and well, I don't want to open it yet. Why not?! It's been a few years since I've been on console or any gaming really, and I just don't know if the ps4 is the way to go. Seems most my old friends are on xbox1. Not looking for a debate just looking for the old gamers and where did you go? I won't hesitate to exchange this for a x1 if that's where the crowds are. And of course, I'll have to order up a xim4 cause a controller is NOT gonna happen. Haven't touched a game since my 3rd 360 took a dump and that still left a sour taste in my mouth...screw you m$

So where you guys at? Xbox or ps4 and would you switch? I really hate the exclusive crap. Get this one because this or that. Blah who cares. I do like cod, I really want Siege, she got the Uncharted one with all the expansions and a free Destiny game but I honestly don;t know crap about any of them. So far out of the loop lol. HELP!

General Discussion / If you like drag racing.
« on: 07:16 PM - 10/12/14 »
I highly recommend No Limit Drag Racing for android or ios. I think there's an update for ios yet to come. Love this game it's so addicting! Best toilet time killer there is lol. It's pretty technical and just the slightest adjustments effect your tune and time. It's a one man show who made the game and he keeps up with it so show some support. Best I have gone so far is a 5.45. Online is fun too if you can hang.

Haven't been online much because I'm having too much fun working on my arcade! Picked up a 1978 Atari drag race arcade a few months back from a thrift store for 30 bucks. I got it working but yeah, its pretty lame so what next? Mod it!

I will use this as both a mame arcade, PC racing arcade and a jukebox. I have a dedicated 30a outlet to power this monster. The sound is powered by 2 car audio amplifiers (old school USAMPS for anyone who knows), 2 RE audio 8" subwoofers, 1 JL audio 10" subwoofer, 4 pioneer highs all running off a 100a audio authority 978 power supply. It flat out cranks! Sorry I haven't taken too many progress pictures but I have a couple short video clips to share. First up is a test run of the dual force feedback wheels with some silly slow lawnmowers lol. They work great! And then a test of the joystick panel that is hidden. Yes, cardboard templates are your friend! Testing the clearance of the joysticks and the angles of the fipout panel making sure they clear and have enough backspacing for the panel itself. I plan to add rev burners for the factory tachs. Trying to keep this as original-ish looking, beaten and battered looking as I can. I may someday return it to its original boring 1978 status....nah!! Comments and feedback welcome. Enjoy!



General Discussion / Thrift shop arcade score!
« on: 11:34 AM - 02/23/14 »
1977 (Kee Games) Atari Drag Racing

Saw this sitting at my local thrift store (I love these places) and had to have it. Usually most thrift shops dont haggle with price but this game was sitting there for a very long time. Talked them down to 40 bucks as it was pretty rough and non functional. It's no ms pacman or dig dug but its even more rare. There's only 12 known in the arcade registry (possibly more in hiding) and a 9 on a rarity scale of 100.

It even had the original 1977 manual inside the cabinet with the schematic and everything so I went to work. I got it fired up, sound and all lights working, shifters, pedals and tachs working. Just having a hard time getting the steering to get going. Dbus7 is not sending signal/voltage to turn on the optical boards for the wheels. I'll get it going but for $40 I think its pretty....rad lol.

XIM 3 Discussions / Generic config for PC play?
« on: 08:33 PM - 02/14/14 »
Maybe I'm not looking in the right spot or how should I go about this? Looking for a config to use my xim3 on pc games. I have been using the cod translators and they work well but I just want a generic 1:1 translation. Basically take the mouse input and spit out a mouse output. Since going to console I have adapted the slower look of the ADS function and love it. Some games do not have a zoom but it is now natural for me to right click a split second prior to firing for precise aiming. Do I start with just a custom?

General Discussion / ISP troubles?
« on: 12:13 PM - 11/27/13 »
Been having terrible terrible in-game lag over the last 3 days. I popped in 4 different game titles in which ALL of them were barely playable. Speed tests were all normal on various servers. Ping and traceroutes were fine when done to a close server (100 miles or less) and under 50ms. However, when doing a ping test or traceroute cross state lines I am getting 200-300ms+ results consistently. Several servers to Chicago were over 600ms with a bad hop along the way. Same thing when pinging a NY server. I will call my ISP but I know for a fact they will tell me everything is fine because all they ever do is ping to google or home base (duh) and of course it will be within range. How should I approach this with my isp?

General Discussion / My Xbox One is Broken.
« on: 08:19 PM - 11/23/13 »
A story from my buddy on facebook. Its long but a good read lol.

"Many people enjoy the good/bad/ugly format as it lends itself to easy reading. I will stray from this in my rant simply because I'm to frustrated to organize it.

The simple fact is that new products and services in the digital age are built to break. We all know this whether we are aware of it or not. Gone are the TV repair centers, gone are the days of fixing your phone, and of course no one blinks at buying a new toaster when the old one stops working. Why not?

It costs, on average, about $250 USD to $499 USD to repair a simple car audio radio or amplifier. I tell people all the time to just buy a new one. Its the same money, or even less sometimes, and its new with a warranty. TV's, cell phones, and yes, even toasters used to be big business for repair centers. Now, in the US anyways, these are relics of an era that only prove my age.

I'm not complaining mind you. I would rather get a new TV with more features, or a toaster with the hot dog rack on top (I'm an addict for a good dog), but I list these to illustrate some simple examples of a larger trend to which, I promise, I will get to shortly.

I unboxed my XBox One @ approximately 12:45 at night EST on release night and found myself in love. The console was amazingly fast. The picture was unbelievable, the voice commands responsive, the game play was a 64 player dream-come-true; so crisp that I had to sit farther back from my plasma than normal - like four feet further back!

The next night was not so erection inducing. I was mired in screens that wouldn't respond, game sessions that inexplicably ended with the home screen, and a continuous stream of error messages and notices that were along the lines of, "Its not working... get bent"

Ugh.. to the web, lets see whats going on.

Google, so often a happy companion in my struggles, turned into a horseman of doom. Not only were others having the same issues, but some weren't even able to turn on their new $500 paper weights. There have even been reports of grinding sounds in the disc tray and direct from Microsoft's greatest hits: The green screen of death.

Admittedly, the extreme examples aforementioned are, well, just that - extreme. Lower than 1% of owners ran into these issues; notably the same ratio as the PS4.

After reading all of this (on my phone because the browser on my console was not cooperating), I tried again to load Battlefield 4 and subsequently felt a little piece of my soul come back to life as I stupidly got my hopes up when it didn't immediately kick me back to the home screen - and then it did. Good bye sanity.

After some really uncharacteristic @#$% to my unfortunately trapped-in-the-room-with-me wife that included, but was not limited to, explaining in ridiculous detail all of the bills I could have paid instead of buying my console, I smoked a cigarette and tried again. IT WORKED!!

Not only did it work but because I have premium, I was able to play the Second Assault Maps (Metro,Caspian,Firestorm,GulfofOman)! It was the most amazing thing I have ever played - until it kicked me out again.

It seems as if Microsoft is working on some grand social experiment that involves pushing the limits of our mental stability only to overdose us on endorphin inducing beauty and functionality.

After I finished blowing my top again I began to muse on the emotional roller-coaster I had paid $500 to ride. It disturbed me that I was already so attached to this amalgamation of silicon and solder.

Was it the money? No, not really. To be honest, the money only became a factor once I couldn't express my innate frustrations with clarity and thus resorted to @#$% about what I knew my wife could fathom. She understands that that much money could have been "better" used. She doesn't understand the crushing weight a gamer feels when the future of your passion is right in front of you and it doesn't work.

So what is it really? Well, here we come full circle to my introduction. Things are made to break and there is no doubt that the new Xbox is in pieces. Some of those shards work while others do not.

To those who say it'll get better, I agree. To those who say they are working on patches, I know. To those who profess to have had no problems, I'm jealous.

We live in an age when products and services don't have to actually work in order to sell them. IOS7 was, and still is, a disaster. Any version of windows from 2000 through XP and on till 8.1 is given to us with problems. Why? Because they can be fixed (except Vista of course) remotely. Why would a developer take the time to really hammer out the kinks when they could just sell it and start making money.

Microsoft did this here. They sold a product earlier than they should have just to compete with Sony because they knew that most players would be fine and the rest of us could wallow in dysfunction until they finished writing the code.

My assumptions are that the first night was smooth because of the lower number of people demanding servers. As the Xbox One makes use of servers to run itself more efficiently the second day was mired in an overloaded "cloud".

Assumptions aside the facts are that for now, my new hardware is running on weak software and I must accept that my antiquated ideals on the durability of a product, be it toaster or console, must be put to rest. I must accept that it was built to be fixed, not to last. This is the New Normal.


P.S. Thanks for hearing me @#$%. And yes by the way, I would do it all over again. When it works it is amazing."



The release of the Retron5. what is it? It's for classic old school gamers. Its a NES, SNES, Genesis, Gameboy and Famicon all in one console. Basically it plays all of them and has ports for any and all original controllers. It will also upscale the screen resolution to 720p for play on modern tv's.

General Discussion / Gen1 og console...finally died.
« on: 11:15 PM - 05/23/13 »
2006 non hdmi model finally rrod tonight. 5 years running with no case I think that helped it out. She had a good run. Video freeze rrod e74 error.

BUT!! I resurrected it for a brief time using a stack of quarters under the fan deflector and adding some weight on it. Jager bombed that biznatch!

General Discussion / Finally...1000,1000
« on: 12:29 PM - 04/28/13 »
1000 axe kills, 1000 stabs. Why? Why not. As some get bored with this game I find it entertaining to tard around and make my own personal goals to achieve. Working on 10k 5-7 kills too :) I love pissing off lobbies heh. Cool story right?

General Discussion / BF1942 FREE download on Origin.
« on: 08:42 PM - 04/01/13 »
This is an epic game if you have never played it on PC. Looks like the DC (desert combat) mod also works with it. I will be playing some Vanilla 1942 so hit me up if you want to join.



General Discussion / Mouse click responce time.
« on: 07:12 PM - 02/18/13 »
I was doing some testing with my xim3 and mouse combos to help find an error (that turned out to be a blops2 patch problem) and found some interesting results. Swapping between 4 mice and configuring each setting to get the closest feel (dpi differences) one mouse stuck out to me as having a much faster reacting click time. In game it just felt like I was getting shots off much faster no matter the server or weapons used. I then stuck to one single weapon and tested each mouse. That same mouse again resulted in better gameplay and quicker kills. So a quick google brought me here: http://www.humanbenchmark.com/tests/reactiontime/ and I tested all 4 mice 30 times to confirm my "hunch" and it is correct. I wish I could set up some sort of mechanical way to test this to rule out human error but I did my best to get honest results. Hrmmm

The mice used were: g700, MX510, G5, Microsoft Sidewinder (the latter 3 are just old mice I had laying around for testing purposes)

Test after test the sidewinder on average was apx 15ms quicker in left click response. This was felt in game as well as the firing action was above and beyond the rest. 15ms doesn't sound like much but when it comes to fps, it's a slight advantage imho and could very well be felt. So now what....dissect it and swap the clicker into my g700? Shim the plastic between the mouse click and button? What did M$ do with this mouse to make the click action that much better? This will now be something I will look into when purchasing a new mouse because this sucker clicks quick!

Last night when loading a map in bo2 my console froze at a blank black screen. I thought nothing of it as this has happened before randomly. 3 times later something had to be up. This happened about every 3-5 maps. So I unplugged my xim3 using just the controller and nadda, worked fine. Is my xim3 on the frits? consuming too much power? None of my hardware (mouse/keyboard) has changed at all. I will try other mouse combos etc tonight to see if that helps to rule those out. I'm sure I am out of warranty but can this be sent in for evaluation/repair as I do NOT want a xim edge. I love my xim3 and would really like to avoid having a pc handy frequently to change configs/ settings. Thanks.

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