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XIM APEX Discussions / SAB Question?
« on: 02:10 PM - 09/15/21 »
Simulate Analog Behavior is a necessary feature for many games but I would prefer to have the option to dictate if its Left Stick Only, Right Stick Only, Or both.  Honestly if I could just assign it to Left stick only so SAB only inteferes with movement for wasd keyboard that would be most beneficial.  Having SAB enabled is also adding randomoness to the right stick which is mostly used for aiming in FPS games and it causes some loss in accuracy due to this.  Is there any possibility for SAB active only on movement stick so aiming is un effected? 

Game Support / Xim PubG pc translator?
« on: 11:41 PM - 07/28/21 »
I just got an update and it download pubg but for pc.  What is this and how is it used?

Beta / Any Thoughts on Releasing more than 1 device.
« on: 07:02 PM - 09/01/20 »
Sorry if this is in the wrong section wasnt 100% sure where to put it.   I know Xim has been strong on the stance of anti Macro type features but would you entertain the Idea of releasing a 2nd device that was everything the xim is but had some added featuers like Macros, Maybe more Memory for even more config storage, couple extra sub configs, keyboard mouse and capture from pc similar to xim link, or just xim link inlcuded into the device, and ability to run xim app on windows connected via Bluetooth so it operates just like Phone app but on desktop.

Main reason for Macros featuer is I would love the ability to bind some buttons like 1, 2, 3, 4 to perform functions normally performed on PC.  Example 1 primary weapon, 2 secondary weapon,  3 Gernade,  4 flash ect....

Also could have individual button for prone and crouch.   Auto Run abilites. 

I know there are ways around this with macro keybaords or xim link, or even Titan 2 which I also own but I love how things work so well together when its all under one roof.  My pubg config is stupid complicated and uses every sub config but by doing so I was able to fix some of the games flaws utilizeing xims featuers. 

I know you probably dont need any capital or backing but I would be willing to invest $$$ in this project if it was something feasable and worth wild. You could still have the normal xim release and than you could brand this as a whole new device under a new name if you didnt want to directly associate with it or if that doesnt bother you add it as same brand but new name. 

Maybe even a colaberation device with ConsoleTuner guys as the crew over there is really great just like the Xim Guys.  A XimTitan single hardware device would be soooo Sick.

Something to think about Im serious about backing I have some capital Im trying to figure out where to invest and would love the opportunity to put it into something Im familuer with. 

Xbox One X just released there new streaming update and it requires you to update the firmware on your controller.  After doing so I have to manually hit the xbox button for the controller to be detected.  So far other than that everything seems ok but i havent got much game time in with new update will let you know if I see anything else.

Firmware update  version #  4.8.1923.0 

Can xim be updated so the controller is automatically detected? 

« on: 04:58 PM - 06/07/19 »

Here is my personal setup that has multiple sub configs for hip aim, ads, and looting but you will need to be on the latest beta software  FIRMWARE 20190603

found here


I hope I utilized the code feature properly for sharing my xim apex config.

Code: [Select]
Its also setup to work with logitech g502 with the custom keys rebound to keyboard functions so they can be used with custom keys on the xim.


Logitech G502 Lightspeed,
Logitech hard mouse pad
Logitech Pro Keyboard   
Also have a wooting one where I unbind wasd and use the analog features.

XIM APEX BETA [FIRMWARE 20190603] [MANAGER 20190601]

Sync = Slow - For all configs
Response Rate = 1000hz

Mouse – G502 LightSpeed
DPI = 16000
Polling = 1000hz

Rebound mouse buttons in GHub as follows

Middle Mouse Left = Left
Middle Mouse Right = Right
Mouse Battery = DPI Cycle 
GShift = Backspace

All of these are optional, and you can bind them to whatever you like but if you don’t change these and copy my config the buttons will not function properly.

Sub Configs changed as follows

1st config is Hip

2nd Config which is normally ADS was changed to Aim over Shoulder(You can’t rename this config)

3rd Config Changed to ADS (Real Ads)

4th Config Looting config.

Config Settings

1st Hip
Sens = 1.5
Sync= Slow
Smoothing = 0
Y/X = 1.00
Steady Aim = 0
Boost = 0
SAB = 0

2nd Aim Over Shoulder

Delay = 53
Deactivation Delay = 0
Sens = .80
Sync= Slow
Smoothing = 0
Y/X = 1.00
Steady Aim = 0
Boost = 0
SAB = 0

3rd Real ADS

Delay = 53
Deactivation Delay = 60  (this delay allows you to properly cycle from ADS sub to Over Shoulder Aim Sub while maintaining over shoulder aim look mechanic with)
Sens = .80
Sync= Slow
Smoothing = 0
Y/X = 1.00
Steady Aim = 0
Boost = 0
SAB = 0

4th Inventory/looting

Delay = 100
Deactivation Delay = 0
Sens = 0.00  (If you have a sensitivity here then moving the mouse up or down will move your selection up or down within menu)
Sync= Slow
Smoothing = 0
Y/X = 1.00
Steady Aim = 0
Boost = 0
SAB = 0

For Inventory sub I change these items within the config as well.
I bind right stick w to up arrow and down stick to down arrow (Can also use mouse wheel but if you have a g502 and rebind dpi up and dpi down to up and down arrow you can then just hold the button and rapid scroll through menus when needed)

I unbind left and right trigger and rebind left mouse to left arrow and right mouse to right arrow allow me to use the right and left mouse buttons to navigate left and right in the sub menus of weapons attachments.

Why did I change the position of ADS which is normally 2nd position to 3rd???  Explained below.

Sub Configs order has been changed so ads sub is 3rd config rather than 2nd. This was done because the furthest right config has priority so no matter what config to the left you are in pressing the ads activation key will take precedence overriding them and putting you into ads view which is the most important config in my opinion.

An example would be if I'm holding the aim down shoulder config which is mouse back button and I instantly want to enter ADS I immediately press right mouse and it doesn't matter if I'm still holding mouse back the ads config will override shoulder sub due to it being further right.  I have also set config delays of 53ms as through my testing I have found this to be the optimal time to not have any missed actions when loading from on sub to the next.  PubG is one of the few games I have played especially a FPS where it doesn’t have action queuing. 

Example of this would be to start reloading your weapon and while its reloading hold the fire button.  After reload animation is complete nothing happens the weapon doesn’t fire.  Any other game would immediately start firing as soon as reload animation is complete.

Another thing I figured out due to this was having the same key doing one function in hip but another in ads wouldn’t activate if I was using the same key in hip before entering ads. 

Example – If you have RS bound to E in hip config for spotting but also had E bound to RS on ads for Lean right if you Held down RS and then activated ADS sub it would not lean right.  You would have to first activate ADS sub then press RS to Lean right.  So a nice way to fix this so your lean always activates when you want no matter if you activate ads first or lean button first is to make sure the button assigned to RS is different on hip and ads then add a 53ms delay. 

So I changed RS to Q for spotting and kept E on RS in ads sub for lean right.  So now I can hold E and then press right mouse to enter ads and it will immediately go into the right lean.  I have Q bound to left stick on ADS so I can also Hold Q then activate ADS and it will immediately go into lean when it enters ads sub. With these calculated changes I no longer get into a situation where I’m running up to a corner and want to immediately ads and lean around the corner just to have my guy stop and ads into the wall and then hit lean to finally lean peak around the corner.  If you don’t add the 53ms delay you will find inconsistencies where sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.

 Same thing works for Hold breath which also gives you a nice zoom on iron and 1x scopes.  So I can hold shift in hip which is used for sprint and then hit ADS and it will instantly hold breath and zoom as it enters ads sub.

I also figured out If I wanted to go from ADS to Back to over shoulder aim it would not work even though I would hold over should aim activation key prior to releasing ads key.  It would bounce to what seemed hip sub but in fact when looking at the xim screen on my phone I was in Shoulder aim sub but the game was out of sync and on hip look mechanic.  The way to resolve this was to use deactivation delay where I found the sweet spot to be 60ms.

My PubG Game Settings

Controller Button Preset – Type B
Invert X – Off
Invert Y – Off
Right Stick Dead Zone - 10
Left Stick Dead Zone – 10
Vibration – off
Vib Strength – 0
Forward Running Sens – 0
Movement Sens – 0
Vertical Sens Multiplier – 100
General Sens – 20
Vehicle Driver Sens – 8
Aim Acceleration – Off    -  If you want even faster movement and the ability to whip your aim at fast mouse movements you can experiment with this on. The effected strength corresponds to Aim Acceleration Rate of values between 1 and 10 where 10 is the strongest effects.  It only kicks in if the mouse movement activates what would equivalate to more than 50% analog stick deflection.  So with some practice you can have faster mouse movement at the higher end speeds of mouse movements for those times of getting your aim in front of a fast moving vehicle or close quarters combat while still maintaining 1 to 1 accuracy below 50 percent mouse movement. You will need to train yourself to stay below the 50% threshold when trying to maintain precise aim like k98 head shots.  I personally recommend you run this off for several days and then when you get comfortable with this setup (as you may end up tweaking the sensitivities a little to fit your exact needs) then you can experiment with this some especially if you are the hot drop fast pace run and gun in your face style player.
Aim Acceleration 1  (1-5) range if experimenting with Aim Acceleration on
Over the shoulder Aiming Sens – 20

1X – 20
2X – 18
3X – 20
4X – 18
6X – 16
8X – 16
15X – 16


(I also recommend setting your xbox resolution to 1080p to help maintain a more consistent FPS. 1080p feels much better to me performance wise even when choosing a middle ground 1440p resolution and im on a oneX) ( Setting is found in xbox settings, display and sound, video output, resolution,  If you have a feesync monitor make sure to activate the highest setting on the monitor itself which is typically called extreme or whatever setting gives you the lowest working fps range.  And then next to where you set 1080p resolution choose video modes and then select Allow variable refresh rate.  This has helped smooth this choppy game tremendously due to its inconsistent low fps.


If you are Hardware and Software handy you can choose to improve Xbox One X performance even more by going the extreme route and replacing the internal stock hard drive with a fast ssd. Installing the drive internally gives you the optimal performance from the improved sata read and write speeds vs even the external ssd usb drivers) My warranty is now void as I had to disassemble my entire xbox one x then clone the stock drive to the new ssd drive but so worth it as I have zero building load issue in PUBG that I constantly hear everyone complain about. If this is to extreme for you get an external ssd drive you will still see improved loading with them more so on xbox on x then older models due to faster usb speed.

Game Play Menu

Game DVR – I have found if you disable this along with the Broadcasting options within the xbox system settings it results in more stable frame rate – Broadcasting option can be found in xbox settings, Preferences, broadcast and capture, Uncheck allow game capture and optionally mic if you want. Now your xbox wont be using system resources to record video while playing. Of course you lose the option of capturing those sick moments and uploading to your wall but if you are super competitive and want to squeeze out every bit of performance I suggest trying this.  Its not going to be an omg performance boost but the console optimization on this game is truly poor so squeezing out any extra frames you can is worth trying for yourself. 

Killfeed – Graphic

Colorblind Mode – Deuteranopia = Makes blood splatter super hot pink so you know exactly when you are on target hitting the enemy.  It also makes red dots and other reticles Pink which I personally find much easier to see even in times where you are looking into sky or high ambient light.

RETICLE TIP – You can change your reticle by pressing up arrow while you are aiming down site. You can also change the intensity/brightness of the reticle by holding down RB (Which is mouse forward in my config) and  while AimDown site (Right Mouse Button)  then hold W to make it dim or darker and S to make it brighter.

Crosshair Color -  I prefer a bright neon green so I change the below settings
Crss Red – 0
Cross Green – 255
Cross Blue – 0
Cross Alpha – 255
On screen button hints – Off
Compass Background – On   =  Puts a slight transparent darker background behind the compos numbers making them easier to see. 

SPOTTING TIP -  While in hip config if you look at any physical ground area of the map ( So not the Sky) and press RS ( Q in my config) it will put a colored line the same color as your character number under the compos number that you are looking.  Useful when playing with a team you can call out softmark and your teammates know to look at compos where they can see the colored lines under the numbers indicating where you are calling out enemies.

Functionalities – Don’t get caught on single fire or and unloaded magazine.

Default Firing Mode
Handguns – Full Auto  - p18c is dope
SMGS – Full Auto
ARS – Full Auto
DMRS – Single

TPP AIM Camera Position -  Latest Peek Shoulder - 

( I don’t know if everyone will like this setting or may take some getting used to but in my opinion, it’s the best options.  With this setting your over shoulder aim and ads aim will always correspond to the side you last peeks so you can go from lean left shoulder aim to lean left ads aim back and forth without being reset to a middle position or even the opposite side of what you were looking. Try this out in test server by finding someone to shoot back and forth with utilizing objects as cover to lean around from left and right.

Auto Reloading- ON

Graphics Mode – Framerate Priority – This gives more consistent fps but I believe is an xbox one x feature only at the moment but may come to xbox one as well in the future.

This is the first config I have shared. I know it was an insanely long read but I hope it might help some of you looking for a full featured config that falls some where in the middle where its not plain and simplistic or insane complicated.  I have found that these settings combined with my hardware maintain  smooth aiming within all ranges and 1 to 1 consistency with the added bonus of fixing some of the clunky game mechanics by properly utilizing the Xims Magic of Sub Configs. 
I don’t know how OBsIV and his crew developed some a master piece that continues to evolve with the community but I am forever thankful as it allows this pc player to play with my Real Life friends since they only play consol.
BlessUp  👊😉

Is it just me or is anyone else getting random disconnects on xim4 after the new ps4 update.  im running SA3 not sure if that makes a difference?

I was going to update to a newer firmware and wanted to backup my configs.  I connect xim4 to pc via usb cable and all configs are gone.  Disconnect from computer and reconnect to android phone and same all my configs have been erased.  Any ideas?

If i bind R to primary and 2ndary keybinds will it be like tapping R 2 timest when i press it one time?

Game Support / convertconvert sensitivity?
« on: 10:07 PM - 11/29/14 »
Is there a way to convert my mw3 sensitivity  over to cod advanced warfare?

Beta / beta 114
« on: 03:30 AM - 11/27/14 »
I'm able to use kvm with or without USB hot spot enabled not sure if it's a problem but thought I'd report.

XIM 4 Discussions / share button ps4
« on: 05:18 PM - 11/22/14 »
Is there a way to bind a key on keyboard to share button?

Beta / XimHub
« on: 09:59 PM - 11/21/14 »
did XimHub die or move i cant find it anymore?

XIM 4 Discussions / Ballistics Wow!
« on: 02:16 AM - 11/19/14 »
Upgraded from xim3 to xim4.  We had no ballistics options on xim3 and honestly thought i would never need them.  I've been dialing in my sensitivity after testing tuffrabits v2 ballistic for hip and ads and man ballistics are amazing.  It allows me to have controlled aiming with snappy 180 turns with lighting fast reflexes to get on target.  Thank you Tuff for sharing this and im sure the time that went into dialing it in just right.  If you haven't tested this give it a shot its at the link below i had to lower my sens down some to compensate for the acceleration.


Beta / Firmware 20141114 Problem
« on: 07:41 PM - 11/18/14 »
Just installed the new beta.  When i turn the device on without peripherals it will color cycle non stop and never settle.  When i do it with peripherals it will do it for a few cycles then stick on white.  I really dont want to have to restore to factory and lose all my configs again.  Ideas?

XIM 4 Discussions / Headset Amp?
« on: 08:04 PM - 11/17/14 »
Anyone using a Headset Amp?  I have the xpseven control unit and i love it for positional audio and preset sound configs so i can set each game to pick up foot steps better but i cant stand the closed cups and uncomfortable xpseven headset.  Because of this i use my sennheiser pc360 with the xpseven control unit but the sound is low in comparison to the xpseven headset.  I purchase a fiio E9I amp and put the output of control unit where headset would normally go into the input of E9I and then headset into output of E9I. This created a horrible buzzing sound and seemed to clip some of the 5.1 surround.  Does anyone know of a working amp i can use in this configuration that won't have this issue.  I dont want to add any eq or sound effects i only want to increase the volume. 


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