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Hardware Compatibility / Dualshock 4 on Xbox One
« on: 04:06 AM - 10/07/14 »
I've been gone since I got my Xim 3 way back when so I'm a little out of the loop.

Basically I hate the new Xbone controllers but love my DS4. I'm getting an Xbone in November for Halo and the controller is a really big deal-breaker for me.
I'm @#$% at searching forums and the hardware compatibility list isn't that clear to me. It says the DS4 isn't supported for the "Audio jack, Speaker, Touchpad, Six-Axis Motion Sensor".
So does this mean the I can still use the controller and map all the face buttons (X, O, /\, [ ]), DPAD, thumbsticks, L1 L2 L3, R1 R2 R3, Options and Share to the respective Xbone buttons fine?


Ok, I figured I might as well flash my 6950 to a 6970 now so I don't have to worry about it later. So I looked it up and there are a few ways to do it. Some involve making an MS-DOS boot disk others using Radeon Bios Editor and some just flash the new bios with Winflash.

What's the easiest and safest way to do it? I tried just flashing the new bios with winflash and it gives me a subsytenID mismatch error so I assume I have to use RBE to flash my card.
Is there an easy to use tutorial to do so?

Also I should mention my card doesn't have the dual bios feature that some Radeon cards do.

Edit: If I load up the 6970 Bios and change the video card option to 6950 will that work?
This option here?

They can run unsigned code again but this time on any console with any kernel which they couldn't before.

This is going to be interesting.

General Discussion / Quality difference in my Vids?
« on: 11:27 PM - 08/22/11 »
Ok so I recorded a video for a friend on my new computer and it turned to absolute @#$% for 1 of 2 reasons.

Either because it was recorded at 1360x768 and rendered to 720p
Because it was recorded and rendered at 60fps.

So I recorded a new video and can you guys tell me if you see a difference in quality @ 720p for these two videos?



General Discussion / Well I wonder what got here today?
« on: 12:14 AM - 08/12/11 »

More pics and maybe a vid of building it coming soonish in a couple hours probably.


General Discussion / Can't tell if
« on: 01:11 AM - 08/07/11 »

General Discussion / So I got an Email from BioWare today.
« on: 05:13 AM - 07/21/11 »

General Discussion / Netflix Help (Aus)
« on: 04:48 AM - 07/16/11 »
So now that Netflix has made a Subscription for just Unlimited Streaming for $6-7 dollars a month the only thing stopping me is it's availability in Aus.
I've seen one method to get it but I would need to buy an AppleTV and as appetizing as that sounds I'd donate that money to something decent. Like more video games.

Anyone else know anyways to get it or anything about Netflix?

XIM 3 Discussions / Bungie Day anyone?
« on: 04:54 AM - 07/05/11 »
Anyone here hopping on Reach (or any Halo) for Bungie Day? I rarely touch my Xbox anymore but my Xbox and XiM are finally gonna be used again. Tomorrow to get used to Halo again, day after to practice and then Bungie Day.

Anyone wanna play together I'm up for it (Though even with the XiM I'm rather shite)

Just sign into your google account here and create a profile.

Site is over capacity atm so you can't do much more than profile creation and editing.

Release Candidates / It deleted my STs?
« on: 05:27 AM - 06/18/11 »
I go to play my XiM after a long while updated to the latest FW 610 via XIMManager and all my configs are still there.

My smart translators on the other hand are all gone... Fixing up my configs now through XiMManager.

General Discussion / Just upgraded my internet
« on: 02:28 AM - 06/15/11 »
Went from 200GB a month to 500GB a month.
It rolls over on sunday I can't wait.

EDIT: Trying to find a way to get faster upstream bandwidth now.

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