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Please forgive my stupidity and im also sorry if this has already been asked. I have an old HP CRT 19" moniter, i want to play my 360 thru it with xim. My moniter has the power lead coming out ( it has no in built speakers) and a wire with a socket with 13 pins and a screw on either side for securing it to the pc rig. if i have the 360 vga cable and put the jack in what do i do with the red/white audio plugs? the back of my pc has one output for sound it seems, it has a pale green casing around the socket. do i need some kind of adaptor and use seperate speakers? im stuck on this issue, looking on the internet doesnt seem to explain what i need

General Discussion / a question about my mouse
« on: 10:55 AM - 04/09/08 »

this is the mouse im using, don't laugh :P can anyone do a little digging and see what its DPI/Poll Rate itis and any oyher details

then tell me how pathetic it is compared to modern mice

General Discussion / XFPS Sniper plus!
« on: 05:34 AM - 04/09/08 »
Hey guys, before i start i don't want to sound like im advertising this thing, i know XCM are a company who sell medicore adaptors and claim them to be amazing. I just got my sniper plus today, and all i can say is WOW this thing is amazing! Its very responsive for a crappy adaptor, i originaly bought this for use with a xim, but xim2 is right around the corner ill just make do until its released. I think because i read so many negative forum posts about this item i was probably expecting it to be far worse that it is, I've only tested it for about a hour or so on single player, ill take it online tonight and see, once ive set it all how i like it. I admit its not quite like the pc feel experiance, but its close enough, i can only imagine what joy XIm and XIM 2ill eventually bring!! I can't wait, untill then im gonna squeeze my value out of this thing, this thing does have deadzoone though, but its so minute, when i put my sens to insane (10) i put the X and Y wheels to their lowest setting then slowly turned each axis until it felt good, 1 issue however is how when looking down the sights the mouse slows down quite a bit, thats my only dig so far, but ill keep testing it out, man i wish i had XIM for the custom 2nd sens :(((

General Discussion / play-asia
« on: 06:28 AM - 04/06/08 »
has anybody delt with them in regards to returns/cancelations?

i want to cancel my order for my xfps and wait for the xim since it will be less than 3 months away.

they have recieved my money but im waiting on shipping (im in the uk) the product hasn't been sent yet, am i too late, can i do this?

are they a good company to communicate returns to? i know some places put you in the loop

General Discussion / XAE why would a cod4 player need it?
« on: 06:22 AM - 04/06/08 »
pk ive been trying to work this out, is it just a prog for macing macros? i know this can bee good in halo3 with BR + mele and energy sword attack + lunge.
Am i missing something? does it do anything else? please share your experiances

General Discussion / mouse testing
« on: 09:53 AM - 04/04/08 »
Is there a site or a way of testing your mouse to see its various stats? poll rate, refresh DPI ect

General Discussion / xbox360/pc setup (moniter)
« on: 12:05 PM - 04/03/08 »
how can i do this? my pc is a little dated, the moniter is quite old with te 3 pin (kettle) plug on it and a 2 point screw in plug slot thingy that goes into the tower. is thre a cable i can use to play the xbox thru this moniter? i thhink i got some uber re-arranging to do all for the sake of playing cod4 on a even playing field (@#$% us kbam users get it tough) im hoping all this money and fuss will be worth it, this XIM lark better be rewarding!!!! lol on reggular matches wit a controller im pretty good (now) i can almost always get 1st-3rd place  (played today on FFA 25-3 with controller) ive adjusted to it overtime, but my aiming is crap, i know this, its my game tactics thhat give me the edge, so combined with a kbam ill be even more formidable... lol ok i went way of topic there but hey, im bored waitin for my xfps to arrive

General Discussion / xim setup
« on: 10:20 AM - 04/02/08 »
im curious of how this works physically. XFPS connnects to xbox via USB, then XIM connects from the ps2 port on the xfps to a pc via USB slot, then kbam connect to the xfps via its slots? is this correct, i understand you can still use te kbam directly of the pc, so my question is...

do both methods work? and if so, is there any differences. Is it any more responsive using kbam direclty of the pc?

I ask because i was plannin to run XIM of my laptop and place it next to my xbox and use kbam fed of the xfps since my laptop is old and only has 1 usb slot (i have a splitter with x4 usb on it) my laptop also has no periphheral slots since it has the touchh pad in the middle, i really cba re-arrangin myset up withh the desktop

General Discussion / which mouse wins the race!?
« on: 08:08 PM - 04/01/08 »
what mice do you guys feel is the best for cod4?
Im thinking of upgrading my mouse so im stuck here, thhere are so many to choose from. what are your views? example: with a xfps sniper, XIM and logitec g5:- this is 3 pieces of kit with customization options. Is, at some point all this tweakability goingg to over complicate things? I really dont know whhichh mouse to choose to give me best results.
Id like some mouse veterans out thhere to comment, if you've tried multiple mice, compare them.  Hell, i bet even some of you use a regular mouse, whhat are you truly ggaining from a top of thhe market mouse?

Support / help building the xim
« on: 07:05 AM - 04/01/08 »
ok OBSIV's blog outlines how to build the xim, but it parts no detail on the board you solder thhe ps2 cable too, can anyone provide a step by step tutorial with pics or draw up a diagram of whhat goes where.

thhe pic  shhows the wires in a liniar fashion, but its not hhigh enough resolution to see exactly whhere they go, if anyone has any links please post thhem,

many thanks,

Support / XFPS sniper plus*
« on: 05:41 AM - 04/01/08 »
ok i saw this lil fella on www.playasia.com looks like in its description it reads its compatable with any version of thhe official xbox360 controllers, so goodbye lookin for older serial numbers on the packages, do you gguys think it will still work with xim? im bored and want a project and better myself in the process, xim seems a ggood project, i know xim2 is close, but im gonna build xim anyway, but im curious... tell me, does thhe xfps sniper and sniper plus (only diff is it workes on all controllers) complicate the tweakability of xim withh its inbuilt X and Y adjusters, or does it actually help?

Support / stuck
« on: 11:01 AM - 03/31/08 »
in the config file how can i map primary and secondary sensativity?

example- i guess you would use a faster sens for shooting of the hip, so this would always be "on" right?

then when i look down the sights with whhatever key i map ( in this case left mouse button) how do i bind the left mouse button to look down the sight AND slow down the mouse speed for steadier shooting

thanks in advance

Configurations and Requests / sticky sugestion
« on: 08:10 AM - 03/31/08 »
Hey guys im new to this forum and new to xim, but im very keen to make my own. Anyway can somebody make a sticky of my request?

Id like somebody to make a post in a "dictionary" style form that explains eachh of the following for the nubcakes like me any many others new to xim, maybe withh short explinations of what each does and how the range of data helps/hinders

Mouse DPI:
Mouse Dead Zone:
Mouse Update Frequency:
Dead Zone:
Dead Zone Type:                               <--- define/explain them all  :oD
Y/X Ratio:
Translation Exponent:
Sensitivity Primary:

some of them are self explaniatory but go ahead anyway, lets see if a admin will sticky it
Sensitivity Secondary:

Tutorials / probably not the righht place but...
« on: 04:54 AM - 03/31/08 »
im in England, do you guys kknow if silabs will ship their toolstick to the UK? and if so what shipping cost shuld i expect? i had a poke around their site coudn't see anything detailing thhis, there was also no GBP exuivilent, thanks for your answers in advance.

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