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XIM 4 Discussions / Cod: MW 2019
« on: 05:35 AM - 08/09/19 »
Hi fellow Gamers,

will there be support for the new CoD Modernware with xim4?


Deutsch / Destiny
« on: 09:06 AM - 08/15/14 »
Sooooo noch 3,5 Wochen bis release. Da wird es zeit sich langsam wieder heißt zu machen ;-)

Hier mal ein gute Infoseite und zwei gescheite Youtube Channel (falls diese der ein oder andere noch nicht kennt):

Deutsch / Logitech G700S
« on: 05:23 AM - 08/04/14 »
Hallo zusammen,

nutzt die hier einer? Habe ich im englischsprachigen Teile richtig gelesen das roads diese Maus benutzt?

Da ich ja die PS4 gemeinsam mit meinem PC im Homeoffice nutze, wäre meine Idee, die Maus kabelgebunden an der XIM zu nutzen und am PC mit dem Wireless Adapter. Dadurch müsste ich nicht immer umstecken, wenn ich zwichen PC und PS4 wechsle :-)

Ein bisschen Gedanken mach ich mir wegen möglichen Indifferenzen zwischen Funkmausempfänger und wlan (beides 2,4 Ghz).


i just started to try out my new xim3, but my mouse isn't responding. I plugged in the devices like told in the support FAQ. My Keyboard G15 has a Question mark in the display, but it works. My mouse its shown in the display correctly but doesn't work. If i change the USB Port my mouse does Keyboard commands.

I have set my mouse to 2000 dpi and 125 polling rate.

I updated to the last firmware(beta) together with the xim manager. I have no wired controller, so I use the xim2 controller. Is this a problem?

Pleas help me.

Hallo fellow XIMers,

I have been using the XIM 2 for maybe one Year and I'm very happy with it. I usually use this great peace of Tech with my Windows 7 PC and have no problems.

In two weeks I want to go to a little xbox360 LAN. For this reason, I Installed the xim Software and copied my configs to my Macbook Pro. It runs in native Windows Mode with Boot Camp, it is also Windows 7, I start Windows with F8 an no digital Driver Signature Check, I have installed the same Razer Copperhead Driver like a have on the PC.

The first thing I noticed was, the the Sensity wars much higher on the Mac, so I lowered it. The big Problem I have now, is the lower precision.

In MW2 the Mouse moves faster, when I look to the left. When I do a circle with the mouse it moves faster on the left side of the circle.

And now comes the best. I have the feeling, that this is only when I move the mouse without aiming (not using the second Mouse Button)! If I aim throw the red dot / iron sight, everything seems to work fine and I can make smooth circles with the mouse.

I hope you XIM Fans understand my bad english (I am from Germany) and you can help me  ???


Hallo all,

plugged in my xim2 2 hours ago - fantastic!!! But I have one problem, is there a way to make the second sens faster? I dont feel a diference between 6000 and 9000...

General Discussion / Just ordered xim2 to Germany
« on: 03:39 PM - 03/08/09 »
Hallo guys,

can some Offical tell me when by order could be shipped to old europe?


General Discussion / Question for XIM2 Purchase
« on: 01:09 AM - 03/31/08 »
Grettings from over see,

I´m one of those PC Gamers that bought a 360. I like to play with the controller, but accuracy with a Mouse is so much better!

Will you send orders two Germany (I realy hope so!)

Does one of you guys play with a Razer Copperhead and if so, how does it work with xim

Thanx for your answers and sorry it I made grammar mistakes


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