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Is there a way to have the light bar on when the controller is plugged into the XIM?

General Discussion / Samsung Galaxy Tab battery question
« on: 12:33 AM - 06/09/16 »
I have not turned on my Galaxy Tab for over 6 months, so I decide to turn it on and update as well as charge the battery.  To my surprise, the battery was at 99% still.     So does this mean Samsung use some kind of slow discharge batteries.?    My iPad's battery on the hands would drop to 85% or lower if I don't use it for like a month. 

Beta / Will XIM4 support Sixaxis in the future?
« on: 07:48 AM - 05/09/16 »
I ask this because some PS4 exclusive games use this feature.  I used to be able to get Sixaxis to work by plugging XIM4 into a Cronusmax Plus, but ever since Touch Pad support was added, XIM4 no longer pass Sixaxis data through.   

Enable turn assist and bind it to the right mouse button.  Hold the button whenever you want to aim with precision. 

General Discussion / 500M vs 1000M internet
« on: 11:05 AM - 04/30/16 »
Just got FTTH  and I need some help deciding which service plan to go with.

I know I'm going either 500 or 1000M since 10G is definitely overkill and 300M is not much better than my current 200M downstream cable (although much better upstream speed).  The price different between 300 , 500 and 1000M is US$12.86 a month. 

A little background, I do some BT'ing, mostly US TV dramas; I game on PC and PS4 mainly (all my games are digital).  My current internet is cable 200M down and 10M up, shared by the whole building of 16 flats/apts, and it's been getting slower recently for some reason.  I guess more people have recently signed up for the cable service.

Game Support / So you support Dark Soul III
« on: 12:50 AM - 04/24/16 »
but not Rachet & Clank?

With  previous 0816 and 0917 firmware I was able to get Sixaxis working when using XIM4 with CM+,  but the 1120 firmware did something so now the XIM no longer pass Sixaxis data through.

I didn't notice any aim assist with sensitivity at 20.

I cannot decide.

Sometimes during power on the lights would go from red to blue instead of red, green and then blue.  Have to unplug and replug.  I've had this issue for over 7 months. 

General Discussion / Has anyone heard of TOXIKK for PC?
« on: 06:12 AM - 02/19/15 »

It's currently in Early Access and has very positive user reviews.

So that we don't have to re-enter the settings every time we remove and then re-add a ST.

General Discussion / Anyone into custom paint finish?
« on: 05:59 AM - 12/13/14 »
I'm tempted to buy another PS4 custom painted.  Too lazy to send in my own.




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