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I just picked up a PS3 Nav and G700 mouse. When I move my mouse from left to right in a stright line my avatar looks and aims in a diagonal movement.

Here's a video for a better explanation.


Will this be added to the XIM3 settings anytime soon? My joysticks default dead zone is extremely small so I'm running at full speed all of the time with minute movements of the stick. I think we need a way to adjust the sensitivity of the left stick for movement or maybe just increase the size of the dead zone.

I can't seem to get the trackball to behave like on the PC. With the DPI set to the highest setting and XIM3 sensitivity/acceleration set low I can get smooth 180 spins but my small movements are too sensitive. With the DPI set to it's lowest and the XIM3 sen/acc set high, my cross-hairs are all over the place. I can make some small movements but it seems like a 1/4 quick turn of the trackball equals a 120 turn of the cross-hairs.  If the red cross-hairs icon next to the new "Boost" knob is suppose to reduce jitter, can I use it without using the boost knob?


One of my co-workers is looking to try the FPS genre on his PS3 and like me he doesn't have thumb juice. So I have recommended the XIM3 with a PS3 Nav controller and mouse.

Can someone recommend a nice wireless gaming mouse to use with the XIM3? He's preferably looking to buy it from a B&M with a 100% money back return policy ie. Best Buy.


I was under the impression that if I set a negative value in acceleration my crosshair would move slow when doing small short but quick movements and move at normal sensitivity with big, long sweeping flicks of the mouse. 

I'm having a heck of a time getting my sensitivity right using a MX 518 converted into a trackball. FYI I'm using a modded Panther XL from Steveo and I'm playing blops.

The main dilemma is that with the default setup everyone else seems to use with this mouse, I'm not able to do a 180 turn with one flick of the trackball. When I flick the trackball in either direction fast, my avatar starts to turn but stops half way through the 180. I assume I'm reaching the max turn speed and that's why my avatar stops midway through the turn. But when I raise my sensitivity, I'm able to do a clean and quick 180 turn but my crosshairs are all over the place when trying to aim and fire from the hip.

Now I tried the default blops smart translator sensitivity setting with my DPI maxed out and the acceleration at 0.00 but my crosshairs are all over the place. I tried to adjust the sensitivity up and down to find a sweet spot but never found anything even close to being usable.

-I have the most up to date firmware and my smart translators have been updated.
-The MX 518 is set to the lowest DPI setting (this seems to work better)
-In game sensitivity is set to 10
-XIM3 sensitivity is set to 27.5/30
-Acceleration is set to 0.00

With my current settings I can do a somewhat acceptable 180 turn with a short quick flick of the trackball. But my short quick movements aiming from the hip are all over the place. My ADS sensitivity is not bad or good but I'm not really worried about that yet.

Does anyone else have this issue? Does anyone have sensitivity/acceleration setting that resolves this problem? I read OBsIV maybe adding more advanced settings for mouse sensitivity. Is my issue something that may get addressed in a future firmware update?

Configurations and Requests / [PS3] Config List?
« on: 11:16 AM - 10/01/08 »
Is there a list of configs for the PS3. If not can we make one and sticky?

Technical Support / DigitalStick Sensitivity Toggle
« on: 12:36 AM - 09/30/08 »
Hey guys,

I am now able to enjoy FPS on my console thanks to you guys. Thanks!

I just got my XIM set up for COD4 on the PS3 and I'm having just one issue. I've looked all over this site and could not find the answer.

Sensitivity Toggle seems to only work if I'm going in one direction. Basically if I hold W and A while pressing my Sensitivity Toggle button nothing happens. But if I hold W only, the Sensitivity Toggle works just find. Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks again.

General Discussion / XIM and FFOW
« on: 01:46 PM - 03/24/08 »

Has anyone used the XIM while playing Frontlines Fuel Of War? If so how was it?

My most comfortable FPS set up is a Chproducts joystick in my right hand and a optical trackball in my left.

 ala the old Madcatz Panther XL.

How can I get the XIM software to recognize direct joystick inputs? The Joystick is a 18 button DirectX input device which includes 2 hats.

Also I don't necessarily need to change the firmware and PC software app to use my XIM on the PS3 right? This is just so the buttons match up with the PS3 controller right?


I'm so glad I found this board. I just wish I would have read up before I bought a Sniper 3.0 and the Splitfish Fragfx. $150 down the drain. ???

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