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XIM 3 Discussions / This is to Sean, and Sean only.
« on: 05:34 PM - 02/11/11 »
Purpose served, pictures removed.

What if he gets his hands on this device and starts to reverse engineer the XIM3 enabling custom firmware...

XIM 3 Discussions / Gears of War 2 Video
« on: 05:47 AM - 12/20/10 »
Hey, could someone please upload some Gears of War 2 video using the XIM3 pls.

See page 4 for a video -mist4fun

XIM 3 Discussions / Truth is...
« on: 04:00 AM - 08/18/10 »
I've been keeping an eye on this website and forum for a while now and everyday, often more than once, I browse the forums in desperation to see if there are any news or updates on the release of XIM3.

Because truth is, I'm sick and tired of getting owned while playing Xbox games on-line, especially FPS's, and I know largely this is due to using a joypad since i've been a PC gamer for most of my life. So in all honesty I hope XIM3 will be released sometime soon so I can get some satisfaction from actually pwning people.  ;D

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