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XIM Apps / xEmulate-XIM3 with Joystick support
« on: 10:15 AM - 01/16/12 »
This is basically xod's xEmulate which I have modified to work with XIM3.

This should allow your XIM3 to behave in the same way as the XIM2 did with this software.

I have also added an option to "pass-through" the mouse state directly to the XIM3, which will allow you to use XIM3's smart translators at the same time as using binds/macros/text mode etc...


  • Allow multiple keyboard keys to access a single xbox button
  • Allow for simple macros for some interesting actions including rapid fire and timed holds.
  • Supports setting variables on the fly with binds: i.e. "bind r set sensitivity1 1000;"
  • Supports reading from .xim configs .xim files, converts all but a few things.
  • Does not require elevated priveleges in Vista
  • Command line allows editing the config on the fly
  • App does not crash if your Xim gets hung
  • Alt-Tab works
  • Added support for "text mode" which translates keystrokes to xbox message text, currently only supports [a-z][0-9]

  • Fixed invert mouse y axis for mouse passthrough
  • Added option to ignore mouse buttons except the right button when in passthrough mode (allows you to use ADS translator, but still have full control over the other mouse buttons)
  • Removed rate limit, should now send as fast as allowed ~62.5 UPS

*Updated 21/01
  • Added Joystick passthrough support - First detected Joystick only
    • X & Y Axis, the first 24 buttons and POV Hat passed directly to XIM3
    • Buttons 25-36 are mapped digitally (assuming a deadzone value of +/- 16500) for the following Axis:
      Z-Axis, X,Y,Z-Axis Rotation,Sliders 1&2 (U and V-Axis)
  • Added bind support for holding specific analog values (e.g. bind x +leftstickx 28000;wait 200;-leftstickx;)
  • "echo beep" now makes a beep sound -- useful if you are toggling configs and cannot see the screen :)

*Updated 22/02
  • Added "Walk Speed" setting -- this allows you to bind a key which when active will limit your LeftStick's maximum value.  To use bind key "walksens" (e.g. "bind x .walksens" or "bind x !walksens" to toggle)
  • Updated version number in installer, so you can upgrade without first removing the previous version.

External Link:

How to use xEmulate:

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