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This is a great deal.  Normally it goes for $60-$70 but on sale for $30 right now.

HERO Sensor 16,000 Dpi


Just wondering if the different polling rates of the mouse require more power from the XIM.  Also the max polling rate is 125 for PS4 and I believe 250 for xbox. Is there any benefit of using a higher polling rate?

Personally I've used either 1000 or 500 for all the years I've been using a XIM but it's a question I wonder about.

I've had my G502 for 2 years. It has served me well. Nothing wrong with it however Best buy has some of their "Black Friday" ad deals currently active like the G403 $35 and the G203 $20.  So I'm looking to pick one of them up.

Anyone have anything good or bad to say about either of them pertaining to using them with the XIM?


General Discussion / DPI Converter link not working
« on: 08:47 PM - 06/20/16 »
Does anybody have a working link?  The one I have says it's no good.



I use a Powered USB hub with my XIM4. Plugged in like this.

Mouse & Keyboard > Powered USB Hub> XIM4>PS4.

It's a hub I had laying around it's a few years old and I started using it maybe a year ago with the XIM4. However of late maybe the last month or so it seems wonky at times.  Keyboard response in game will be real sluggish. I have to unplug the power cord on the hub and plug it back in for it to feel normal. My guess is the hub is starting to fail me.  I tried different ports on it but same issue.

So just want to ask any of you guys who use the powered hub like I do if you have a Brand/model of Powered Hub you can recommend that works well for you.


I know we have a converter to make a ST1 curve into a ST2 curve but do we have something to do the opposite ST2 to ST1?

Scuf Gaming Licenses Its Technology to Microsoft and Becomes Official and Exclusive Xbox 3rd Party Controller Partner for Professional Gaming


Ok I already have been using my XIM4 with my Xbox One since the XIM4 came out.  Now I got a PS4 this past Tuesday. Today I picked up COD AW so I would have a FPS game to play.

I setup my AW config. Using the same hip/ads and curve info I used on my X1 ST.  I went into a private match to see if I needed to tweak anything. While I was in there playing some bots my guy just ran into a wall. Mouse/Keyboard and Controller became unresponsive.  I pressed the playstation button and nothing.  I ended up unplugging the xim from the PS4 and plugging it back in to fix the issue.  Only had a few mins to play longer but it didn't turn off again. Going to do some more gaming now to see if it happens again.

My question is what caused that?  Am I missing some setting I need to turn on/off in the PS4 settings  so this doesn't happen?

Here is my setup

Also for you guys that have an X1 and PS4 with the same games on both console do you notice your Config settings on one console are way off compared to the other console?

I currently own an Xbox One, 360 and debating if I should pick up a PS4 for BO3.  For me the xbox one and XIM4 have worked great together.  However I'm one of those disappointed with Xbox One as a whole since launch. I have a day one edition and lets say I've been complaining about xbox one since day one. So I wanted to ask any Ximmers who own both consoles a few questions.

1. In your honest opinion which console do you like better for actual gaming?

2. Do you feel the XIM4 marries better to one console over the other or works equally well with both?

3. Any issues with the DS4 controller and the XIM4?

4. Any big drawbacks about the Xbox one or PS4 that just bother you?

5. I use to own a PS3. I hated PSN back then. XBL has always been better. Now that you gotta pay for PSN with PS4 how do you feel a Paid PSN service stacks up to the current XBL?

Thanks for any feedback


So Xbox One will be changing it's OS to a special version of windows 10. 

I was given a 15% discount code with my new puretrak talent mouse pad to share with friends.  Plus they have a sale going on right now so it's a good time to buy if your in need.


Code: PZN3A415

Titanfall Season Pass is now Free on Xbox One and Xbox 360.


I just downloaded mine.

Just want to throw this out there because I see some people say they use a powered USB hub with their XIM4.  Would love to hear from people who use one or have used one to get your take on it if there is any advantage/disadvantage to using one.

I use a G13 and a G502. I turn the lights off on both to avoid drawing too much power away from the XIM4.  Wonder if using a powered USB hub between my XIM4 and My Xbox One will allow me to use the lights without worry.


Just wanted to share that the Logitech G13 is on sale at Newegg for $49.99 with free shipping.  I just picked up a second one for a backup at that price.


Just wanted to ask any of the titanfall players if they would want to share their Titanfall ballistic curve.


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