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XIM EDGE Discussions / Feature request: akimbo button
« on: 09:20 AM - 03/10/13 »
The akimbo button would be left and right trigger bound to a key and would not activate secondary sensitivity.

So for example ads is right click, left click is shoot. When you operate akimbo weapons like that your sensitivity goes super high because you are activating the ads translator without being in ads mode. Let's say I bind my akkmbo button to mouse back, when I hold mouse back it will shoot both guns without activating that translator

General Discussion / League Play Rage Thread
« on: 08:05 AM - 03/09/13 »
Had a guy on my team that goes afk for free league points

What idiots here actually go around reporting posts and threads? Can we get an AMA from one of you turds?

"Yep, look at that, that right there offends me. Reported you good, you rascals."

Also, I reported this thread ahead of time to save you the trouble.

General Discussion / I need somebody with a XIM3
« on: 01:35 PM - 03/08/13 »
to find out perfect ADS transition times for some weapons. Who wants to do it?

I basically run 4 different setups total and would like to have 4 different profiles for those weapons so there is as little time as possible when the primary/secondary is out of sync with the game causing accel/decel. This is much more manageable in BO2 because I use a much smaller variety of weapons/types.

This is painful to do on the edge because you have to keep going back and forth from the computer and it takes forever. With the XIM3 you can just pop up the setup and change it really quick.

The setups are

1. FAL
2. FAL + quickdraw
4. MSMC + Quickdraw

1 and 4 are the most frequently used (90%+ of the time)

Also, inb4 somebody posts the times listed on the denkirson charts, those are for the animation which is not when the sensitivity changes. There's been some discussion here about whether or not its a straight up X to Y instant transition or like a gradient where X fades into Y, but the only thing that would be able to tell us that for sure is the smart trainer (get to it mist). So we're assuming its the prior, and either way, there's a sweet spot where you'll feel as little wonkiness as possible.

is that like a TPS report?

Dale delete your whole elite account and make a new one, or just log in with a new email address and link your gamertag to taht one, do it now.

General Discussion / What is your opinion of this guy?
« on: 01:39 PM - 02/23/13 »
This is his twitch channel http://www.twitch.tv/prospering

He seems to be a booster. I asked this in his channel and got banned "do you boost? Because you have 14kd on one gun, rest are mostly well under 4KD, and 5k tac inserts used." You can check his stats on elite for those, his gamertag is "prospering"

He has 10K kills on FAL at 14KD, yet none of his classes are FAL and he refuses to use it on his stream when I asked.

Most likely he is a booster if i got banned for asking that and trying to give some constructive feedback right before that about his stream quality and lack of cam/mic. I really didn't be douchey about it, just said that he has a lot of views and faves and should consider getting a cam/mic going to interact with viewers more. He and his mods started acting really douchey. That's when I asked the above question and then I couldn't post anymore.

DAE probation from bull crap and then you have to play a private match with all your friends in which rook check tries too hard?

General Discussion / BO2 3-bar host
« on: 07:54 AM - 02/22/13 »
I was just in a hardcore game where I was between 3 and 4 bars the whole game, mostly 3, and this dude and his guest were shutting me down with superhuman godspeed reaction times. So I'm like @#$% it I'm gonna kill my teammates because they are trash and get booted out of this @#$% lobby. Surprise, I'm host and the host can't get booted from hardcore matches. Who the hell knew you could be a 3-bar host? How the @#$%'s that even possible?

General Discussion / BO2 Probation
« on: 07:03 AM - 02/22/13 »
Just got 5 minutes probation because my sentry gun killed 3 of my retarded teammates that kept running in front of it and then the next game the host shut down his box and ended the game. Really Treyarch? Stupid @#$% system should only apply to league play.

General Discussion / Cable management, u jelly?
« on: 02:45 PM - 02/17/13 »

BO2 Shock Charge -- How much damage do they do?

I've found a couple people saying 25 damage, but nothing that seemed credible. Anybody know?

General Discussion / Come at me PlaToad
« on: 11:42 AM - 02/13/13 »


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