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Configurations and Requests / Fallout 3
« on: 02:49 PM - 10/31/08 »

Feedback / Signatures
« on: 10:43 AM - 06/17/08 »
Any possibility that we can have a set size for forum signatures? I swear I take more time trying to look past these huge mammoth things to find actual posts?

Just a thought... hey look at my huge signature!

Configurations and Requests / GTA 4 XBOX 360 CONFIGS
« on: 01:07 PM - 04/30/08 »
MX518 1800 DPI

Note: I tried a lot of configs here in this forum for other games but they never worked out well for me, even I used the same settings as all others used. So I am not sure if this will work out for you. Played like 3-4h multiplayer with it today and it was a blast (mostly top3 positions).

DeadZone                  = 28.0
DeadZoneType              = Circular
YXRatio                   = 2.00
TranslationExponent       = 0.45
SensitivityPrimary        = 17.50
SensitivitySecondary      = 21.50
SensitivityToggle         = MouseRight
Smoothness                = 0.00

Configurations and Requests / GTA4 - XBOX 360
« on: 11:15 AM - 04/30/08 »
Anyone come up with a decent config for the 360 yet?  ??? G5 prefered.. but 518 would do :)

General Discussion / System Requirements?
« on: 10:12 PM - 04/02/08 »
I'm looking to buy one of those asus eee's... will there be a system requirement for XIM2? Any ideas? :)

General Discussion / Xbox Live List - updated 06/16/08
« on: 09:44 AM - 03/21/08 »
Hey guys I'm thinking of making a friendly list of gamertags for those on here that use the XIM. To go on "raids" in team deathmatch games...mostly for COD4. It'd be fun to run around with fellow XIM'ers and pwn some controller users :)

So add me if you'd like.... If you add your name in this thread I'll add it to the top in my post here;

XBOX LIVE ACCOUNTS---------------------------------------------------------------XIM360 NICKNAMES

xPOLESTARx   ---------------------------------------  xPOLESTARx
ii TR00F ii   -------------------------------------------  nickstudy
MrFresh KC   -----------------------------------------  Def2fyn
cameltoe1009   -------------------------------------  cameltoe
Kaymen Hereye   -----------------------------------  bill16504
Furious Runt   ---------------------------------------  paulybear
Omega Cyclone   -----------------------------------  Omega Cyclone 
zo1d   ------------------------------------------------   miraged
Jedimasterone1   -----------------------------------  Jedimasterone1
E2400   -----------------------------------------------  E2400
EpicNerd   --------------------------------------------  Tonester
CAPON3   ---------------------------------------------  mist4fun
snooze ------------------------------------------------ snooze
absoulte ---------------------------------------------- abs0lut1
blash -------------------------------------------------- WickedPheonix
jvanish ------------------------------------------------ ScoutSnipr007
GLENN37216 ----------------------------------------- GLENN37216 
Flipstyle ----------------------------------------------- FlipStylePro
Zenstrata --------------------------------------------- Zenstrata
TriggerShark -----------------------------------------  TriggerShark
xSIR_NUBx -------------------------------------------- xSIR_NUBx
OCmoho ----------------------------------------------- OCmoho
technogiant ------------------------------------------ technogiant
XGL RevelaTION --------------------------------------- XGL RevelaTION
TXRNGR Striker --------------------------------------- Johngalt2001
vel i toasti ----------------------------------------- fishguts366

Add users online rather than manually entering it on your xbox

General Discussion / It's like butter
« on: 02:41 PM - 03/12/08 »
For those who are still waiting for XIM2... don't wait.. just make a XIM right now.

Just got mine setup and I can't believe the smoothness vs just the use of a XFPS sniper after a little bit of tinkering and the use of some very good (already done) configs.

I can finally snipe with COD with how I'm used to with PC gaming.

Thanks to those involved with the production/ideas of this awesome project.


Configurations and Requests / Army of Two
« on: 09:57 PM - 03/04/08 »
I know it's not released yet.. but in 1 day it will :)

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