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This is a PSA for those who may not know this information. Some of you might have figured it out as I did, but figured I'd help those who may not have.

I figured I'd post here in the off chance this game gets popular as the Betas keep happening and when release actually takes place. I am very much looking forward to the NA release for this game as I was super addicted to PSO back on the Dream Cast and did some play time on PSOBB on PC.

 For those interested in this game and want to play it upon release, I thought I would shed some light on the best way to play this game with your Xim Apex. Simply put, DON'T play it with your Xim Apex plugged in, as the game actually supports native M/K setup. At least in the beta I played, I was able to directly plug in a mouse and keyboard and it worked with minor setup in the menus for sensitivity and keyboard layout changes. For those who use 2 of, or all 3 ports on your Xbox for devices, the best course of action I found to take care of that issue is to just simply unplug the Xim Apex Stick and use the 3 USB splitter the Xim Apex comes with. Since most of us already have it plugged into our console to begin with, you can just unplug the Xim Apex stick and the mouse and key board will work in this game natively and your controller will stay charging, thus never shutting off and prompting to turn on the controller because it went idle too long and shut off. Hope this helps those who are looking forward to this game. And shouodnhelp Mist and Obsiv not have to worry about a smart translator for this particular game.

Hope to see some of you in the world of PSO.

XIM APEX Discussions / BO4 Help
« on: 07:00 PM - 01/04/19 »
After playing on and off since release I just can't seem to get comfortable playing BO4 either in blackout mode or in regular MP modes. I watch kill cams and play of the games and I can't help but notice how so many people just "Snap" to their targets so fast. Is this a product of the high AA in BO4? When I was playing BF1, I noticed the same thing when I would play and ADS. I'd ADS and the crosshairs would snap to my target if my sights were close enough to them that is. I've heard the AA in BO4 is higher than it has been. But I don't see it. I don't feel the AA at all and I'm using the default ST for the game no curves. Was wondering if anyone can help me figure out where I'm going wrong to take advantage of the AA in this game. I'm using a Nav controller (just got it yesterday) and a G502 mouse at 12K dpi and 1000 polling rate. Any advice or help would be appreciated.

Game Support / Defiance 2050 possible ST?
« on: 05:46 PM - 07/12/18 »
Been a while since I've lingered around these parts, but I have noticed a free new game that got released and was curious if there might be a ST coming for it?

XIM 3 Discussions / Razer Mamba Elite
« on: 12:18 AM - 11/03/11 »
Just got this mouse in the mail today and I was wondering what some peoples views are in how it works with the XIM unit. . I am currently using a Steelseries Xai and I like that one along with a G5 which is nice too, but I thought if the wireless support is available I wouldn't mind using the Mamba. .
Let me know what you guys think of it in game.
Thank you thank you,

Quick question all. . . I just got my XIM3 today and i went to Plug in my Steelseries Xai mouse in and it is detected in all but the middle port. .  tried it all the same way with a G5 and it worked in all three. .  Has anyone else had this issue or know how to fix it?

Hey Guys, I am going to finally order my unit today, been around here since XIM1 and been out of state and country a lot on leave, but finally back and wnating to get the newest edition to the XIM family. . . Does anyone know where it ships from so I can decide if I want next day or not...
Thanks in advance guys!
Happy gaming and killing =)

XIM 3 Discussions / Headsets?
« on: 07:21 PM - 12/30/10 »
I read the Faq, but it still was not listed, will we be able to use headsets such as the ASTRO's or say Turtle Beach and still be able to use the chat function? Or are we still having to use the Wireless Mic from Microsoft?

XIM 3 Discussions / XIM 1 Just Took at Dump =(
« on: 05:48 PM - 09/14/10 »
Now this is not a good day, I come home from work and go get Halo Reach, and to my surprise my XIM 1 Is no longer working. . . Cracked it open checked all the Components, check the solder points, check the connections to everything and it all seems good. . . Possibly the Main board is done for? I don't know, but it's not working. This day sucks. . . I don't want to build a new on or buy a XIM2, not with 3 on it's way, seems to illogical. And I am not picking up a Controller, those things hate me. . .  So  I have a new game I can't fully play and now can't play CODMW2. . . GREAT!   

General Discussion / Dang!
« on: 12:46 PM - 06/03/08 »
Hey guys!
To those of you that are new and to those of you I know from past convos and past game play I just wanted to say hey!
Been out of the Country for a few months now and I had no access to a computer to get on here, much less the time to get on here, so I just wanted to come back to say hey and see how everyone is that I used to talk to all the time. . . I can see Nick is still Whoring up the Forums lol . . . Good to know, he's a good guy, and likes to help, glad to see he's still around.  I noticed Polestar is still posted around in here so that's good, I had the pleasure to play a few games with him a while back, so glad to see you're still around dude. Also last and certainly not least are Derek and ObsIV, those two work hard to ensure that we understand and get the all we can out of the XIM experience with the efforts they put forth to design and program all it's utilities, Thanks guys you have been a God send to my XBox game play, glad to see you are still around and kicking harder than ever! And well I hope everyone else that is new and to those I missed I am sorry for not mentioning you here, but I hope you all are doing well and I suppose i have some reading ahead of me to see what's going on now. . . I see we are closing the gap on XIM 2 so that's nice. . . Take it easy everyone!


General Discussion / PS3 Games
« on: 07:20 PM - 01/28/08 »
Hey I know this has nothing to do with the XIM but then again I guess it could since it functions on the PS3 as well... Anyway.. I was wondering from those of you who have a PS3 what games are good to buy for it. Mostly looking for games specific to PS3 otherwise I'll just get them for Xbox ya know?

Thanks! ;)

Support / Getting Worse
« on: 09:03 PM - 01/22/08 »
Ho kay guys I know there is a lot of debate on why the Mouse tends to want to move to the right (in my case it wants to go up) when playing CoD4. Has anyone found a cure for this? Im not using a Headset, though I know that would not cause it as some said it does.  IT was not so bad where it was only doing it like once every couple of matches so in between matches I could just unplug it and replug it and im good to go. but now it's doing it 3-4 times PER match, and it's getting horrible. I start moving my mouse left to right to track guys while they are running and my mouse wants to go up as well. . . Please tell me someone has found something out about this issue.  It sucks when you are 15-0 and then die because you aim over someone when just trying to move the mouse to the left and it ends up going up as well when you don't move it up and then causes a death.  Then on top of that, have to wait 15-20 secs for the Xbox to re connect the controller once you unplug it. .  . I hope someone has found a work around for this issue, because it now starting to become a choir. I have heard someone say just reboot in the xim software works, which it doesn't, and i heard someone say mess with the analog stick and put it back to center, yet that doesn't work either.  So in reality im at a loss here on what to do, if anyone has some pointers please let me know. Thanks! Don't get me wrong the XIM is wonderful, just wish it could not get it to do what it's doing

Also before someone asks, im using a Copperhead btw

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