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General Discussion / Watch_Dogsh*t
« on: 12:37 PM - 03/07/14 »

There's controversy brewing that Wath_Dogs went from looking like a next gen game should look like to looking like a PS2 game.

General Discussion / Dead Nation march PS+ game
« on: 07:24 AM - 02/26/14 »

New Dead Nation game possibly the March PS+ offering.

Original looked great. With what they accomplished in Resogun I'm hoping this game will be a lot of fun and look amazing.

General Discussion / New Getaway game?
« on: 02:48 PM - 02/25/14 »

Kind of sounds like it. I never played the previous but remember really wanting to and thinking how amazing they looked. Anyone here liked them?

General Discussion / Wolfenstein
« on: 10:45 AM - 02/24/14 »

Game looks better than I expected it to be. Hopefully it doesn't end up being worth it only for the Doom beta.

General Discussion / Final Fantasy XIV beta
« on: 05:09 AM - 02/21/14 »
It's up on PSN, if you don't have a squaresoft account register beforehand.

General Discussion / New Tony Hawk game
« on: 01:08 AM - 02/21/14 »
Rumor is there's a new Tony Hawk game in the making. Once in a while THPS does resurface in my mind and leaves me with the void from not having had a good one in forever. I really hope they they go back to the basics and focus on good map design rather than throwing in a bunch of pointless @#$% you have to collect or messing with the level design yourself or stupid tasks to do.

General Discussion / FFXIV official M&K support
« on: 03:56 PM - 02/12/14 »

Final Fantasy XIV will support M&K on PS4. I'm wondering if this is any M&K or if it's only bluetooth.

General Discussion / Tomb Raider frame rate
« on: 05:02 PM - 01/23/14 »
Does anybody know what fps Definitive Edition is running at?

General Discussion / Winter is coming
« on: 07:29 PM - 01/22/14 »
Man, I really like Don't Starve. Every time I die I'v learned at least 5 things in the process of playing. The longest I've gone so far is 24 days. My goal is to survive the winter without looking at a guide but I feel like I might have to if I don't succeed in the next try.

XIM 4 Discussions / Gamepad with Smart Translators?
« on: 04:18 AM - 01/18/14 »
Will you be able to apply smart translators to gamepads? If so, will you be able to apply them to the gamepad you use for validation or will you need a separate one plugged in?

General Discussion / Vacant HD
« on: 09:22 PM - 01/08/14 »

Was interested until it went emo.

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