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Bought a new controller thinking it was the issue but to no avail. XIM4 has the latest firmware and I have the latest manager on my phone. When I update to the latest firmware it work for about 2 mins before it stop reading the controller. Please help.

XIM 3 Discussions / Mouse Problem
« on: 11:05 AM - 11/25/14 »
So my logitech g500 keeps cutting off, I unplug and plug back in it start working again at first it wasn't that bad. Now its every minute or so that keeps cutting off. I plugged in my battlefield 2142 mouse to check if its the mouse or the xim but it hasn't cut off yet. But funny enough i plugged in the g500 to my laptop and it still hasn't cut off so I don't know what the problem.

Has someone created a Config? Just got the beta Really fun. Also it comes out the 7th.

Configurations and Requests / Mirrors Edge Config please!
« on: 01:00 PM - 08/22/11 »
I'll get on my knees and beg!, can someone cook me up a config!

Configurations and Requests / [Request] The Darkness
« on: 11:01 AM - 03/15/11 »
I would like to play The Darkness with my Xim3 so if anyone got a config please post! Also Left 4 Dead 2 ST works with the Orange Box.

Configurations and Requests / [Request] MOH single player
« on: 05:54 PM - 03/04/11 »
Would love to play Medal of Honor Single player with my xim3, If some can make a Config for g500 Please!

Configurations and Requests / Odd Request
« on: 12:01 PM - 02/18/11 »
Hey while everyone is going crazy with black ops/halo reach...me not so much since i don't own the games. But i would like some configs for a few games that i own and would like to enjoy them with my xim 3...so here are my Request.

Dead Space
The Darkness
Saints Row 2
Medal of Honor (single player)
The Orange Box (maybe left 4 dead 2 smart configs would work????)

XIM 3 Discussions / Older game support
« on: 12:25 PM - 12/27/10 »
I plan on using the Xim3 on more then just Multiplayer games, to be honest on I don't care for COD or Halo. I want to play older singleplayer games like The Darkness,Pray, Saints row 1&2 and Dead Rising. Many of these games have horrible control and hopefully the xim3 can help a little. I really want to play DR1 with the xim3,if you try to use weapons that you have to aim with.. the controls were Right trigger to aim Left stick to move the cursor and x to to shoot its horrible if there someway i can change these controls ill be a happy man!

I saw the trailer and i dont like, why go back to WW2 i liked modern warfare. Infinity Ward did such a good job with cod4...Treyarch...yuck. they did a bad job with COD3. WHY!


I just wanted to know because im a curious fellow  ::)

Since i don't own a xim and i've been waiting for his brother for a few months now.
I started to get few things for his arrival to make him feel at home. A new 22" Monitor,
Razer Tarantula,Razer DeathAdder and a New Graphic card so i can have Dual Monitors
 so i can Play Xbox on one and change Configs on the Fly on the other.

New Monitor = $230

Mouse And Keyboard= $120

XIM2 = ?

Pawing NOOBs! = Priceless

Configurations and Requests / No DeathAdder support?
« on: 03:18 AM - 05/21/08 »
Will there be configs for the Razer DeathAdder? Or will any of these configs work with the DA? ???

Configurations and Requests / guitar hero
« on: 08:15 AM - 05/12/08 »
Is there a BOT program that i can use with xim? Automatically play the songs...this is solely for achievement gaining......plz dont think of me dirty cheater!!!..lol...i suck on guitar hero.

Configurations and Requests / Mass Effect?
« on: 01:42 PM - 04/28/08 »
anyone got any idea if this would work with xim and future xim2?....and the special abilities how would you be able to map those on a key?

General Discussion / Headset help
« on: 02:36 PM - 04/15/08 »
Just to start im not asking how do i connect wired headset to xim....i dont own xim..but i will be a proud
owner of a xim2 when it comes out..

Ok to my question.

I want to use a headset which channels the audio of the game&voice..and has a mic...so today i bought.
a pair of $30 logitech headphone..a 2.5mm>3.5 mm adapter..so i connected the the mic to the controller
and the headphone part thur the xbox..i can hear audio and voice but the @#$% mic wont work...ugh....i
want to play in peace in  my room without disturb anyone in my household...any idea? i dont feel like
spenting +$45 for a pair headphone made fo xbox.

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