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Xbox / Team SWAT on Halo MCC
« on: 02:06 PM - 07/28/15 »
I've been going pretty hard today and wanted to see if someone would like to join in on the fun  :)

Well they were right. This happened two times in one match I couldn't help but share this ahahaha

First time

The next time

All using Halo 4 MCC translator very basic quick setup.

General Discussion / Faster reload COD : AW
« on: 11:28 PM - 11/04/14 »
So curious me randomly decides to go into the little help snap screen and look at the controls for the game. And I find (x,x) Faster reload MP only. Am I just a noob at CODs or what the french it really is a faster reload in MP for just double tapping the reload button.

Whenever I have the controller plugged into the xbone with any usb the mic the thing goes crazy. Anyone have any ideas? When wireless the mic works completely fine.

Configurations and Requests / Gears of War Uno.
« on: 03:16 PM - 03/04/11 »
I would love to know if anyone already has configs for this or would pleaaaase create one. Appreciate any help (: I have a XIM3, and am quite lost when it comes to perfectly the standard translator configs.

General Discussion / AP Calculus fun fun fun.
« on: 06:50 PM - 12/11/10 »
Had to be at the school doing 6 hours worth of work and lessons for an AP session of Calculus. And now posting on the forums  from my phone while on break at work. :)

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