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My set up worked perfectly from day one.  But lately it suddenly has had a lot of problems with the Mouse disconnecting and also the Sony Nav controller.  I updated the firmware and it still happens.

Also, it has great difficulty even turning on the controller.  The XIM Apex powers on fine, and can be configured by the app, but any accessory and the controller don't respond at all.  I have to keep unplugging and plugging in to get it to work.
I've tried different cables, but it still has the same problem eventually.


My XBone Controller keeps turning off for some reason.  It happens a lot.  The light goes out, but the XIM4 is still up and running.  I have to unplug and plug the MicroUSB connection in the back of the XIM4 for it to reconnect.  I have tried the controller with and without the battery, it makes no difference.

I am using the stock XBOne MicroUSB cable that worked fine with the XIM4E .

So far no good.  I either can't pair to my XIM4 "Couldn't pair with XIM4 because of an incorrect PIN or passkey."

Or I can pair finally and then I can't get XIM Manager on Android (on my Nexus 5) to connect.  "Connect failure (read failed, socket might closed or timeout, read ret: -1)[-1]"

Using a XBOne controller Chat adapter (I soldered a 2.5mm plug to the headset wire) Chat works great.  No loud hum, buzz, or static noise from a ground loop.  I've tried it both wired and wireless, and have had no problems.

With the XIM4E, it causes really loud static noise caused by a ground loop.

Please tell me the XIM4 will not have this nasty ground loop.  It would make it completely unusable for anyone using headphone and headset based sound like Turtle Beach and Astro headsets.

It's been mentioned several times before that the XIM3 / Edge had the capabilities to also be used for other joysticks/flightsticks, and Steering Wheels.

I'm pretty pissed that M$ Boned all Fanatec Wheel owners by having Thrustmaster be the only approved vendor for the XBOne.  F that.  I'm not buying another expensive set up, especially an inferior one.

Would really love it if the next gen XIM would include Steering Wheel support like Fanatec wheels for the 360.  I know wireless support won't work, but it does have a wired USB connection and works for PC.

Configurations and Requests / Halo Anniversary Config?
« on: 10:03 PM - 11/15/11 »
Well, Reach does not work well, completely different, but that was expected.

Anyone else have luck with other settings?  Guess I'll have to check out the other Halo ST's.

Lowest price by far.  In fact it's the same price as the regular version, so it could be a price mistake.  Get your order in quick!  (regular version lacks grippy coating, tension adjustments, light up buttons, and nylon braided cable.).



Would it be possible to use another wired XBox controller as a "joystick" and then map all the buttons from the host controller to it?

I know it's redundant, but it's a way to be able to get Secondary Mouse Settings triggered, while using an XBox controller.

Hardware Compatibility / Bluetooth Dongle support?
« on: 03:33 PM - 03/26/11 »
Would it be possible to support a Bluetooth dongle like those little mini ones and have it work with the Playstation Navigation controller?   

Or is it not possible to have the XIM3 do bluetooth pairing with it's firmware?

Just a thought for a future firmware feature.


Smart Translators / Suggestion for XIM3 Flash utility.
« on: 10:38 PM - 02/21/11 »
Unless I'm missing something, updating and swapping ST's are quite the chore, where you have to do one at a time, then restart the flash utility.

I'd recommend a new interface for Smart Translator flashing.  One where there's a Left column showing the Installed ST's, and a Right column showing available ST's.  Perhaps with Check boxes next to them, so you can check off the ones you want to delete from the XIM3, and the ones you want to add on the right column.

Would make it much easier to update Smart Translators, especially with the latest Beta drop where all the COD ST's were updated.


It sends out constant low level static all the time.  Didn't have this problem with the XIM2. 

Possible ground loop?



Mist4fun's right.

And it's an OFFICIAL MS Controller.  I tried it with just the controllers both my new Black MS Controller (the new one with glossy black bottom and black analog sticks), and my XIM2 plugged directly into my 360, nothing else.

LOL, I forgot to do a "control" test.

« on: 12:40 PM - 02/15/11 »
Thought I'd post another eBay XIM3 thread since there are so many.  But I have to say this statement.


It's not illegal or against eBay policy to resell legally purchased items as an individual.

Reselling the XIM3 is NOT Copyright Infringement or Patent Infringement.  Reverse engineering the XIM3 or  cracking the software/firmware is Copyright infringement.  Naming a product similar to it and calling it "XIM" or "XIM3" is Trademark Infringement.  Look up the legal definitions, it's all there.

It's against eBay policy to make fraudulant bids.  It's illegal to buy it now and not pay for a fixed price item.  eBay at it's discretion (and we know how inconsistent they are) can go after you for non-payment and can involve a collections agency, which will be a negative hit on your credit history.

Sure it was funny being a vigilante and venting your frustration at eBay's expense, but in the end it's a waste of time for everyone.

So stop posting about XIM3 eBay auctions here, you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.  OBsIV and the mods here have better things to do, like working on the XIM3, it's sales, and shipping. 

So back to the ranting....

XIM 3 Discussions / XIM3 Carring Case and screen protector
« on: 03:11 AM - 02/14/11 »
Would be nice to have an official XIM3 Carrying Case in the future.  Be it a nylon case, with rigid side to protect LCD window.  Or a hard case.

In the meantime, please post links, pics, etc to what you're using to carry/store your XIM3 with.

Also, would be great to have a custom cut screen protector (covering the entire clear LCD window cover, not just the square LCD area.)

Since it's not touch screen, it would be possible to cut a 3M protective film and trim it to size once applied.

Is the store set up to detect multiple orders to the same address, but with different accounts?

I'm sure there are scenarios where several people have the same mailing address (college dorms, roommates, family members, etc.).

I guess tracking by Credit Card info would be the most simple way to prevent a large number of dulplicate orders.  But I suppose someone can just use multiple credit cards, but it would still limit how many a single person could order.

I suppose it won't stop people from reselling theirs at a later date, it's their right, but I guess that's where the non-transferable warranty comes into place.

Oh, and speaking of warranties, I think it's better to go by either, original purchaser OR whomever registers it with XIM Technologies, Inc.  as there may be people buying one as a gift in the future.


For the Beta Testers and Lucky few, please post vids from your COD Black Ops Pwnage sessions.

Will be a nice way to entertain and pass the time while waiting for the store to open.  Use up Youtube's Bandwidth more than here too.  Time spend admiring, is less time pressing F5 repeatedly.  ;)

I don't have a XIM3 yet, just a XIM2, but here's a vid of mine on a decent game, not my best, but decent, given that the lag was not entirely in my favor.



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