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XIM 4 Discussions / 1 Keyboard and 1 mouse
« on: 09:47 PM - 02/04/17 »
So I know there are people who have used a set up so their mouse and keyboard can be used with the XIM 4 and their PC with a switch.

I am wanting to set up my PC and consoles the same way. Can anyone link the switch they use and include a diagram or detailed description of how this should be wired?

Also I need to use a powered USB 2.0 hub due to using an Astro MixAmp and there being a buzz due to power draw issues so the diagram needs to include this as well for the USB 2.0 to the XIM4.

Anyone able to help out?

XIM 4 Discussions / XIM4 with Astro A40's and Razer
« on: 01:31 PM - 09/29/16 »
OK so I have seen a few posts regarding sound buzzing issues with Astro A40's and the XIM4.
Most of these issues were solved with a few cables or simply changing audio. I have tried all methods and still get a buzzing sound.

What makes this even more annoying is it only happens when I have my back lighting turned on through my keyboard OR when I use the Elgato Chat Cable to capture party chat.

Below is my set up and maybe someone could help me out?
I have not tired Ground Isolators or Diffusers but have heard those would work. Also running power from the XIM through the USB on my console and a USB wall outlet but what cable do I need to do this and where can I buy one?

XB1>Optical Audio Cable to Astro MixAmp Pro>USB power to USB 3.0 on PC (So I have console and PC audio)
XIM4>XB1 rear USB Port (Have tried all ports available)
Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2014>XIM4
Razer Taipian>XIM4
XB1 Micro-USB cable>XIM4>Controller
XB1 Chat Adapter>XB1 Controller
Chat Cable>Chat Adapter>Astro MixAmp
ElGato Chat Cable>Astro MixAmp>ElGato HD60
Astro A40>Elgato Chat Cable>Astro MixAmp

Any thoughts?

OK, so I recently got my XIM4 in and when setting it up, setting a config, pluging it in, going into game I have chat audio in my headphones and my mic does not transmit. I am set up like this: Xbox One>HDMI>elgato>hdmi>TV and then my Astro a 40s are Optical Cable>Xbox One> USB power>PC>headset into mixamp> chat cable>XB1 Chat adapter>XB1 Controller>wired>Xim4. Is there something I am missing or what? I know when I was using the XIM Edge I had this problem with COD BO2 but switching to a different COD config fixed it. Anyone have any ideas?

XIM EDGE Discussions / Black Ops 2 Config
« on: 10:22 PM - 02/08/13 »
Hey I am new to using the XIM, had it less then 24 hours in fact. I am using a Logitech G9x mouse with a Razer Black Widow Ultimate keyboard. I have set my hip/ads sensitivity in game and in the Config editor but it still feels slow for me. I have my DPI maxed out to 5700 and my report rates set to 1000 on the mouse. I was wondering if anyone on this forums has a Logitech G9x and is playing Black Ops 2 could maybe recommend some sensitivity settings so I don't feel so sluggish. It seems that if I set it to high then the report of the XIM edge flashes red for exceeding the game capabilities. Any suggestions?

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