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Hey, recently purchased an XIME and was wondering if it was possible to set a games ADS ST as the hip translator in a particular config like you could with the XIM3? I can't figure out how to do this through the manager.

Also, is it possible to customize the YX ratio? I was thinking you could do this through the ballistics editor, but then that would also effect the horizontal speed as well. Please correct if I'm mistaken.


Update: Not possible with the XIME, but is with the XIM4E firmware.

Some of you may be aware that the GoW3 Beta is scheduled for release next month. In the past day, plenty of new footage has been released. In one of the videos you can see that the sensitivity options have changed to something that now resembles the CoD series. You have your hip fire, ADS, and Zoom sensitivity now on a scale of 1 - 10, rather than on a scale of low - high. This change looks very promising.

With regards to a ST for the GoW3 Beta, I don't think this will be possible since only public matchmaking will be available. This will all be done through Epic's new addition of dedicated servers.

For configs, we have three options:

1. Use the present GoW2 ST. Look mechanics are very similar throughout the series thus far, so they may be the same for the third installment as well.
2. With Bullet Storm and GoW3 both using the latest UE(different development team though), the look mechanic between the two may be similar(Unlikely). Use the Bullet Storm ST when it's released - hopefully before April 18th.
3. Hopefully not the case, but create a "standard" config.

If you haven't already, please head over to the download section and update to the latest firmware. Share you opinions and any bugs you happen to find in this thread.

Direct Download: Flash Drop 20110220-BETA

Release Notes

XIM 3 Discussions / Reintroduce Paypal Option Temporarily
« on: 03:32 PM - 02/14/11 »
Since international shipping will be excluded until the current issues are resolved, would it be possible to include paypal as a payment option for the time being? This will be useful for those international customers who decide to use a reshipping service or have a friend as the primary recipient.

General Discussion / I love this place.
« on: 07:19 PM - 02/07/11 »
I feel like I'm in the movie 300 where I'm stacked against the greatest of odds. I am enticed by such a challenge and as such, my level of adrenaline begins to rapidly increase. I envision thousands upon thousands of trolls climbing onto the arc of my spine, as I continue the onslaught within the bowels of hell. This is the reason I shall never be defeated, and never will I surrender. I will not lay dormant at the hands of the opposition. I cannot, and will not let the rise of such evil infect the seldom souls of good that still remain.

Wait, Is this real life?

Technical Support / Constant Mic Static
« on: 08:13 PM - 09/18/10 »
I've had my xim2(R5) since ~10/20/08 and today when I turned my xbox on, I noticed that my mic was constantly on. To my knowledge, there is no known solution for this particular issue yet. Since I purchased my xim2 from derek directly, what would I have to do to become eligible for a repair? Thanks.

EDIT: I should also say that I've tried the same mic on multiple controllers without any issues.

General Discussion / Duplicate Thread
« on: 12:56 PM - 07/28/10 »
Please omit.


Final member has been selected.

Final member has been selected.

because certain people are pissy when you start talking about macro's despite the fact that they're already cheating by using an xim

I've been absent from the scene for awhile and I'm embarrassed not only for those who feel it necessary to cheat, but for the community as whole. More importantly, I feel guilty and saddened that we may have disappointed the main developers of the XIM team. Obsiv and Derektm created this brilliant piece of technology without the intended purpose of macro abuse.

I would have never imagined that someone who not only has the privilege of using a mouse and keyboard on a console, also feels the need to exploit specific game mechanics, through the means of macros. I'm literally laughing at anyone who needs this type of advantage to even be considered "mediocre" at games of the shooting genre. Wow, it's quite pathetic at how bad you must be at video games. If you lack such raw talent, skill, and gaming INTELLIGENCE, then why even bother playing in the first place? And if it was solely for recreational purposes you wouldn't be going out of your way to use macros; simply for the fact that you wouldn't care.

I write this not in hopes of persuading one to change his outlook on cheating, but to defend what I believe to be morally correct. That is, to protect the reputation of the XIM team and cheating virgins amongst the community. Once again, thank you Obsiv, Derek, OMGsus, and although it was never official, I certainly consider nickstudy one of the select few as well.

Now, if you want to continue to cheat, by all means do so, as I will seldom become another victim of your macro indulging advantage. I say this with unbelievable confidence: I am the most skillful mouse and keyboard user on the Xbox 360. Having doubts? Well I also have an overwhelming list of achievements to strongly fortify that statement. Who else has received money by winning online tournaments? Who else has placed number one in both GoW and GoW2 seasons? Not to mention my CEVO payments from CoD4. I've easily earned over $1000 USD from my winnings alone. That's enough to buy about 5 XIM2's. Who do I have to thank for all this? The developers. You see, I actually appreciate their hard work and dedication, so much, that I would never even think about going against them. Anyways, with that said, I look forward to personally embarrassing anyone who I come across who feels the desire to cheat. I do this on behalf of the developers and the ones opposed to cheating.

And now directly to toysrme.

I decided to quote you, not because I felt threatened or intimidated. In fact, I actually felt the complete opposite. I saw it as the perfect opportunity to share my opinion with the community, and to express my displeasure, whether it is welcomed or not.

Technical Support / Errors occuring frequently mid-game
« on: 05:17 PM - 01/06/09 »
I'm not sure what the problem may be, but when I'm using the XIM360 software I get errors: 402 and 401. This occurs so frequently that in the span of 30 minutes I may receive such errors 2-3 times. To correct the problem I normally just unplug and replug the XIM360 USB cord back into the computer and restart the XIM software. Is there anything that may be causing this problem? Thanks for the help.

PS: I notice this mainly happens when I'm pressing too many keys simultaneously on the keyboard.

Configurations and Requests / XIM2: Gears of War
« on: 04:23 PM - 10/23/08 »
This is my first configuration for any XIM device so bare with me.

I started by using Nickstudies GOW config as a template (THANKS BRO). After an hour of testing I finally came up with something that felt good, but still needs to be tweaked. Let me know what you guys think.

Mouse G5 at 2000 dpi
Refresh rate 55
Deadzone size 10052
Deadzone type square
XY 2.0
Translation .395
Sensitivity Primary 3750
Sensitivity Secondary 1900
Diagonal Dampen .4
Smoothness 0.025

General Discussion / XFPS makers to steal XIM2 mechanics
« on: 04:41 PM - 03/23/08 »
I thought about this the other day, that is, what if the makers of XFPS stole the XIM2 in its entirety, and decided to sell it as one of their own products. What legal stances can Obvis and Derektm take to prevent this from ever occurring? It is possible after all, with all the money they will be loosing and so forth.

General Discussion / Gears of war + XIM
« on: 09:23 PM - 02/18/08 »
I am big Gears of War fan and spend 99% of my time on xbox 360 playing that game. I was wondering if any of you guys have tried Gears of War with XIM and how does it perform compared to a FPS on the computer(after tweaking).

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