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XIM Link / Controller plugged into pc instead of xim
« on: 06:21 PM - 02/03/19 »
This might sound silly but would it ever be possible to have the controller connected to the pc instead of xim apex with the xim link so I could stop using the apex hub and have a single usb transfer cable going from the pc to the apex.
would make things cleaner if possible

XIM APEX Discussions / 4K Monitor = Different Sens ?
« on: 05:34 PM - 02/02/19 »
Hi I have a 28" ASUS VP28UQG 4K Monitor and one thing I've noticed is when I game with the xim apex the sense feels off kinda floaty or delayed in 4k mode on my PS4 Pro.
When I set the ps4 res to 1080p everything seems fine no issues.

The games I've tried are battlefield 5 and rainbow 6.
I use the xim apex with the xim link with everything set to 1000hz. mouse is set to 12k dpi (Steelseries Rival 600 Mouse + Steelseries Apex M750 TKL Keyboard)

Anyway my question is does the res cause input lag with the xim or do I need a different sens for 4k output

Hardware Compatibility / CM Quickfire TK Numlock
« on: 05:42 PM - 04/16/17 »
Hi my quickfire tk works perfect but I can't seem to disable numlock which means I can't bind the directional keys. the issue is with numlock enabled the left key acts as numpad 0 and the down key acts as numpad 00 essentially the same as you clicking numpad 0 twice.

Game Support / Drawn to Death
« on: 05:38 PM - 04/04/17 »
Hi this game just released on playstation plus for free just wondering if mist4fun will have a look at training it ?

Beta / Xim 4 Manager Windows Phone
« on: 06:28 PM - 08/31/15 »
Hi just wondering when we will see the xim manager on windows phone since ios is now released. thanks

Game Support / APB: Reloaded
« on: 04:09 PM - 04/21/15 »
Hi I've read that APB: Reloaded is coming to PS4 and XBONE within the next few months just wondering if there is a chance this game will get looked at for a config

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