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Feedback / 7 Years in the Making!
« on: 05:27 PM - 10/26/14 »
I've been around since the original XIM back in 2007. I remember shelling out what little money I had so I could use it to play CoD:MW on my 360. It was a fun to use -- although I needed my laptop to play at all times -- and remember having fun with it through many late nights/early mornings. However, I skipped Xim360 since it was a bit pricey. But when console gaming beckoned my soul, I returned for XIM3. All these versions were good, but not exactly a PC gaming experience. I settled for them since they were the only real option for playing with a mouse and k/b setup and they were a good option overall.

With that, XIM4 is so much an culmination of all these versions. It is freaking amazing! I recently purchased the latest iteration with a bit of skepticism. When I read 1 to 1 and saw the videos, I had to give it a try although I didn't want to get my hopes up too high. As much as I am a PC gamer, most of my friends play on consoles. So here I was once again purchasing the latest iteration of XIM.

After using it in BF4 and CoD on my PS4 this past weekend, all I can say is well done! This truly feels like a PC experience on a console. I finally felt in control rather than over or undershooting my target using a controller. This just feels right. And the integration of using an android device to configure everything is just uber awesome. It makes it so much easier to adjust the settings. Much easier than the first XIM for sure.

It is amazing to see how far XIM has come over the years. I am so happy to see it still flourishing and becoming 100 times better with each iteration. So thank you all who have been working on it for almost a decade. And I know I will continue to support you all.

Cheers and thanks!

Just to let you all know, if you have a PS3, 8 bucks, and XIM, you are in for a treat. Since my Xbox went to the infamous MS Repair Center in the sky, I was left with no friend for my XIM. Since most of my shooter purchases are on the Xbox and PC, I had nothing to do but stare and smell my wonderful new XIM.

But lo and behold, I found out about the $8 shooter Modern Combat and boy is it fun. And with XIM, it made killing a breeze. Enough so that in only my third game I was tops at the end of a game.

So if you have a PS3, XIM, and 8 bones, go and try the game. Oh yeah, the game does have a demo to get you going -- although you can't play offline until you purchase it which sucks when you are trying to get XIM configured. Nevertheless, it is definitely worth the dough. Enjoy!

General Discussion / Xbox 360 RIP
« on: 10:16 PM - 02/16/11 »
So excited having my XIM 3 that I purchased CoD:BO for it and was about to get all the map packs for MW2. But alas, the dreaded 3-rings of death crept up and took the life of my Xbox. Now my XIM will be collecting dust and only come out to play various PS3 games until my 360 is resurrected by the Microsoft Repair Center. Oh may you rest in peace for the fourth time my 360. Oh the quality. Puts the pyramids of giza to shame.  >:(

Configurations and Requests / Editing Config Name
« on: 04:16 PM - 02/13/11 »
I added a config by copying one so I wouldn't lose my G13 settings. But my question is how do you rename a config/smart translator? I have already two MW2 copies and would like to rename them to what game they actually are for -- I just don't know how! lol

Feedback / XIM3 Impressions / Reviews ...
« on: 10:56 PM - 02/07/11 »
Please post your reviews here. If you would like to discuss reviews please CLICK HERE. Thanks

I thought I'd start a first impressions thread regarding XIM3 since mine came in today. So here it goes...

XIM3 is FREAKIN' AMAZING!!! I can't believe how smooth it is! I had the original XIM back in '07. I loved it but it didn't seem exactly there. XIM 2 I skipped out on because at the time I wasn't gaming as often and could not justify the cost. But when I heard about XIM3 I was once again intrigued and excited to jump back in. And when I heard that it would finally get rid of having to have my PC close, I was sold. 

But if you have reservations, don't. XIM3 is amazing and feels for me exactly like a PC movement. I played MW2 this evening and boy was it great getting those 14-year olds back. I posted a very good score unlike my previous controller k/d -- which made me quit playing consoles mp for a while after hearing the kids complain about my play.

Great job OBsiv on this fantastic product. This is perfection. Keep up the great work and like others have said, I hope this makes you rich! Man, you deserve it!

General Discussion / SOCOM beta anyone?
« on: 08:04 PM - 09/08/08 »
Well I should be getting my beta entry this friday via qore, but has anyone besides me going to or already has tried the socom beta using XIM? Just wondering

Support / XAE Problem Registering DLLs
« on: 02:03 PM - 07/03/08 »
Having trouble registering .dll files on Windows Vista 64-bit. Tried manually registering them, but it was to no avail.

Anyway, thanks.

UPDATE:I found out that it is a registry allowance related issue. I did a regedit and allowed permissions for various folders. Now I can get one out of the two to register -- the mss?.dll one. But the dx7vb.dll is still not registering. Anyone know where the heck this registry line or folder is so I can tell Vista to allow it? Thanks.

General Discussion / Pressure Sensitive Buttons and XIM
« on: 05:15 AM - 04/18/08 »
I was playing SOCOM on the PS3 last night using XIM. I wanted to see if PS2 games can be used with XIM and it was a success.

But the only problem I had was that the triangle button is pressure sensitive in order to crouch (it allows for standing and going prone as well). So when I hit the button to try and crouch, I either stood up or went prone. It was either-or and did not allow me to crouch because of the pressure sensitivity.

Therefore, my question is: Can this pressure sensitivity be simulated and/or adjusted through XIM? Thanks.

For me, the MX518 has been the perfect mouse for XIM. I have used both the Copperhead and Death Adder and both did not feel as good as MX518 does with XIM. Don't get me wrong. I love my Death Adder for my PC gaming experience. For me, it can't be beat -- maybe the G9, but I don't have enough money to take it for a spin, lol. But for XIM, it just doesn't feel the same. This is because the Adder feels laggy and has a controller-type acceleration. On my MX518, this is not the case. It has more of a PC movement feel. I think this maybe happening because of logitech's drivers. Maybe they work better with XIM.

What do you all think? Would like feedback as to your own mouse experiences with XIM. God bless.

General Discussion / Windows Mouse Settings
« on: 11:51 AM - 04/08/08 »
What are you guys using for your Windows mouse settings -- i.e. do you have "Enhance Pointer Precision" onand what is your pointer speed?

And if you have a Razer mouse (I have the Death Adder), what are you using for driver settings?


General Discussion / Warhawk Config?
« on: 04:07 PM - 04/03/08 »
Just wondering whether anyone had a doable config for this game.

God bless.

Configurations and Requests / [PS3] Warhawk?
« on: 05:34 AM - 04/03/08 »
Anyone have one for this game? Just wondering.

God bless.

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