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Tutorials / Building XIM Hardware without soldering
« on: 06:19 AM - 03/09/10 »
I am surprised there is no hint how to build a XIM without soldering, at least the search function didn`t show me anything.

Have a look at these, and you probably already know how it works.

Because i couldn`t wait to get my XIM working when the Toolstick arrived i bought some of those connectors without knowing the exact size of the connector-holes at the daughtercard. So by guessing i bought the wrong size with 0,75mm˛ but i managed to make them fit with a gripper ^^
I am pretty sure if you can find some with 0,5mm˛ they will fit well.
I used a cutted cable from a PS2 Dualschock Controller and so far my XIM is working perfect at 62 updates with a Logic3 Converter.

I also noticed the blank wires of a controller cable can break very easy, this is another advantage of this solution. If the wires break for any reason you just have to add a new connector and stick it back to the daugthercard.

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