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XIM MATRIX Discussions / The next drop?
« on: 05:42 AM - 07/10/23 »
Is there a thread keeping up with the store drops.

Can you bind wasd to a secondary button? I am wanting to bin s and Xbox A button to the same key for some mercy movement tech in overwatch 2. This will fling mercy backwards if done during her guardian angel. Itís good for getting closer to someone who needs healing then backing out. I can do this manually but one button would be nice.

Ö. And there is a ps5 translator. I am actually happy despite. Will we be getting a returnal translator? Please?

I was watching the xim central channel trying to figure out how to make a rapid fire smart action and I realized my app just doesn't have the option. I can go to advanced mode and go to the buttons but I have no plus to create anything and I can see nothing that even references a smart action. I updated my firmware a couple of weeks ago and I am on IOS

XIM APEX Discussions / Can we get a returnal translator.
« on: 01:02 AM - 07/25/22 »
Is the apex dead now? This forum seems to be. If anyone has got a config there using let me know. I tried cod and itís a zigzag.

I tried some ps5 games:
Demon Souls
Astros playroom
Final fantasy remake
Miles morales
Crash 4
 Öall work

Ghost of tushima
Ö no luck

I was wanting to use it and not buy a ps4 controller to play some old ps4 games with apex on ps5.

XIM APEX Discussions / To beloader or not
« on: 10:02 PM - 06/29/22 »
I was thinking about getting one but I play multiplayer on Xbox. I am in no hurry. I was thinking this functionality will probably be in the next XIM anyway. I will probably buy the next XIM even if itís not a big update.

Just got a ps5. Wanting to use my series x stuff to work on both consoles. Thanks

? thanks

Game Support / Elden Ring support please!
« on: 03:37 AM - 03/01/22 »
PC players dominate the pvp. I would like a st just did pvp purposes if the camera will allow it on console.

After getting a config from obs for infinite I realized I was doing it wrong. We need more config code sharing for us noobs. You think itís easy but it took me two days and reading a couple of posts to realize I was holding the controller wrong. 😁😁😁

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Did my order go through?
« on: 07:59 PM - 02/13/22 »
I placed it Friday night. I checked today to see if there is any progress and itís not listed in my orders past orders. The only record I can find is an authorization from PayPal. Did I miss something? I ordered from XIM store under [email protected]

Game Support / Can we get an ETA on Hell let loose?
« on: 11:54 AM - 10/17/21 »
I know lots of games are coming out but I donít know whatís out that hasnít been covered other than back 4 blood. I think this is a fairly popular fps for console and not one you can copy paste a game from the same engine.

Are we going to get Hell let loose support?

I would make one and sell it if I had the manufacturing knowledge. We have all these 120hz consoles and high refresh rate DisplayPort monitors and no compatibility. I could spend 600$ for a new monitor but I think itís stupid. Most of the time I use my 2.1 lg oled but I would like at times to sit at the desk and use my monitor and XIM link but I donít want to use the 60hz hdmi port. I also would like to use my new laptop with hdmi 2.1 out with my monitor but again same problem. It seems like the market would be big for a product like this.

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