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I have two DS4 V2s and they both work, but fit whatever reason I'm not getting them to be recognized by xim thus I can't remote play.

Any suggestions? I'm so close and I know it but somethings off.

I was just wondering if anything new has been discovered since last. I know we needed a DS4 V2 to run remote play on PS5. I guess what I'm asking is, do I need to buy another one of the same type?

Also my mouse doesn't seem to want to light up when my xim is plugged in and powered on.

Is there someone skilled enough in electronics that I could send it to them for repair? Is it even repairable? Just wondering aloud before I pay way over regular price and buy a new one. Any suggestions on preferred sellers since I know Obsiv isn't selling any currently.

Just randomly happened today after years of use. My apex isn't lighting up when I power everything on. I tried plugging it in various places to get juice going into it but nothing. I tried holding down the button as I plugged the Apex into my laptop but no blue light, nothing.

I believe the correction is to use a powered usb hub. I just want to know in what plug in order so I connect everything if I'm using a powered usb hub instead of the xim hub provided with the apex.

My Edge has been going long & strong for very long now.

Recently while playing BF1 on my PS4 Pro my Mouse and or my Sony Nav will lose connection to my Edge.

What'll happen is I'm running about the map in conquest and my soldier will start running in circles, or just forward, or just look up into the sky or down into the ground lol.

My fix is to unplug my Edge then replug it into my console then let the edge cycle thru till it powers up properly. Then I hit the PS button on my connected DS4 (original PS4 DS4 not my Pro version) and everything works again.

It happens multiple times every conquest match and is annoying. It used to happen infrequently in the past (very rarely) and people told me I needed a powered USB multiple port to go thru so my wired mouse and Sony nav wouldn't draw so much from the Edge. I have that.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

General Discussion / Tapatalk no longer working?
« on: 06:35 AM - 11/12/15 »
Tapatalk keeps pushing notifications thru on my phone when threads I've subscribed to have a new post but when I try to go I just get a never ending spinning circle.

I back out and try to go in the threads thru Tapatalk and it asks me to sign in. I do that and I get an error.

Anyone else having these issues?

Game Support / War Thunder PS4
« on: 10:08 AM - 06/15/14 »
If there is a thread for this game then by all means delete or merge mine because I couldn't find it.

I know there isn't an ST for this game but I'd like to know which existing one works best.

Haven't tried native mouse and kb because I use the Sony nav.



Sony set to reveal PS4 virtual reality headset at GDC 2014
Exclusive Take that, Titanfall

Rumours of Sony's PS4 virtual reality headset have been running rife since last year, but now an inside source has told TechRadar that they've spent some time with the helmet behind closed doors - and it's almost ready to be revealed.

Our confidential tipster said that they were impressed with the quality of Sony's Oculus Rift competitor. "The quality and resolution are really, really good," they said. "People will definitely be impressed with what Sony's built".

They also told us that they understand Sony plans to announce the headset at GDC 2014, which kicks off in San Francisco on March 17.

Virtually just around the corner

With rumours that Sony might show off some VR games at E3, it makes sense for it to unveil the headset beforehand and keep Las Vegas focused on the software.

Talk of Sony's headset surfaced last year with word that we'd see it unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show, something that never materialised.

Our source told us that "Sony has deliberately taken its time to tweak and polish the headset before revealing it", rather than taking Oculus's approach of releasing the Rift to developers in stages.

Oculus Rift recently told TechRadar that it saw the PS4 and Xbox One as too limited for its headset, so it's good timing for Sony to swoop in and give console gamers a dose of virtual reality.

We approached Sony regarding this story, but it refused to comment.

Game Support / I need a BF4 setup closest to my BO2 setup
« on: 07:50 AM - 02/05/14 »
I just made this thread and it vanished so here we go again.

The only ST I've ever used on my Edge was for BO2 and I was wondering if anyone could help me.

I need a little walk-through as far as changing it all from BO2 to BF4, I want the same button placement I'm used to. I just don't remember how to go about changing it from BO2 to BF4 (I updated the Edge and have the BF4 config).

I basically want it to look exactly like this but for BF4...

Maybe I'm over thinking this, I know I need to connect the Edge to my PC and go into the setup, but I seriously don't remember how to switch it to the BF4 ST config screen so I can make it my default now instead of BO2.

I apologize in advance if this sounds lame, just wanted a little refresher lol.

PlayStation / PS1/PS2 Games Coming to PS4 Via Emulation
« on: 02:39 PM - 01/28/14 »
Report: PS1/PS2 Games Coming to PS4 Via Emulation

A report coming from Eurogamer suggests that Sony will bring over PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 games to the newly released PlayStation 4. The new-gen console isn't equipped to handle backwards compatibility and the report says that it won't be using the recently announced PlayStation Now streaming service, instead opting for emulation.

According to Eurogamer's "well-placed source," Sony is looking to bring older titles to the PS4 via emulation similar to how it brought PS1 games to the PlayStation 3/Vita and PS2 games to the PS3 using software emulation and PSN. Except in this case, the legacy titles may look even better by running the game in HD native resolution, Eurogamer suggests.

"Assuming this intention carries through to final code, we'll be seeing an effect similar to the resolution scaling seen on unofficial PC emulation of Sony's consoles, as well as a great many of the 'HD remasters' we saw on PS3 where original assets were rendered at a higher resolution, often without any actual remastering at all."

PlayStation Now will initially stream PS3 games with PS2 and PS1 games down the line. It'll be interesting to see if Sony will indeed use emulation to cater to the core PS4 audience as emulation should offer a better gaming experience over a cloud streaming solution.

Source: Eurogamer



Correct me if I'm wrong but the edge works on the PS3 as well as the 360 right?

I've only ever used my Edge on my 360 so that's why I'm asking this rather pathetic (on my part) question.

I really haven't touched any of the configuration aspects of my Edge since first connecting it to my pc long ago. So I really don't remember what was needed to switch it over to playing a PS3 game (in this instance I'm going to give Dust 514 a try).

Do I just disconnect it from my 360 where I have it set up now and connect it to my PS3 and that's it?

I could have sworn I had to go into my pc with it first and pick a PS3 compatible config first, then connect it to my PS3. Sorry but I am rather terrible at these things and I've grown accustomed to just turning on my 360 and playing games using the Edge without having to set up or config anything.

My BO2 set up seemingly worked quite well for almost every game I've played on my 360 using it, so I was wondering what would be a good "all around" config (maybe one that's already on their once I connect it to my pc)?

My instinct is to just disconnect it from my 360 and connect it to my pc but I want to hear from a fellow Ximmer first before I do so and eventually knowing me I'm going to mess something up.

XIM EDGE Discussions / Call of Duty Circus
« on: 08:44 AM - 01/08/13 »
Sorry if this has already been posted or if I posted it in the wrong section.

I found it pretty hilarious.

Do I connect the mouse and nav to the edge after I've connected it to my pc?

Or do I connect them to the pc directly? Not even sure if my pc would recognize my nav.

Kinda confused as to how to do this properly, I tried binding buttons in game but I found it extremely confusing.

Any help would be appreciated here, trying to finish setting it up right so I can play a bit tonight.

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