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XIM 1 Discussions / MW2 and BC2 >>left arrow problem<<
« on: 11:55 AM - 07/05/10 »
Hi guys, need your help.

My problem is when im playing Battlefield BC2 or CoDMW2 on the ps3, evertime the left arrow will automatically activated so i switch unintentionaly to grenadelauncher. Rumble is disabled so whats the problem?

By the side i using the Logic3 adapter.

Sry my bad english  ;)

XIM 1 Discussions / PS3 Bad Company error??
« on: 03:21 PM - 02/16/10 »
Hey guys

i tried play Bad Company on the Ps3 today. It works fine but if i shoot i simultaneously run in the right direction?

Is this a software error??

Sry my bad english ^^

Playstation / PS3 XIM doesnt work
« on: 10:36 AM - 02/15/10 »
Ho guys

I build my XIM for my PS3 today, i flash it but now the XIM does not connect to the PS3

I have the Logic3 Adapter, Windows XP SP3 32Bit.

I tried it on my Notebook!

Need help!!!

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