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General Discussion / Well... It's been real :(
« on: 08:26 AM - 09/01/11 »
I hate to say this, but since I got my new PC I don't really need the xbox.. And considering I will be playing bf3 for the foreseeable future I think I'm going to be selling my xim3 and just usin the xbox for the kinect...

I'm still gonna be around the forums cause I love you guys... And I will be on steam and origin so feel free to add me.

To that end I'm selling my xim3... 150 Canadian no tax shipping included.. I dont have paypal so email money transfers only (or cash for anyone in the Toronto area)

Bless I got some xbl sub codes for ya

General Discussion / got my PC up and running..
« on: 06:18 AM - 08/30/11 »
quite the beast i must say...

everyone who wants to add me on steam: [email protected]

that is all for now

Found an old one at a surplus store that's only USB 1.1 compliant.. Transfers at 6mbps.. Will this work?

Release Candidates / Easy transfer cable?
« on: 08:46 AM - 08/24/11 »
Any male to male USB cable will do?

Also does using the commander app to run the kb/m from ur PC add any latency?

General Discussion / Us/Canada bc2 players..
« on: 10:07 AM - 08/19/11 »
Still looking for people to play with.. Many have spoken up they would but nobody ever does.. It's Friday night and I am going to play tonight till me eyes bleed..

Sound off bitches

General Discussion / New bf3 promo !!!
« on: 08:22 AM - 08/17/11 »
Anyone seen it?

Mp scenes from "caspian border" with jet footage.

I'm semi-erect from watching that @#$%.. This game is going to be off the hook

General Discussion / Im back.. BC2?
« on: 07:46 AM - 08/16/11 »
Some of us are thinking of warmin up for bf3 by stomping some bad company...

Beez ur down, bless I'm sure.. Who else? I'll be on all night

XIM 3 Discussions / 200+ club
« on: 02:57 PM - 07/30/11 »
Gotta love nuketown 24/7

Video coming

Seriously... Every time I pick up a gun off the ground I invariably rape with it... No matter what... Even though when I have a class with the same weapon/ attachment it's not nearly as good.

Like last night I picked up a suppressed aug and it had ZERO recoil, and I was getting hoodies kills from across the map.. W/o steady aim... Even though I usually HATE the aug and when I have a class with it it jumps all over the place and I can't do @#$% with it...

So wierd

XIM 3 Discussions / My first ballistic tomahawk !!!
« on: 10:34 AM - 06/24/11 »
Need to get this capped... Wasn't a random either.. Playin on array we were losing A so I throw a Tommy almost straight up from near B flag an kill the guy directly on the flag.. Nearly crapped my pants... It's in my fileshare I u wanna see it

*EDIT*  here it is:  much thanks to Soul for the edit/capture

General Discussion / Famas getting nerfed
« on: 07:12 AM - 06/18/11 »
David vonderhaar just tweeted:

Changes: Tweaks on ADS raise time; Hip fire accuracy reduction; more gun kick (so less accurate) and slightly slower re-center speed.

Not changed: Fire rate, damage, range, or magazine size.

What u guys think?

General Discussion / Bc2? ANYONE??
« on: 07:19 AM - 06/16/11 »
Cmon guys I know u have the game.. Getting bored trying to play this @#$% alone...

Who's up for some tonight?

Up to now it's all hearsay and conjecture... Peoples perceptions and manual use of mice to try and get te behaviour to show up.

Shouldn't be hard to write a program that sends mouse inputs to the XIM3 via USB.. So we can program specific behaviors and movements that are exactly reproduceable...

Believe me I want more than anyone to  know 100% that it's truly in my head..

General Discussion / Bc2 sniping
« on: 06:35 AM - 06/14/11 »
So... I'll start by saying I'm really getting into sniping... The long range stuff is amazing, seeing your shot fly and watching the bullet drop is amazing, having to lead shots and getting those longshot rewards is stellar..

HOWEVER.. is it just me or is the ADS speed for snipers just RIDICULOUSLY slow??? At even medium range you can't drag shot for @#$%... If I have to swipe at all the reticle just doesn't want to move...

Again I'm bringing up the "illusion" of the black dot slowdown... But if I'm moving my mouse slowly while zoomed in I can get a lot of lateral speed... But the instant I make a "panic swipe" to try to drag shot up close my crosshair just stops...

anyone else who is good at bc2 sniping noticed this? Can you gives me any tips? How's the short range noscoping? I've seen lots of videos where guys just noscope at close range and get lots of kills...

Anyways anyone who wants to party up for some bc2 tonight I'll be on at 930 EST for a couple hours.. Post here w your GT if u aren't on my FL and we can squad up...

The game needs to be played with friends or its just terribad

Release Candidates / BC2 Black Dot
« on: 06:49 PM - 06/11/11 »
I'm finding the higher dpi settings on 610 are really accentuating my perception of the "black dot slowdown" especially in bc2... I'm having to use a very high sensitivity to achieve the right feel.. Around 30 hip, and black dotting is nearly stopping my crosshair.

added my demo

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