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General Discussion / Aim Response Curve Type ( COD MW )
« on: 02:51 AM - 09/11/19 »
Ok this is a new one on me !

Just seen a vid showing the Beta settings and this one poped out to me!
Not seen a setting like this myself, anyone run in to it before ? has it been in the last couple of COD's I missed on console ??

I guessing its kinda like acceleration setting but for sticks?

General Discussion / Been a While!
« on: 04:56 AM - 09/06/19 »
Morning All!

Seeing as I dusted off me Xim4 to give the MW Alpha ago after having not used it since blops3!
I thought I might drop by and see if any of the OG ximmers where still kicking about!
See if there was anything new I should know, updates etc!

TBH I thought I was done with Ximing as I got fully back in to PC gaming, but with MW 2019 being input based and cross platform I am defo gona be Ximing from pc to get me fix in!
As COD is just dead on PC like 2 weeks after its out and super sweaty lolz!
Plus what I tried in the alpha defo gave me the old feels from MW2 Teamtac days with Headhunter and co :D Some of the best gaming times ever!
Got me pumped for beta!

Hi, I am currently putting together everything my mate will need to xim on ps4 as a present for his 40th.
Got his xim4 on the way and ps4, but the old 24" Dell I going to give him to play on (as hes current one is even older) only has 1 DVI port.
I tried my ps4 on it with a HDMI to DVI adapter and it worked fine, and I know he has a GPU on his PC with a HDMI port, so I am hoping this HDMI / USB switch will let him swap from PC to PS4 with out the need for 2 monitors, as he doesn't have the room for 2.
Anyone know if this one works with Xim4?

Support / Forum PM not working.
« on: 04:03 AM - 08/07/15 »
Ok odd one!
My inbox says I have 1 new msg yet when I go to read it, its not showing up!

Tried to read it on both pc and pc.......

General Discussion / Artisan Hayate OTSU - MassDrop
« on: 08:26 AM - 07/11/15 »
I know there is a few ppl on here who like the Mat or want to try it!

MassDrop are currently running a group buy on them, thought some of you might like to know!

I think I gona grab myself a Large Soft!


Hardware Compatibility / Truly Ergonomic 207 Working
« on: 04:20 PM - 07/10/15 »
The Truly ergonomic 207 is a bit of a rare keyboard in the grand scheme of things, but I love it :D
Until I can replace it with a ErgoDox that is! ( fingers crossed on that )

Seems to be working fine with 0 problems noted on my test, Hooked it up to pc via a X1 pad and it ran blops 2 PC via Pad just fine, all keys picked up that I tested.

General Discussion / Well I guess I'am Back!??
« on: 11:21 AM - 07/10/15 »

Just the small problem of NOT, in fact, having a console yet ......... LOLZ

Might have to go and get one now I guess :D SIGH

General Discussion / Long time No see!
« on: 12:02 PM - 11/01/14 »
Hi all,

Its been AGES since I last properly read the forum / posted here! Thought I would stop by and say hi! see how things are!

Wonder how many of you remember me :D

whaaa .... xim edge xim4 ..... lol it has been along time :D

Support / XIM3 On PC ( Black Ops ) Switcher not working!
« on: 02:59 AM - 05/29/12 »
Ok first let me exsplain why I want to use my xim3 on my pc for black ops.....

I use one of the modded n52te's with analog stick, now for some games like LOL I can just have the stick set to the arrow keys and its fine, but this doesnt work right in COD, it will alot of the time "lock" in to one direction and its not fluid like it should be. Diaganols etc

So I have never been able to get it to work right in COD, Now I trying Black Ops  on pc currenty and that has native xbox controller surport, but I cant use the xbox controller just movement with a mouse..... it locks out mouse/keyboard when you turn it on.

So I know from mates you can put the xim3 on the pc and black ops PC picks it up fine. no problem, aside from I cant get any switchers to work.
( sorry if this is a know problem, searching for "switcher problem pc" didnt really help :D )

Why I use a switcher, well its mainly for sniping  where I want Shift to be automaticalty held when i ADS.
so I have hip config with shift as sptring and a ADS config with right mouse as ads+shift.... bingo.
But when I try this on pc, it wont ads's off the 2nd config.... sadface

Not a clue why it doing this. Anyone with any thoughts.

General Discussion / Guild Wars 2 Beta :: Live Streaming
« on: 05:12 AM - 04/28/12 »

Just playing some of the beta and thought some of you might be instressted in seeing some of it.

Configurations and Requests / Gotham City Imposters Beta
« on: 12:21 PM - 12/15/11 »
I just got in to the beta thanks to a watcher of my live stream, was wondering if anyone had gotten in and made a config yet ?

General Discussion / Mw3 Unlock Gear Question
« on: 10:42 AM - 11/14/11 »
Does anyone know if you unlock an item it will stay with you for all the Prestiges or just 1 ?

I thinking of unlocking deadly silence / MSR & FAD as they so late in the lvl's but I dont want to waste my spare tokens if its only for 1 prestige.

Support / Xim3 after update wont boot up!
« on: 07:54 AM - 09/25/11 »
ok I just did a update and it seemed to go fine, I go to plug it in to my xbox and now it loads the xim3 icon and then shuts off. I cant get it to stay up to try and get it connected to pc again.

General Discussion / Streaming Xim3 Gameplay (Online )
« on: 02:14 PM - 09/21/11 »
Ok I just testing out my new pc for streaming atm, could you log on and have a look and see if it is ok!


Edit: seemed to go fine, I will be streaming alot now that I can so be sure to fav and come join the fun.

Oh man what a day ..... 4 hour drive to and 4 hour back ( in the terenchal rain, made it slow going at times)
But totaly worth it.

Rocked up to birmingham NEC about 9:30am ish, picked up our "press pass's" ( what a joke that was in the end but we got it sorted ) and soon as we got in ..... "right lets hit up MW3"

Walk up to there PR guy and say we are from GameseekTv, show him our "pass's" and hes like errr..... "they real ?" so hes thinking we just some randoms trying it on to jump the mad 2 hour que :D, 10 mins later after we play hell at the press booth and we finaly get "propper" ones, right back to MW3 &....... " oooo ok thats cool, ya come this way sir's ..... who was it you where with again ???" bla bla bla.

We then got given this rep guy to sort us out and have a chat with, we got told we could film 30 seconds of over the shoulder footage. 15 mins of play and so we split the time between Paris and Dome.

There is a Vlog with the mw3 footage in up on my channel (if you know it)
Plz dont link or post the vid on the forum because of the Xim tag it would get, & I wont have that.

What I will say now as I am very tired and its very late, been up 17 hours ish at this point and have been driveing for 8 of them :S, It was hella good fun and it felt great to play even tho it was on a controller.
I defo felt a sens change when I put attachments on guns, but I dont know if we will even notice of change when useing a XIM, it was a very small one.
New Holo sights are just Fecking MASSIVE!!!
The famas looks DEAD strange. but the iron sights are easy to see/use
Damage felt just like mw2 ( but this was spec ops )

Loads more but I just cant think atm. Will be doing a full vid on it soon. ( after I built me new pc )

I played Rage as well & XIM could be on to a winner with it, I had a play with the sens and from what I could see there was very littie accel on the sticks. it seems to be pritty much 1 speed from the very first twitch of the stick. That said what I did play of the game didnt make me want to buy it at all. they had it in normal mode and it felt NAILS! but I do suck with a pad!

Ghost Recon was PROPER good fun, and I cant wait for that now.

Streetfighter X Teken was well good fun and I think I will be getting a copy of that to mash out on.

Soul Calibur 5 played very well, but it had some nasty texture poping going on. But again was great fun and reminded me why I loved that game on the dreamcast. Another one for my list!

So much stuff to see, was great fun I think I got most of what I wanted to, apart from mass effect 3, But it was well worth the trip!

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