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Xbox was on for a while got dumped out of the servers so I switched it off for a bit,
came back an put it on got to the menu bit and heard a weird kaplunk and a dink noise
and the box went off, it carried on clicking so I felt it and it was mega boiling hot.
I thought I might have to bung it out the window :(


A years worth of PSN-Plus for 37.49 or PSN-Now for 37.49

The one on Amazon said its on offer for 8 days but that bits disappeared
so you might wanna be quick,if you already have PSN-Plus or PS-Now
Cancel your Auto renewal and get this and save it for later
save 13.51 normally 49.99.



25% OFF 1 Year PSN+ And PSN-Now @ Game UK




Keep an eye out for Xbox live Gold on offer soon
I got my Last Gold cards for 35 Each, keep them in a draw
for years scratch em off and they still work,the one I just used was about 4 years old.
Xbox Live and PSN could go up to 60 next year think ahead ;)

Hello chaps  8)  I want to ask your opinion on the current sensors and mice in general, whats the pro's and cons with the current mouse sensors implementation for us Xim users
Many have 0 smoothing across the dpi range now

but what level of dpi you can use before anti jitter kicks in? I read the steel series models with the  truemove pro has up to 5000dpi an it kicks in once you go above that, I haven't seen the stats for the mice with 3399 and hero sensors does anyone know whats what with them? .
An what is the highest dpi you can use on cloth with these new sensor versions before performance is diminished?.

Feedback / Thank You OBsIV :)
« on: 07:15 PM - 03/11/18 »
Apex any Good?  :P Its Brilliant :) i need to tweak a bit more but you can see the Great potential.

I have not been able to game for months due to health problems
and i am still suffering some complications and will always be a disabled gamer but i have set up the apex and gave it a whirl and now i will dial the rest in but its already close to what i want and its the sexiest console dongle you could wish for  :)

I would advise plugging it into the front of the ps4 pro because the rear
gets very warm when its been on for a while but saves putting the heater on.But yeah Protect your new Apex,it's safer at the front.

Thank you so much for all your Hard work and putting up with knee jerk dumb4sses like me ;D .

Big Respect out to  OBsIV,Mist, RML,He4dHunt3r.
SCP ,ANT and Everybody Else who made The Apex possible :)

Support / missing dll windows 8.1
« on: 07:59 PM - 03/09/18 »
Installed the apex manager on win 8.1 but when i tried to load it up it says
a dll is missing and windows update is taking forever should i try and reinstall xim manager ?.

General Discussion / Is Roads still around?
« on: 04:30 AM - 12/21/17 »
I remember roads said he wanted a pinky finger mouse with the 3360 and his life would be complete just seen the rocket jump ninjas review of the Cooler Master MM520 :)


 the MM530 looks a bit like the steelseries rivals Anyone tried these with the xim yet ? Shout out to roads if you are reading this :-o)

Hori wired mini Gamepad for Ps4(officially licensed).
Not usable as the host controller or as a input device via the keyboard port on xim4

So I was thinking that the titan 2 will solve the issue of needing a 3rd button set for the sony nav but it will also cause an issue
that being bluetooth as most people will only own 1 nav and they may want to use the nav with the xim4 and the titan 2 together but at times separate this will cause issues as the nav can only broadcast on one channel at a time the pairing and unpairing or using two navs will cause a major headache the only solution is create a firmware for both devices to work with each other and allowing bluetooth radio to be switched on and off on either the xim4 or the titan 2 the reason i say do it this way is so non titan  2 owners do not go changing settings they do not need to.

Having a the setup where the xim4 is into the titan2 and the nav is paired directly with the titan2 not the xim4 would be ideal and would mean the 3rd set of buttons could be be mapped in the titan2 software. But you might want to use the titan for something else maybe in the same room so the ability to control whats what and not have to keep pairing and moving the other device out of range etc I think we need a custom firmware for this so as not to cause issues with the current gold builds.
I don't want to waste your time or put pressure on you and its not urgent right now but after xmas and pubg is out the way will it be possible to look into this it would be amazing to have these options
what do you guys think?

Used to like this guy but he's turning in to such a pathetic B!tch
with his anti mouse and keyboard Agenda
Cant believe he is moaning about a flash in the pan cartoon shooter having native mouse and keyboard support I mean how often does that happen?
If he does not like it he can go play something else but no he's decided to use his army of followers to pressure his agenda this guy is toxic the way he's doing this  and his xim4 video was poor and badly presented.
Everybody should unsub from him and tell him to shut it.

Guys save hours on your transfer time by doing this method :)

Hook up both consoles via Ethernet

Then connect to the internet with both console via Wifi
Don't sign in on the old ps4
if already signed in on the old ps4 sign out.

Sign in to PSN on the Ps4 pro

Then go in to system settings on the Ps4 Pro
and select data Transfer

It should find the old ps4
and then ask you to press the power button
on the old fat ps4 for 1second until it bleeps

The data Transfer should start soon after
It will do a restart then the transfer continues.

This Takes about 90mins for most people compared with hours and hours or even overnight if you chose to transfer over the router instead
so save the hassle and do the Wi-Fi handshake method.

Hope this helps somebody else out and please drop a like for the guy who found this great shortcut his youtube name is SonarCreep


Bigups 8)

Hardware Compatibility / Bluelight staying on new v2 DS4
« on: 04:24 PM - 11/27/17 »
Used up some reward points on a jet black Ds4 V2 CUH-ZCT2E its the one in the OEM box it does not mention V2 on the box but it is a 2E code so a 2nd edition. I set the ps4 to usb and it works and shows in controllers but without the bluetooth blue dot and shows the usb logo when you set user.but the blue light remains on, on the control pad.

Ps4 pro arrives on Wednesday so I can try that then but I will be trading my old fat ps4 in (tried to give it to my bro and he said no).

Only mentioning it as I will be keeping the other new Ds4 unless you guys reckon I should return it for one with the V2 on the box.
I only got the oem because they had no stock of the other ones.

Hardware Compatibility / 2000Hz mice ?
« on: 04:06 AM - 11/25/17 »
Will it be possible to use the new 2000Hz mice on max poll rate in future?
I know 1000Hz is the max available for xim at the moment but wondered if it is possible from a hardware perspective.

Was watching a few Gaming streams last night and I could not help but notice how low the WW2 stream numbers are.

WW2 is just weeks old and the most popular Gaming streams
on Youtube are Fortnite,StarwarsBF2 and PubG.

AlexRamiGaming playing on Fornite last night was getting 5 thousand+ views another streamer was getting 2 thousand and multiple others were pulling over a thousand viewers and that was just Fortnite on its own.
There was tons of people watching SW-BF2 and PubG too.

Cod is not getting anywhere near as much attention Its lucky to get one streamer with 900+views, Spanish youtuber Angelsaras is the only person to go over 1k views in the last few days one or two ww2 streamers managed to get a few hundred if they where lucky.

BrokenMachine is still pulling nearly a thousand views playing a now old BattleField 1 .

WW2 is getting blown out of the water. This is a complete disaster for Activision and its only going to get worse on the 12th of December.when PubG comes out on the Xbox .               

A quick look at youtube a moment ago and this is what i found...
Fortnite streams from popular youtubers that are  Live are Vikkstar123 9k views! AlexRamiGaming 6k views! Typical Gamer 6k! Avxry 1k and many others are doing OK too.

But the best WW2 can manage is a few hundred.WW2 is getting tanned Activision must be giving their underpants a brown veneer right now ha.


The latest ss engine software has a firmware update
for the rival 310 not sure if the sensi too.
performance is improved on all pads
Hardpads, dex cloth, qck cloth and non ss pads. ;)

Support / [Q/A] Dooh! self inflicted nav issue :(
« on: 09:24 PM - 11/07/17 »
I accidentally pressed the nav power on button while it was charging off a ps4 usb port and it paired with the console
 ??? :-[   whoops how can i sort it to work with xim4 again and not pair with the ps4?

I have another nav thats not been paired to either if need be but ideally id like to keep using the old one.

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