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If seeking for new mouse:  just got logitech g mx518 legendary. Fits great on hand and performing is at the best as i know. Former G502 did very fine too.

Just like MX518 / G400 too but better tech inside.

Looks like officemouse. More than meets the eye, said.


General Discussion / Note for Xbox1 X 4k players
« on: 12:03 AM - 02/14/19 »

Got some days ago 4k monitor for Xbox1 X and PC (Acer Nitro XV273K), and noticed something when played BO4 with XIM Apex.

When settings changed to 4k on Xbox, my gaming gone little bit worse, ratio lowered. I think i did feel more floatyness on controlls.
Tried to change back to 1080p , HDMI forced on (not auto) and just in case turned 120Hz mode on too in Xbox setting.

—-> huublamama aiming / moving feels more sharp! Ratio rises back and still rising.

You can used to have little lag, but if you are playing CoD BO4 with Xbox1 X + XIM Apex at 4K try 1080p (HDMI forced on + 120Hz on if possible) and report do you see any different?

Maybe its game, 2.0 HDMI port or Xbox itself.


Just bought Acer Nitro XV273K for PC and Xbox1 X gaming monitor, first reasonable priced 4K 120Hz/144Hz screen with now freesync supporting also Nvidia cards.


And i tought it would be perfect for Xbox1 X too because of 4K + Freesync.

But Variable refresh rate on Xbox settings is gray and Freesync in monitors settings is gray too, no choices.

Monitors HDMI ports are 2.0 and Freesync in Xbox1 X needs HDMI 2.1, so no Freesync, dammit.

I am guessing no change to activate freesync from Xbox1 X with HDMI to Display port adapter neither?

Freesync could be very welcome option for XIM Apex users i believe, or do you have other experiences?

Just tested official BO4 ST and after WW2 it feels like little more floaty?

Also no efect ADS speed, no matter is it 40 or 80, feels slower than WW2 ADS.

Still fixing it or am i missing something? I got newest firmware etc.

Maybe game is different or do i need to do factory reset just in case?

Its smooth and working in other ways.

I assume that Plantronics RIG 800LX headset works fine with XIM Apex on Xbox one X?

It uses USB böngeli-döng to connect wireless.

Just ordered one but havent check combatbility.

Any experience about that headset? I will use it on PC too and should be easy to swicth platform.

...and @#$% this Apex feels nice. Not much different from PC, all we now need is 120hz support for Xbox one X to het that fast movements even more sharp :)

Just realized that new XIM is coming out quite soon, and even better, so pls take my money quickly! 😁

So i believe Apex supports my old equipments as with XIM4,  I got G502, Sony Navi and some wired head set connected to Xbox1 controller.

...and, if i am buying Xbox1 X later Apex will work with it too?

Is it really better than XIM4, lower lags so it feels little bit ”snappier / sharper” ?

Allready put myself to mail list, will order one as soon as it is possible.

Game Support / Slow ADS in CoD WW2
« on: 02:29 PM - 11/09/17 »
Hello proguys,

Havent play with Xbox for a while, but new CoD is now on play list.

XIM works fine,  but i can see my ADS is quite a lot of slower than hip. Im using old G400 with max 3600dpi and in game speed is maxed to insane of course, but even 85 with boost 50 feels half as quick as 35 with hip. Still too slow but can live with it.

Most of you got these vice versa, like hip 35 and ADS 17 etc.

Am i missing some update or doing some settings wrong? Turning with ADS should be faster, like im used with PC. If im remember right it was faster in older CoDs earlier.

For future gaming...

I had good experience about playing Gears of War PC with my friends on Xbox1, could this become more basic way in future? Not allowed to  Vs. games but if this might someday happen on CoD / BF series it would be nice. Maybe they want PC players to use Pads in multiplayer mode but that will be fixed.

And later this year Windows10 is going to get Gaming Mode.  And they said PC & Consoles going to be closer. Lets see what happens. I wanna mess around in CoD with PC high Hz, high fps, high res + sharp mouse feel :)

Other thing, when they release Xbox Scorpio, its for 4K gaming (somekind), but i saw somewhere that other option for 4k is 120fps with lower res. That sounds great as Xim user. I bet mouse accuracy etc. are much better with higher 120fps + 120Hz monitors. Hope it happens and Xim will work with that upgrade also :)

Support / [RESOLVED] Once again a pairing problem
« on: 12:57 PM - 01/06/17 »
Taken Xim4 out of dust for a some time, bought newest CoD and started to play but no, no way to connect, not working in -android or PC (W10). What the hell again?

1. used XIM flashing tool to update firmaware and reset to factory settings, ok.
2. dl newest XIM manager from paly store.
3. tried to connect but no chance. I have unpaired XIM from Samsung S5 and tried to re-pair it again --> no efect.

What to do next? This evening gaming ruined for too complicated operation system, cant put in CoD IW if it wont connect any devices?

Hello guys!

Got a problem,

My PC (WIN10) Xbox app dont recognize microphone. Its works on PC games, but when logged into Xbox app it says "we cant find your mic".

I got Soundblaster Z, tried also with motherboard --> nothing. Also i tried to put my Xbox1 controller with USB (controller working) and to controller --> Turtle Beach 50X but no. I cant find original headset for Xbox1 if i even got one.

Also tried to fix Teredo ip but they shoiuld be ok.

Everything else seems to be normal but no chatvoices neither way.

Any ideas how to enable mic on PC to chat with friends who are playing with Xbox1?

General Discussion / Floaty feel / input lag?
« on: 04:30 PM - 12/23/15 »
So is there any settings which are causing extra feel of "floating" or input lag?

Or might that be even my monitor? (EIZO Floris FS2333).

Or im i just too used to play with PC?

Also turning speed is very reduced vs. PC but thats of course because of controller based limits.

Im using G400 mouse / max DPI, HIP +75 and ADS +50 in BO3 (only game now) with XBOX1.

Thats far from 1:1 compared to PC what im feeling. Earlier with XIM Edge and BO2 (...another monitor too...) it went well but since then i have played only with PC ans im afraid i have become too "Hi-Fi" with that touch in games...

Anyhow XIM4 is doing fine if you jump from pad to mouse.

Support / [RESOLVED] Can´t connect / wont work
« on: 08:54 AM - 12/08/15 »
Hello, help needed.

XIM4 does not reconize mouse (G400), joystic (wired sony nav) or even wired XBOX1 pad.
Also i cant connect to it via bluetooth on my Samsung S5 anymore. last time i did, it showed only XBOX1 there.

Before i got my XBOX1 i downloaded BO III to XIM4 with bluetooth, and i flashed firmware with PC (but with PC i cant connect wired to  XIM manager).

Tried to start with instructions but no help.

XIM breathes red, so it should be ready. And controllers and navs batterys should be ok.

Has update for XBOX1 controller got anything to do with this?

Did i get the first step wrong by downloading BO III to XIM before connected to console?

XIM 4 Discussions / New user catching up
« on: 01:57 PM - 12/02/15 »
Hello guys, need some info. I have had XIM4 for year now, but just purchased xbox1 ( because played / tuned pc and my friend also got now xbox1). So i like to catch up with this forum, havent read it for long time.

Few questions;

1. All wired xbox1 headsets works with xim4, like Turtle beach recon 50X ? (Cheap one...)

2. Is there any input lag problems or maybe some updates has fixed if any? And is
there any settings to help lower the lag? Will play with Eizo floris 60hz gaming monitor, minimum lag.

3. Logitech g400 (older one) worked great with xim edge, is that mouse still one of the best for xim4?

4. After used to play with PC 144/hz, am i feeling somekind of "normal input lag" with console + xim4 ?

5. Mostly will play BO3 , i believe that one works nicely with xim?

Thanks for answers in advance and sorry for English (from Finland)  :)

Hardware Compatibility / Windows 10 + XBOX live....?
« on: 01:45 PM - 12/16/14 »
Got rumours that Windows 10 is somehow paired/supporting XBOX and anyhow more for games.

Would that be great if you can join with PC to your friends XBOX1 live sessions?

And ofcourse use updated XIM4 to fool consolegamers that you are also in with pad, but truth is you are roaming around with 1440p resolutions and 144hz/fps framerates with minimum inputlags in everywhere.

Sure it will not happen, but if... Are you there or are you toppahousu? (Toppahousu is Finish and meands very thick wintertrousers, looks stupid) :)

Just ordered XIM4 to Finland (maybe it arrives with reindeers around christmas) and what im worrying about is how it might feel with input lag? Previous set edge + xbox360 had terrible lag after used to play with high end PC.

Propably xbox1 + XIM4 works faster? I got eizo gaming monitor so its not the screen. Mouse with XIM works nice, but that input lag , latency, what ever lag just ruined touch after used to play with PC for while.

Im little bit allergic to lags so hope this new set works faster :)

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