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Hi guys,

will there be an import/export functionality to migrate XIM apex configs to XIM matix?
Would be very cool. Otherwise it will take a lot of time to recreate all the configs/subconfigs and the button mappings.

Hi guys,
in MW2 "Third Person Mode" switching shoulders and hold breath is bound to the same button (L3). So if I want to hold breath (focus) in 3rd Person, if first switches the shoulder view and then you hold the breath, which makes is unusable.

Is there anything I can do with the XIM APEX (sub-configs, ...) do split those 2 functions to different key strokes?

Deutsch / Offizielle STs für PS5 Spiele?
« on: 03:21 PM - 01/02/22 »
@odin: Weißt du, ob es in Zukunft auch offizielle STs für PS5 Games geben wird? beloader/Remote Play funktioniert ja eigentlicj perfekt mit der PS5.

XIM APEX Discussions / XIM Manager: Change Language?
« on: 02:36 PM - 12/27/21 »
Hi guys,

is it possoble to change the language of the XIM Manager? AFAIK it takes the language of the phone on which it is running. My phone has German Language and therefore the XIM Manager is also in German. I want to switch the Manager to English (to easily find the settings) and keep my phone in German.

If its not possible currently, this would be ab ideal option of the Global XIM Settings in the  Manager 😉

Hi guys,

I have some problems with the APEX / XIM4 connected to the PS5 with the PS4 controller. Everthing runs fine for a few minutes (eg. on Warzone) and then no input works anymore. I have to unplug/plug back the controller to get it working again. Is that a known problem? Any workaround for this?

XIM 4 Discussions / XIM4: Config Activation Keys
« on: 06:39 AM - 05/13/20 »
Hello guys,

I have a question on the Config Activation for the XIM4:

When I activate a config (for example by using "Mouse Wheel" up) it switches to my special config and stays in the config. So far so good. But why does it go back to "HIP", if I press "Mouse Wheel" up again in my special config. I don't have any deactivation keys set. It would be better to stay in the config. If I want to switch back to "HIP", then I could use the deactivation keys.

Is this a bug on the XIM4? On XIM3 the behavior is different. It stays in the special config, even if I press the "activation" key in my special config again.

Can I change my XIM4 to have the "XIM3 behavior" -> so not swichting back to "HIP" if I press the activation key again in the special config.

Game Support / PS4: Hunt Showdown - Config
« on: 05:33 AM - 05/13/20 »
Hi guys,

can anyone who is playing on PS4 suggest a good Smart Translator from a game who has similar look mechanics and works good? Any good curve for the XIM4?

Which ingame settings to use? Should I put all horizontal/vertical values to "max"?

EDIT: I found similar discussion thread here:


Game Support / Verdun: Any suggestion for a good ST
« on: 06:41 AM - 09/14/17 »
Hello guys,

Verdun ST was removed a few months ago. Does anyone play the game? Which ST do you use?


Hi guys,
it seems the latest patch changed the movement. The ST does not work anymore. It feels completly off. Can anyone confirm this?
Any change to retrain the ST?

Any other ST works much better than the Verdun ST.

Hi guys,

would it be possible in a future XIM4 update, when I activate a sub-config with a key, that it does not switch back to hip when I press the same key again (the "toggle" mode). In XIM4 we now have deactivation keys. If I want to switch back with the same activation key, I can always enter the key in one of the 4 deactivation keys.
So if no deactivation key is assigned, it should always stay in the sub-config!

For example, if I press 'c' it switches to my sub-config. If I press 'c' again, I would like to STAY in the sub-config instead of going back to "Hip". I want to only deactivate the sub-config by pressing another key (which I already can define in one of the 4 deactivation keys), but the activation key currently also switches back to "Hip".

Thanks & Greets

Hy mist,

did you forgot to add the ADS config for the R6 Smart Translator for PS4 or is that in intended?
Some users reported the missing ADS. I have not tested it myself, I am just reporting.

Beta / PS4 Touchpad support - How does it work?
« on: 09:35 AM - 11/15/15 »
I have not updated yet to the latest RC build, so can anyone explain how the touchpad mapping works? Is it mapped to the mouse? Where do we find that settings in the XIM manager?

What about touchpad clicks (left/right area). Does that also work?

XIM 4 Discussions / Feature Request: Rename button actions
« on: 05:07 PM - 10/02/15 »
It would be cool if we could rename the button actions if needed.
This could be useful for:

1) Games that have no smart translator and therefore the button actions defined in the choosen ST of course does not match

2) If you want to select another controller schema instead of the default one in the ingame settings.

3) If you use additonal configs (eg. Vehicle config) button actions from HIP will not match, because vehicle has other actions

A "revert to default action text" for each button and for the config would also be handy :)

Also when renaming primary button text, the secondary one should be renamed automatically. No need to make secondary renameable manually by the user.

Will this be supported in future XIM 4 releases?
Please add 2 more button bindings for touchpad left and touchpad right area. Thanks.

Currently Metal Gear Solid 5 uses that kind of touchpad clicks. XIM 4 currently only supports Touchpad center click.

XIM 4 Discussions / Config Activation - Need Help
« on: 09:46 AM - 08/13/15 »
Hello guys,
is it possible to stay in a sub-config instead of switching back to Hip, when I press the activation key again?

For example: I have a sub-config called "Vehicle". I switch to the Vehicle config, when I press Mouse-Scroll-Up.
Now when I press Mouse-Scroll-Up again it switches back to "Hip". So is it possible to stay in the "Vehicle" config when I press Mouse-Scroll-Up again, instead of switching back to "Hip"?

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