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XIM 4 Discussions / New warzone config/settings
« on: 11:49 AM - 04/13/20 »
Hello all! I have owned xim3 and xim4. I am currently using xim4 but cant really seem to find any good vids or input from xim4 users. Can anyone please point me to a thread? Looking for new curves mainly to try out. Logitech G502 dpi? Currently I'm using 4000dpi 1000hz polling. Hip 14.8 ADS at 6.5. Still feels sticky and jittery. Not smooth like past COD setups. I see many configs and setups for apex. But not so much for the xim4. Is it worth just to get the new xim? I am running the most recent versions of HM and firmware. Steady aim? Or no steady aim? Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks xim community!!!

hello everyone! been lurking again trying to find a ST that works well with this new game. I have read most people like the one from CoD ghosts. it seriously takes me like a month to get my curve right on these games. I have updated my manager and the firmware on my xim to the latest versions, using top end mice/input devices.
g502 @ 12000 dpi 1000 polling. anyone out there feel like posting a vanilla ST or curve to help get me pointed in the right direction for this game tonight? I used my blops 3 ST and curve for the beta and it was OK... but now that I have updated everything all my settings are gone. Any help would greatly be appreciated.
thanks in advance!!!

Anyone have a easy layout for this game on the nostromo? Just curious if you would like to share yours. Just pocked up the game and still rockin my old peripherals, G500 and the nostromo.


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