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i havent noticed this on other cod titles but in BO2 when i am near an enemy my weapon either wont fire or only in busrt even though it is fully automatic weapon. this dosent happen all the time maybe 50/50 that it would. dont know if its the xim or my mouse or by design. can anyone confirm this or has anyone had the same problem?

edit: i am using logitech g500 mouse.

i just came across this motion controll device called delta six. it looks awesome but not sure about the swivel part. the video is below on g4tv (the device is shown near the end of the video).


so what do you guys think??

General Discussion / Turtle Beach Tango Or WiiU?
« on: 02:49 PM - 09/27/12 »
i am leaning towards the headset, but if xim is going to be supporting WiiU than it will dramatically change the whole situation. plus there is not any games i like at launch except mario and blackops.

XIM 3 Discussions / How High?
« on: 12:07 AM - 10/30/11 »
i hear a lot of people talking about being high sensitivity player. i want to know your sens and the mouse specifically the dpi of the mouse. i mainly use my xim3 on cod games like MW2 and BO. so my sens for those two are 24 with 5700 dpi  with the latest  STL. i can do 360 very easy and it just feels so @#$% good. so anyone else use the same sens as i do or am i the only one?

XIM 3 Discussions / chatpad
« on: 03:57 PM - 09/04/11 »
i been meaning to post this long time ago but forgot. so the question i have is does chatpad work for you guys cause it dosent for me. is there a extra step that i need to do or is it not possible at the moment?

Release Candidates / how to get it to work
« on: 10:50 PM - 08/30/11 »
good news is that i finally got my belkin transfer cable today, BUT of course the bad news is that i cant get it to work. i mean it does work in that when i open ximcommander all the keys pressed registers on the virtual controller on xim. but when i switch my source from my computer to xbox on my monitor samsung Px2370 the xim shuts down and restarts and the KB and mouse wont register anymore. help?

couple of days ago i read a post by someone who said turning off backlit keys fixed his mic problem. so i tried and what do you know it seems to have fixed it. i have the razer mechanical keyboard with kacklit ability. my problem with my mic was whenever i stop speaking the mic would be still be on and lasts minutes and sometime forever until i unplug it. anyone else tried this and fixed their problem??? anyways thanks for the tip whoever you are.

XIM 3 Discussions / needs to be fixed
« on: 09:32 PM - 05/25/11 »
i know another thread about mic, but its been months now and still no solution. not being able to talk to your team mates specially in fps is not only a game changer but takes away the fun too. i want to know if its even fixable and if so when can we expect it? to save the trouble of asking, i am using the turtle beach DX11 with mixamp of course

XIM 3 Discussions / two BO ST??
« on: 11:56 PM - 03/29/11 »
i have one that says Cod:BO-ADS and the other Cod:BO-ADS-BO. the difference between two is the speed. the one without the BO in the end is much more faster in both hip and ads. i actually had to turn down the sensitivity on it. so which one is suppose to be the beta??? and did i do something wrong?

XIM 3 Discussions / Crash After Switch
« on: 03:47 PM - 03/17/11 »
is anyone crashing after they switch mouse and keyboard back to pc?? blue screen of death? i am running widnows 7 64bit. using G500 and razer blackwidow ultimate. i tried the iogear switcher and it still crashes.

Configurations and Requests / one click ADS?
« on: 01:48 PM - 02/19/11 »
i got my xim3 yesterday and i think i have everything down except for one thing. is it possible to ads with one click like on the pc or is it one of those thing you have to get use to? other than that xim3 is exactly like i expected. its a beast.

XIM 3 Discussions / after one year...
« on: 12:43 PM - 02/17/11 »
i dont know about you guys but i have been waiting for this baby for over a YEAR, and now i finally got to order it and @#$% IT FEELS GOOD

XIM 3 Discussions / form already submitted please wait...
« on: 11:50 AM - 02/16/11 »
i am stuck at step 3. when i press check out it says form already submitted please wait.. does anyone get that?  did my order go through obsiv???

XIM 3 Discussions / open store plz
« on: 08:44 AM - 02/15/11 »
plzzz open the store before i leave to work in couple of hours. i know i sound pathetic, but i really dont want to miss it again.

XIM 3 Discussions / XIM3 Unboxing video
« on: 12:14 AM - 02/06/11 »
is anyone planning on doing a xim3 unboxing video on youtube???? if so let me know or post here. thank you

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