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XIM MATRIX Discussions / Matrix must be forbidden...
« on: 08:41 AM - 09/13/23 »
...its too f*cking good. Thank you!

Compering to Apex, Matrix waaayy better, it's sublime.  :-*

XIM MATRIX Discussions / mappings under ADS
« on: 07:12 PM - 09/11/23 »
After Apex, using for the first time Matrix...a lot different, but I will get used to it...I hope  :-[

I would like to set B of controller while ADSing to Mouse Back Button, how do I do that?

In Apex there are mappings for HIT and ADS seperately.

Other than that, I am using 50% for aim and movement, 0 for triggers....feel amazing, but idk if Im going to get trapped. If that are in the "safe" zone, I am really fine cuz in Apex I use 100% for all and got used to it. The main problem in APex is the recoil.


XIM MATRIX Discussions / Is it worth buying Matrix?
« on: 01:16 PM - 08/30/23 »
I play on XSX, mainly R6 and I use Xim Apex...is it worth buying Matrix? Will I have greater benefits?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

I have a Xim Apex
Mouse: Razer Deathadder V2

Yesterday I was playing BF 2042, everything was Ok, left to grab something to eat, when I came back I, literally, couldn't play the game, can't turn normally to the left, a lot of stuttering.

Turned off xim Apex, plugged it back in, disconnected mouse, connected it back, but nothing worked...I then finally switched to an older mouse, mice, Logitech G203 and it worked normally.
.so can I assume my Razer Deathadder V2 is broken? Thanks for the support guys.

Beta / Manager 20210625_64 crashing
« on: 09:25 AM - 08/14/21 »
I have a Series S, downloaded and installed the latest firmware and manager.
So, I choose Xim Apex app on my phone, Android, it starts OK, then I go to "add new config", select Rainbow Six Siege, then choose Series X/S translation and then it, app, automatically crash. What is going on? Someone can explain to me and others that have the same issue.

Thank you.

Everything was working fine and suddenly I cannot use the manager any more (see picture). I already restarted my phone and it didnt work...any help please.

Hardware Compatbility / Ps3 nav controller
« on: 02:16 PM - 06/29/20 »
I have a xbox one X and would like to use together with my nav controller...i have tried to connect via xim (controller xbox on port 3 and nav on port 1) but it won't recognise nav, I mean, nav doesn't work...am I doing something wrong? The cable is a mini USB and nav must be fully charged? Thanks for the help.

Will my Xim Apex have any problems if I place it on one of the USB port behind xbox one x? It will then give me more space in front, but don't know if will overhit due to the vans behind. Better keep it in front or behind? Thanks!

Since my controller was updated, it does not go on when Xim Apex is on...I need to turn the controller manually on, wait a few seconds and press any key for Xim to recognize it. What is going on? Thanks!


Does anyone have good experiences with that (Alloy FPS Pro Cherry MX Red - Hyper X) keyboard? I have the impression any keyboard will do it...is it worth buying? Will my KD go up?  ;D

At the moment I use a mechanical keyboard from Havic KB435L...will I feel any good diference?

Thanks!  ;)

Shared Configs / Any good bf4 config for Apex? Thanks!
« on: 08:23 PM - 03/31/19 »

Hardware Compatbility / About keyboard, any will do it?
« on: 09:17 AM - 03/30/19 »
Taking into consideration the "not working list", will any, confortable, keyboard work fine? Is there significant difference in game between known and unknown brands? Thanks!

Hi happy ppl!

After some years away, I am back to use Xim Apex for gaming...I cannot get used to controller, really dont  ::)

I would like help from you...I play mainly R6 and BF...are there any:

- Curve?
- Configs?

I will used G203 and Razer Arctosa. From youtube vids I have watched from Ob...the sweet spot for DPI is between 3.000 and 4.000...and I have to wacht out for pooling rate to be the same in Apex and mijn mouse...

I am looking for the beste curve and configs to get as smooth as ppssivle mijn mouse movements.

What I have to do at first? download xim manager in mijn pc? update xim apex?


I play R6 with Deathadder, now I bought a G502, it took the key bindings over, but I cannot bind others G502 keys, as it has more than the Deathadder mouse...does my new mouse have a problem or am I doing it wrong? Thanks in advance!

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Technical Support / [Q/A] DPI info on Xim Manager?
« on: 07:17 AM - 01/07/17 »
Is there a way to see through the Xim Manager the actual chosen dpi of the mice? Thanks

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