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Support / [ACTIVE] Unable to Connect XIM4 to ANy PC
« on: 09:44 AM - 09/21/16 »
I was trying to upgrade the firmware to test out the release candidates and I am unable to connect the xim4 unit to any pc, I get the blue lights but the usb device seems to not find it.

I have removed bluetooth devies and xim manager, also apart from that i tried to connect to another pc and it acts the same.

I can connect via Bluetooth from the pc and phone and tablet.

any guidance from you will be appreciated it.

I am currently on 405 firmware.

Beta / USB PS4 MIC
« on: 06:22 AM - 04/01/14 »
can someone help me, I bought this usb audio adapter


its plugged into the front USB port of the PS4 and I have the headset which came with PS4 plugged into the microphone option of the adapter.

The problem I am having, I can't get this to work as the PS4 detects there is a headset is available but no one can hear me.

I also changed PS4 os setting to have all audio to route via this adapter still no luck.

can someone tell me do I need additional stuff for this to work?

XIM 4 Discussions / BT adapter
« on: 08:56 PM - 03/15/14 »
quick question, can any Bluetooth adapter will work as long as it BT2.1 or higher?
or we need Laird BT?

appreciate your feedback.

I am currently using Razer Black widow Keyboard, and Logitech G700.
I just want to confirm, though razer is not listed as a keyboard that would work with XIM Edge but it still does, and can it cause problems? with aim or other translator related issues?

I am a PC gamer and I was using, eagle eye and I recently switched over to XIM and I am not able to find the sweet spot with aiming.

I have the latest firmware on xim,

HIP 65
ADS 50

any help from all will be greatly appreciated....

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