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Just received my XIM APEX today, updated the firmware with no issues.
I have been using XIM4 with no problems if that helps.
When plugging into my xbox XIM goes through its colors and always lands on flashing red lights, tried new cable to my controller even though it works fine on Xim 4 with no change
Tried rebooting Xbox, tried resetting to factory on the XIM with no change.
I'm using manager app on my PC but also tried the mobile app with the same error (Failure writing XIM APEX (6)
Any help or do I RMA?

Technical Support / XIM edge not entering PC mode
« on: 07:25 PM - 10/29/12 »
**SOLVED** If your XIM Edge will not go into PC mode and lights turn sold blue like they should but fails when you try and load XIM Edge Manager try this.
Windows 7 users.
Control Panel/ALL control Panel Items/Devices and Printers.
Find your edge under Devices and click on it, select "Uninstall", Plug XIM Edge back into usb port on your PC with nothing else plugged into it and it will re-download it's drivers again, now try and launch the XIM Edge Manager again, GL.

the lights on my edge are solid blue but it will not enter PC mode, I have tried doing the red reset button on the back and then plugging it in at the same time as holding the button down, same results, lights go solid blue but still will not enter PC mode, am running the latest firmware and have tried downloading it twice, any ideas?

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