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General Discussion / Logitech Mice on sale at Best Buy
« on: 12:29 PM - 12/18/17 »
Figured I would let the community know. A lot of Logitech mice are on sale at Best Buy. This includes the 703, 903, 403, 602, and 502.

I was able to pick up the Best Buy exclusive white G703 for $50. This is for the US only as far as Iím aware.

Beta / Recommended and Advanced Options
« on: 06:16 PM - 07/19/15 »
An I idea came up sometime today that would be similar to installing software on your computer. For example some software has the option to allow the user to select Recommended versus Advanced. The differences between the two would be noticeable but give options from the beginning of the setup.

These are examples below:

Recommended: Regular setup. 24 configs. Not a lot of options. The standard set up MOST users would be happy with.

Advanced: More advanced setup (ADS, turn assist). 10 configs. A lot more options. Those who want to take it to the next level in terms of tweaking. Add standard configs to this if you'd like.

Just a thought, and obviously the implementation would have to be planned out from start to finish. But basically, what you start with you is the "type" of firmware flashed.

XIM 4 Discussions / Headset Audio Controller for PS4
« on: 09:04 AM - 04/08/15 »
Hey XIM team. Saw this new product offered by Best Buy made by Insignia. It's a headset audio controller for the PS4. Link below. Not sure if it's strictly pass through or if it might help in the development for a PS4 chat solution. I figured I would bring this up and make yall aware  8). Sorry for the short run on sentences. On mobile.

Linky: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/insignia-headset-audio-controller-for-playstation-4-black/8703029.p?id=1219375478889&skuId=8703029

Support / [RESOLVED] XIM4: Left stick moving upward
« on: 05:22 PM - 02/13/15 »
Hi XIM team,

I have an issue going on at the moment. I'm not 100% sure if it's the XIM4 or the controller. I've updated the XIM4 to the 1113 firmware and the manager as well. I've also updated my Xbox One controller.

I was able to reproduce the issue and i've sent my trace logs to OBsIV and Aiken while it happened.

My XIM (or not) will automatically move the left stick upward with no movement on my behalf. I've tested it by scrolling all the way to the bottom of a page (friends list) and it'll move to the top by itself with no movement on my behalf.

I'm not entirely sure if I have a defective controller or if the XIM is sending the signals to the console and causing things to move upward. I can stop the issue by moving the left stick on the controller and things will settle back to normal (no upward movement), but later into gameplay it will happen again.

Please advise. I hope i've been clear enough, if not let me know and i'll try to clarify.

XIM 4 Discussions / Nexus Player Remote and XIM4
« on: 12:05 PM - 10/15/14 »
New device just announced by Google. Would be neat if we can use the remote (assuming it would be sold separately) with the XIM4. Use it as a wireless remote for media needs only, that way we don't have to walk over to the M+KB/Console Controller to (pause, play, go home, etc.)

Just throwing ideas out there  8).

Anyone interested on starting this kind of lobby for us Ximmer's tonight/sometime this week? Yes it's chaotic, and no it isn't about who's the best. Just fun, yes simple fun. Let me know if you are interested and I can start one up tonight or sometime this week.

It's good target practice  ;D. Let me know through here or send me a message to Sway on Xbox.

Support / XIM Edge with PS3 not connecting
« on: 11:20 AM - 03/09/13 »
Hey guys XIM Edge is working great so far but I'm having issues getting it to connect with the PS3. It works just fine with the XBOX 360, no hiccups. I'm playing on both platforms and usually play on the PS3 to play with my little brother  8).

I'm having issues getting the XIM Edge to work with the PS3 and I've tried just about every method possible to get them to connect. Occasionally they will connect and work just fine but getting them to connect is a 10-15 minute hassle.

I'll walk you through the process ObsIV & Crew.

From left to right on the Edge USB ports: PS3 Controller, G700, G13
Edge is connected to the to the PS3 with the cable provided
Turn on the PS3 through the PS3 itself, not through the controller.
It'll cycle the colors and then turn off the mouse + keyboard, turn them back on and it just repeats the process.

What am I doing wrong ?

I'll add a couple of side notes: My start up profile is BF3 for the Xbox
I charge my controllers through my computers USB port.

My only guess is I have to fully charge the PS3 controllers through the USB ports on the PS3 or that my start up profile has to be for a PS3 games. Any ideas  :P

Support / Xim Edge Bricked
« on: 09:50 PM - 10/31/12 »
Hey guys, just after getting use to the settings of the Xim Edge and configuring and binding to my personal settings it seems as if this device has gotten bricked.

I'll sort of write down what I've done to troubleshoot it.

Downloaded the latest version of the manager, tried different Mini-USB cables, restarted the computer,checked under the Control Panel for devices and have tried to uninstall the driver(can't seem to find it), and yes I've held the red button and while holding it I've plugged it in to the computer.

 It seems to be in this constant flashing of green, blue, and red. I can't factory reset since I get an error saying "An error occured while flashing of your device. Please try again"

Any advice or insight I would appreciate it guys. Thanks once again. It's a great product and I've been messing around with it trying to get it how I want it. Prepping for BO2 8)

Support / Quick Question
« on: 08:08 PM - 10/01/12 »
Hello ladies and gentleman. Thinking of picking up a XIM Edge pretty as my own birthday present  :P.

The set up I'm the thinking is KB:Nostromo/BlackWidow and Mouse:G700.

I only have one question that I've tried to find throughout the forum and haven't found it yet so I figured I ask the experts.

On games like BF3, you have various controller profiles. For example when you're infantry the controller settings are different as opposed to the controller settings when you fly a jet, or helicopter.

Can you change the settings for the KB+M on the fly (provided you set them up through XIM manager) ?

Lets say I use a key on the keyboard to toggle my settings depending on what I'm doing in the game ?

Thanks again, and if you need any clarification please let me know.

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