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XIM Link / Is there a way to pull joystick states?
« on: 02:36 PM - 02/15/19 »
So GetKeyState in ahk pulls button states, theres ximinputdata to put out data, but is there anyway to retrieve a joysticks current x,y positions?

I'm one of the crazy fools who tries to play for honor through this setup and my tweaks works pretty well, except for classes that use full block or essentially pull straight down on the right stick, I accidently go into that all the time no matter what settings I try, I was thinking about seeing if I can get the xy and if I detect it going that direction to divert it to the last direction I was heading instead, so if I try and block left from right it doesn't go into full block stance on accident instead of switching to left to go for the parry etc...

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