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My budget is 400 dollars. Help a brother out ☺ my laptop is practically a xim link device and my other laptop is for browsing.

What i want to do is, run xbox app and obs. That is it for this rig. No gaming, but phoroshop, 3ds max and music editors like reason.

XIM APEX Discussions / Is running 1000 htz useless?
« on: 11:01 PM - 09/13/18 »
My question is;

I play on a dvi monitor that only supports dvi 720p, but i am actually not even getting the 720p due to the restrictions of the monitor.

When setting my htz to 1000 i notice that the aim seems floaty, and less responsive than useing 125 or 500..

Is this a placebo effect? Should htz feel the same all around? Im not looking for a answer that says that 125 htz refreshes at 8ms and 500 at 2.. Etc.

So with this being said does it work like this;

125 htz best pefect mouse control with more responce time
500 htz moderate mouse control. With less response time
1000 htz with low mouse control with perfect response time.

Does 1000 htz really reduce input lag?  Most games run at a solid 30-60 fps so with a 1000 htz i feel like i am just overclocking my mouse and sacroficing my aim or is this preference to the user itself? Is this why the xim4 felt so much better for me because i was running at 125?   There is just no way the xim apex actually uses the full 1000 htz. It seems to me that its just a buffer ratio that spikes my micromovements making sync the default aspect of how fast the mouse movement. I need some answers please becuase this is not the first time i have noticed this. Maxing out my dpi is just the same as making the ingame sensitivity maxed out, but maxing out the htz just seems inconclusive when using the sync feature. I really honesty feel sensativity spikes no matter what game i am playing. Using a 0 ms delay from hip to ads, why do i feel like my aim is jolting left to right? At this point i really wish i still had my xim4, i never had any problems what so ever with that device. Im glad the apex was released but, its way to noob friendly.  The xim4 had so much more to offer. Aa control, amazing balistic curve editor, sa3. Meh im ranting now. So can anyone help me out with my questions?

Game Support / Best way to map a directional wheel?
« on: 03:55 PM - 09/13/18 »
So i need some thought about this.. Just started playing Aven Colony.. Sounds lame but its something to pass time..

Long story short,  the building menu is shaped as a wheel, and trying to wasd that lmao there is no possible way. So i created a sub profile, checked the left stick button and i made it so when i hold q my mouse acts as the left stick.  When doing this, i have every direction of a circle... Idk is this the only to perform this? Its a little glitchy but it gets the job done..

Game Support / Halo 5 when in ads
« on: 07:23 AM - 09/11/18 »
I just installed this game and i noticed when you aim down sight and you dont hold right click it stays in the hip and does not swap over to the ads unless you hold right click.. Any way to fix this?

General Discussion / One free bfv key xb1
« on: 11:51 AM - 09/05/18 »
Pm me i got only one.

Delux M618LU Wired Vertical Ergonomic Mice Mouse USB Laser Comfort

Just seen this in a ad and it kind of blew my mind.. Has anyone used any type of mouse like this for gaming?

General Discussion / Wow dayz is just.... Awful on xb1
« on: 04:54 PM - 08/30/18 »
I remember playing this game with my clan years ago, and it was so much fun on pc..

But when playing this game on xbox, i feel like i am playing a whole different shittier version of this game. It plays at 30 fps with absolutely no controller optimization. No options on graphics settings.. They reworked the whole ui to look awful on console. I do npt even want to start compairing the quality of textures either. Is this game always going to be low res?

 Just so awful. I returned the game after 4 hours of playing this garbage.

 I guess when you run out of money, you will always find a way to get more..

XIM APEX Discussions / Xim APP, widows icon?
« on: 05:21 PM - 08/28/18 »
Is this something new added? lol I never seen this before, when a xbox controller is connected to the xim.

General Discussion / Did xim get ddossed last night?
« on: 12:41 PM - 08/25/18 »
Sad to see things like this happen. People will hate. Nice job adding protection tho!

I have been playing this game sense it was released l, well because i have always been a cod player but lets get to the point of this topic.

1. The game was made by Sledgehammer. They should of NEVER HAD A CHANCE TO RELEASE A FULL GAME.  They have no idea of the fundamentals of mapping, create a class. Pick ten will always be the most superior over anything EXCEPT pro perks from cod MW2.  Why would they release divisions, instead of cac?  I uderstand that it makes it more "realistic" but how is the game more realistic when i cant use stock and ghost, or dead silence and full flak jacket? Cod black ops one had more customization than this game...

2. I can finally get to the maps... Like seriously lets take flak tower for a example..... WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO TURN THEIR HEADSET ON FULL BLAST TO HEAR THE B7LL SH1T SOUNDS in the backgroud.. Oh yeah ambience is the way to make the map seem better.... NO! You created almost every map with 3 entry points. Right, Left and Center... How basic could your mind be???? Where are the underground trenches, tunnels... Big churches with multiple entrees???? No matter the game mode, the spawns are random. You could be playing HP and someone will spawn behind you randomly, and even same with CTF. It literally has no flow what so ever.

3. The minimap makes me cringe when i am like.. Oh hes not that close to me, 2 seconds latner BAM. DEAD.

4. Footsteps..... They sound like they are in 6d? Ill hear a footstep and think the guy is right behind me and NOPE. LMAO HES OUTSIDE THE BUILDING. What kind of dev makes footstep noises for each texture??? Mud, wood, gravel, etc... Such a joke...

5. So these guns are are the most balenced weapons possible. Lol jk. I love using a ppsh 24/7....

6.  Grenade indicators show up at me feet only.... How am i able to dodge this??? Eve with hunker on..

There is a million and one reasons to why SH failed at making this game. I played cod1, cod uo, cod2... These are REAL WW2 SHOOTERS.  Well not real but you know what i mean.... SH should NEVER EVER get a chance to make a ww2 shooter again.

So i was absolutely sick of running xim link and always receiving packet issues and then it just hit me. Why does this happened?

Well ill tel you why.

Windows 10 is FILLED with bloatware and settings that some people do not even know exist. First off i want you guys to and gals to watch this video.

After all that is taken care of, you should notice your computer to be a bit faster than it was before... BUT WAIT!

I found a github file that absolutely removes bloatware from windows 10! Here is the read me for that.

Debloat Windows 10.

Note about Creators Update: These scripts have not been tested with the Creators Update. Anything may happen, be prepared. I'll look into relevant changes and recent issues when the update is released / pushed on to everyone.

This project collects Powershell scripts which help to debloat Windows 10, tweak common settings and install basic software components.

I test these scripts on a Windows 10 Professional 64-Bit (English) virtual machine. Please let me know if you encounter any issues. Home Edition and different languages are not supported. These scripts are intended for tech-savvy administrators, who know what they are doing and just want to automate this phase of their setup. If this profile does not fit you, I recommend using a different (more interactive) tool -- and there are a lot of them out there.

There is no undo, I recommend only using these scripts on a fresh installation (including Windows Updates). Test everything after running them before doing anything else. Also there is no guarantee that everything will work after future updates since I cannot predict what Microsoft will do next.

The scripts are designed to run without any user-interaction. Modify them beforehand. If you want a more interactive approach check out DisableWinTracking from 10se1ucgo.

Download Latest Version
Code located in the master branch is always considered under development, but you'll probably want the most recent version anyway.

 clicky click


Enable execution of PowerShell scripts:

PS> Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted
Unblock PowerShell scripts and modules within this directory:

PS > ls -Recurse *.ps1 | Unblock-File
PS > ls -Recurse *.psm1 | Unblock-File
Install all available updates for your system.
Edit the scripts to fit your need.
Run the scripts from a PowerShell with administrator priviledges (Explorer Files > Open Windows PowerShell > Open Windows PowerShell as administrator)
PS > Restart-Computer
Run disable-windows-defender.ps1 one more time.
PS > Restart-Computer
In the past I included small fixes to make the startmenu more usable, like removing default tiles, disabling web search and so on. This is no longer the case since I am that fed up with it. This @#$% menu breaks for apparently know reason, is slow, is a pain to configure / script and even shows ads out of the box!

Please replace it with something better, either use Classic Shell or Start is Back, but stop using that @#$%.

Known Issues
Startmenu Search
After running the scripts, the startmenu search-box may no longer work on newly created accounts. It seems like there is an issue with account initilization that is triggered when disabling the GeoLocation service. Following workaround has been discovered by BK from Atlanta:

Delete registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\lfsvc\TriggerInfo\3
Re-enable GeoLocation service (set startup type to Automatic)
Login with the account having the stated issue
Start Cortana and set your preferences accordingly (web search and whatnot)
You may now disable the GeoLocation service again, the search box should remain functional.

Sysprep will hang
If you are deploying images with MDT and running these scripts, the sysprep step will hang unless dmwappushserivce is active.

XBox Wireless Adapter
Apprently running the stock remove-default-apps script will cause XBox Wireless Adapters to stop functioning. I suspenc one should not remove the XBox App when wanting to use one. But I haven't confirmed this yet, and there is a workaround to re-enable it afterwards. See #78.

Issues with Skype
Some of the domains blocked by adding them to the hosts-file are required for Skype. I highly disencourage using Skype, however some people may not have the option to use an alternative. See the #79.

All scripts are provided as is and you use them at your own risk.

I would be happy to extend the collection of scripts. Just open an issue or send me a pull request.

Thanks To

"THE BEER-WARE LICENSE" (Revision 42):

As long as you retain this notice you can do whatever you want with this
stuff. If we meet some day, and you think this stuff is worth it, you can
buy us a beer in return.

This project is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or

XIM Link / MarkC Windows 10+8+7 MouseFix
« on: 12:51 PM - 08/08/18 »
This is the read me, ill post it here. Ever sense i started reading about mouse acceleration,  i started to notice that i don't need accel.  What i actually needed was a linear line.

The 'MarkC Windows 10 + 8.1 + 8 + 7 Mouse Acceleration Fix' is available for download from this link:
 clicky click

(If the link above does not work then use this mirror @ onedrive.com.)

For help for the fix, visit the ESReality MarkC Windows 7 Mouse Acceleration Fix page:


What is it?
It is a registry file that removes Windows 7 or 8 or 8.1 or 10 mouse pointer acceleration.

It is like the CPL Mouse Fix and Cheese Mouse Fix, but gives exactly 1-to-1 mouse to pointer response for Windows 7 or Windows 8.x or Windows 10.

Exactly 1-to-1 means no discarded or delayed mouse input while game playing.

How do you use it?

Find the display DPI that you currently use:
Click Start, click Control Panel, select Appearance and Personalization, select Display.
See if you have 100% or 125% or 150% selected.
(On Windows 8.1 or 10, if you see a 'Smaller...Larger' slider, then:
- the 1st slider position will be 100%,
- the 2nd slider position will be 125%,
- the 3rd slider position (might not be shown) will be 150%.)

Open the ZIP file at the link above.

Select the folder that matches the Windows version you use and Double-click it.

Select the REG file that matches the DPI% you use and Double-click it.

Answer Yes, OK to the prompts that appear.
(See below for non-Administrator account use.)

Reboot or Log off to apply the fix (you have to reboot or Log off).

Enjoy exactly 1-to-1 mouse to pointer response!
(If you applied one of the Windows 2000 or Windows 98/95 Acceleration fixes, then 'Enhance pointer precision' must be checked ON to enable it.)
Why do you need the fix?
If you don't know you need it, then you don't need it!

Some older games, such as Half-Life 1, Counter-Strike 1.x, Quake, Quake 2, Unreal and others, while they are active and running, call a Windows function intending to disable variable mouse acceleration by forcing ALL movement to be accelerated by the same amount (doubled).
On Windows 2000 and earlier, that removed all variable acceleration.
Pointing and aiming in those games was OK, because the mouse response was then linear (all movement was accelerated by the same amount; it was doubled).

In XP, and later Windows versions, Microsoft changed how mouse pointer acceleration worked.
Now when those games call the function (asking that all movement be accelerated), Windows enables the mouse 'Enhance pointer precision' feature, which adds mouse acceleration using a varying curve to control the mouse response. (It enables it even if you have it turned off in the Control Panel Mouse settings.)

With 'Enhance pointer precision' enabled, slower mouse movements make the pointer go extra slow and faster mouse movements make the pointer go extra fast. It is not linear and not straightline.

This is annoying, because where you are aiming at depends on how far you move your mouse, and also on how fast you moved the mouse to aim.

How does the fix work?

It redefines the curve used by the 'Enhance pointer precision' feature to be a completely straight line. The slope of the line is tuned so that every on-mouse-pad mouse movement is turned into exactly the same amount of on-screen pointer movement.

How do you know the fix is working?

You can test if it is working by temporarily turning on the 'Enhance pointer precision' feature and see how the mouse responds.
(NOTE: Unless you applied one of the Windows 2000 or Windows 98/95 Acceleration fixes, only turn 'Enhance pointer precision' on for testing: it should normally be set OFF.)

If you have 'Enhance pointer precision' OFF, then the fix will not be active (but it will be waiting to be activated when needed).
Just as some games turn it on when you don't want them to, we can turn it on manually to test that the fix is working properly.

Go to Control Panel, and select Hardware and Sound, then click Mouse. Select 'Pointer options' and check-ON/enable the 'Enhance pointer precision' option.

See how the mouse responds.

If you want, you can set the Control Panel 'pointer speed' slider set to the 6th, middle position and run the MouseMovementRecorder.exe program that is included in the ZIP file to see that the mouse and pointer movements are 1-to-1 and always the same.
(The numbers in the MOUSE MOVEMENT column should be the same as the numbers in the POINTER MOVEMENT column. Any differences will appear in green or red.
If you do see differences, also test with 'Enhance pointer precision' OFF, in case the problem is with Windows or MouseMovementRecorder.exe rather than a problem with the fix:
- Press the A key on the keyboard while MouseMovementRecorder is running until EnPtPr Accel is Off. Press A TWICE if EnPtPr is already Off!
- When EnPtPr Accel is OFF, if there is a lot of red and green, press the '+' key on the keyboard and move the mouse.
- Repeat '+' and move the mouse until most of the red and green disappears.
- Press the A key on the keyboard to toggle EnPtPr Accel and move the mouse.
- If the amount of red and green is roughly the same when EnPtPr Accel is ON as when EnPtPr Accel is Off, then the fix is working.)
(NOTE: If you use Windows 10, & scaling of items is not 100%, see below.)
(NOTE: If you use Windows 8.1 and have too much green and red, see below.)
(NOTE: While running a game, you may see many red and green lines.
Games that need a fix usually frequently re-position the pointer and this confuses MouseMovementRecorder.exe but DOES NOT mean acceleration.
See http://www.esreality.com/?a=post&id=1846538#pid1927879 - scroll to 'Comment #271'.)

Turn the 'Enhance pointer precision' option OFF when you have finished testing.
(If you applied one of the Windows 2000 or Windows 98/95 Acceleration fixes, then leave 'Enhance pointer precision' checked ON to enable it.)
Does my game need a mouse fix?
You can test your game to see if it turns 'Enhance pointer precision' ON, and needs a mouse fix.

Turn the 'Enhance pointer precision' option OFF,
Run Mouse Movement Recorder (included in the ZIP file),
Run your game (aim at something!) and look at the 'EnPtPr' column footer at the bottom of the Mouse Movement Recorder window.
If it is displayed with a red background then the game has turned acceleration ON and needs a mouse fix.
Is this fix different from the Cheese Mouse Fix?
The 'Enhance pointer precision' option works slightly differently in Windows 7 than it does in XP and Vista, and slightly differently again in Windows 8.x and 10.

The Cheese Mouse Fix gives exactly 1-to-1 mouse response for Windows XP and Windows Vista.

The MarkC Mouse Fixes give exactly 1-to-1 mouse response for Windows 7 & 8.x & 10.

(Note: Both fixes need the Control Panel 'pointer speed' slider set to the 6th, middle position to give exact 1-to-1.)

But I don't use the middle 6/11 pointer speed setting?

If you want exact 1-to-1 in-game response when the pointer speed slider is not in the 6/11 position, or you have a custom display DPI, see the MarkC Mouse Fix Builder, which works for Windows 10, 8.x, 7, Vista and XP.
For those older games that turn acceleration on, it gives the same response as position 6/11 does (1-to-1), without having to move the pointer speed slider to 6/11.
The MarkC Windows 10 + 8.1 + 8 + 7 + Vista + XP Mouse Acceleration Fix Builder

The MarkC Mouse Fix Builder can also create a fix that emulates Windows 2000 or Windows 98 or Windows 95 acceleration.

How do you remove it?

Open the ZIP file at the link above.
If you use Windows 7 or Vista or XP:
Select 'Windows_7+Vista+XP_Default.reg' and Double-click it.
If you use Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 or Windows 10:
Select 'Windows_10+8.x_Default.reg' and Double-click it.
Answer Yes, OK to the prompts that appear.
Reboot or Log off.
I use Windows 10 and scaling of text, apps and other items is not 100%
In later versions of Windows 10, Microsoft changed how the mouse pointer is moved in response to mouse input, when scaling of text, apps and other items is not 100%, and Enhance pointer precision is OFF.

Mouse pointer movements when Enhance pointer precision is OFF, are now scaled according to the per-monitor scaling of items setting.

When Enhance pointer precision is OFF, and the Control Panel pointer speed slider is set to 6/11, MouseMovementRecorder will not show all-black, exact 1-to-1, but instead Pointer Movement will be multiplied by the same scaling factor applied to text, apps and other items.

Games may also see this difference, or not, depending on their "DPI Awareness".

I use Windows 8.1 and see too much green and red in MouseMovementRecorder
Windows 8.1 introduced changes to mouse input processing to reduce power used and improve battery life:
Windows 8.1 delays and coalesces (merges) mouse input for programs, causing the effective mouse polling rate to be as low as 62 Hz in some cases (even for gaming mice with a higher polling rate).

This new processing can affect some games (games that don't use Raw Input and don't use DirectInput). Microsoft have a December 2013 Windows Update Rollup that includes a fix for those games, which will be automatically installed when you have Windows Update set to install updates automatically.
(See here: KB2908279 Mouse pointer stutters or freezes when you play certain games in Windows 8.1.)

The new processing can also affect MouseMovementRecorder and cause it to show red and green (with the mouse delays, MouseMovementRecorder sees a mouse movement from DirectInput, but doesn't see the pointer move until MUCH MUCH later and can't figure out what's going on and displays red and green).

If the KB2908279 update fix is installed, MouseMovementRecorder will activate it
to give more responsive mouse pointer movement and stop the red and green.

Otherwise, while running MouseMovementRecorder, select it and press the '+' key
on the keyboard a until the red and green stops.

If Control Panel, Appearance and Personalization, Display shows a 'Smaller...Larger' slider, high DPI monitors might need a custom size and/or a fix-builder fix to get exact 1-to-1.
See this blog article:
Windows 8.1 DPI Scaling Enhancements @ Extreme Windows Blog
The new multi-monitor DPI scaling in Windows 8.1 is a good thing if you have multiple monitors with different pixels-per-inch values, BUT it might make it harder to find the correct Item Size percentage when choosing which MarkC fix to use to get exact 1-to-1.
Try clicking the 'Let me choose one scaling level for all my displays' checkbox and then find the percentage needed so that your main (gaming) monitor looks the same as it did when using the 'Smaller...Larger' slider (this may require some reboots).
When you have the right percentage value, click '...one scaling level...' OFF (so that you get the benefit of the new Multi-monitor DPI scaling - if you need it) and use the percentage value to choose which fix you need, or to create a Fix-Builder fix.

Loading the fix with a non-Administrator account
When adding the mouse acceleration fix to the registry, you may get this error message:

"Cannot import (filename).reg: Not all data was successfully written to the registry."

This error happens because part of the fix turns off acceleration for the Welcome screen (the log on screen).
If you use the Welcome screen (or the Windows Log in dialog) and acceleration is NOT turned off for the Welcome screen, then the MarkC fixes have a 1 pixel / 1 mouse count error when the mouse changes direction left/right or up/down.

You can remove this 1 mouse count error by any of these methods:

Run Disable_WelcomeScreen+Login_Accel.CMD as Administrator (Right-click > Run as administrator).
Add/Merge Disable_WelcomeScreen+Login_Accel.reg to the registry while logged in as an administrator.
Run RegEdit.exe and edit 'HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Mouse\MouseSpeed' to 0 (zero), while logged in as an administrator.
Not moving or touching the mouse while using the Welcome screen (use arrow keys to select the user and Enter key to log in).
Ignoring the 1 mouse count error! It's only a single count: You won't notice it.

it's VERY simple


Install on PC, and android or iPhone and use the app on your computer to use the xim app :)

 I broke my screen and needed a way to get access to the xim app! I thought I should share this with you guys sense you can not use the xim app on the pc with out the xim actually inserted into your pc.

Why would you want to do this???

This is VERY beneficial for ballistic curves. It is, VERY easy to edit them with your mouse, also it is  VERY easy to copy and paste to the xim app instead of the clipboard on your phone

XIM Link / AHK Studio
« on: 03:27 AM - 07/28/18 »
Hey guys, want to make your 1337 scripts? well try out this program. Its absolutely one of the best you can find out there.


General Discussion / aimbooster.com
« on: 05:04 PM - 07/26/18 »

wow I suck on pc.... where is the aim assist >_< lol

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