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XIM 4 Discussions / Xim4E Closes ST for Halo 5?
« on: 06:24 AM - 10/28/15 »
Aye guys my friend just bought a XBOne and I have tempted them into getting a XIM4 but they want to try before they buy  to see if they prefer M/KB with their PC background. So I thought if I can setup my Xim Edge for them to use for a week they can enjoy it with close ST if it supports it and tell them to get the Xim4 to get a more accurate 1:1 :) Gives the Xim Edge some use atleast xD

Does it have a ST that is half alright for Halo 5, I don't want to install the firmware and get the stuff without knowing about if it does or not.

Hardware Compatibility / K95 Key sticking BIOS Mode
« on: 02:33 AM - 11/19/14 »
Just bought a K95 RGB, It  appears that after about 5mins of running, a key will get stuck such as move left *A* for me, getting stuck and the only way to unstick it is to reboot the XIM. Anyone know about this and how to resolve it?

Keyboard is running in BIOS and the backlights are turned off.

Sorry for weird title I can't seem to figure out how to say it as a title anywho.

I was wondering if it would be possible for lets say the Logitech G510 and other keyboards that have a RGB Backlight keyboard option to change the backlight colour to whatever profile is selected, so for instance if your MW3 Profile is Red it will change the keyboard's backlights to Red to display you're in that profile and that it would look awesome ;)

Now I am loving the Edge atm, great device for Call of Duty but everytime I try to change the Halo Reach settings I can't reach a perfect speed, I am finding that I have to swipe atleast 3 times to even do a 360 with just barely hitting the max speed limit. Now for CoD it is a whole different story I am able to do a 720 basically in one swipe!

So can anyone help me out with this issue? :/

Mouse: RazerDeathadder 3.5G

I started playing XBL and Halo reach again from the first time since Launch of Halo Reach (Not lying ^^) and I got this message yesterday after my first game of the day ahah and I haven't even got my XIM yet. Pushing a 2.18k/d in Halo alongside a 90% headshot to kill ratio with guns :) Though I had some bad games with terrible host, not many Aussies that play Halo Reach anymore :(

Lets see if I can hit the 3mark in the day I get my XIM? Challenge accepted :D

The bloke later on asked me what was my main game/system I played and I replied with CoD4 for PC the shock in his voice was laughable asking me how I got so good at the game so quickly for the 360 xD

Hello, we're currently out of stock for a wired controller so I will have to wait maybe a week before I can get one, anywho would I be able to connect a PS3 controller into the XIM Edge and use that for the Xbox 360 for M+KB? If not I guess I will look around other gaming stores but finding a wired controller here in Aus will be quite annoying haha.

Hello guys, I am currently looking at purchasing a XIM 3/Edge (Depends whatever is in stock at date of purchase tbh haha). But I am just wanting to ask if we can use Micros with the Logitech G510 (The "G" keys) Since that would be excellent for for instance reload canceling or just simply selecting a class for Call of Duty without the hassle of going through the menus. Also I want to use the "G" keys for DPI on the fly changing (I have a Razer DeathAdder V2) So that I have a lower sensitivity while not ADS but I can Micro that my DPS increases once I press ADS button on my mouse, that would be excellent also! :D

And I am going to search the forums but what do you personally recommend the Edge or the XIM3? I am more leaning into the XIM Edge simply because it doesn't have a screen (Last item I have purchases that had to get transported the screen broke, so not so keen on it) Since I am from Australia, I don't really want to be waiting a week to get the device only to find out I have to send it back because the LCD broke :/

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