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Now live on Twitch, with mouse cam!

Come and see how the XIM4 is performing with the new firmware 20151120


Commander / Choppy
« on: 07:42 AM - 12/01/15 »
OK, so I have tried the SC. Nice work BTW.

Only thing is, when I use the mouse in game, its movement is VERY choppy.

I have tried different polling rates in SC. It seems the lower I go the smoother it becomes. But if I go too low the sensitivity of the mouse is all wrong.

Any suggestions?

Mionix Castor @ 10,000 dpi - 1000hz

Would changing the Castor to 125ms poll rate help?

Hi all,

I wanted to share my first ever gameplay video! Its only short, about one minute long. But it took me about an hour to get ready for upload to YouTube, its a bit of a learning curve this video editing stuff!

So if its rubbish, please understand that I have never done anything like this before!

This video shows how the XIM4 performs with the latest 20151120 firmware with progressive delay, which OBsIV kindly added for us.

My setup;

BenQ RL Series Monitor
XIM4 using Havoxxx Curve

HIP Sens: 10
ADS Sens: 6 (Steady Aim ON)

Mouse: Mionix Castor @ 500hz - 10,000 DPI
Keyboard: Razer Orbweaver

If you guys like this video, I will make some more, just let me know :)

I am in the UK, if any XIM users want to play with another XIM user, my Gamertag is: th3c0dfath3r

Cheers :)

Commander / Commander Lag?
« on: 05:10 AM - 11/15/15 »
Anyone else noticed input lag when using the commander?

I notice an ever so slight delay in mouse movement compared to using the xim4 directly connected to the console.

I suppose as there is a PC added to the loop, there will undoubtedly be added some lag.

What are others experiencing?

Beta / Progressive Delay and Newer Firmwares
« on: 05:06 AM - 11/15/15 »

Progressive Delay has been added to 20151120 firmware and its working very well indeed.

Thanks OBsIV for listening to us and including it, made us happy :)

The Progressive Delay feature really does make a large difference in Call of Duty titles.

Please can Progressive Delay be added to the latest XIM4 Firmware 20151110 and future firmware releases?

I would love to have tried the latest XIM4 Firmware 20151110. But without Progressive Delay, playing CoD will not be the same.

Is there any way that it can be included in the latest firmware as it was for the previous beta?

And for future firmwares, if possible, could there not be a check box to enable for CoD titles and disabled for other titles? Best of both worlds then.

What do you think?

Seems as though I am not having much luck with new hardware on my XIM4.

Last week I purchased a Roccat Nyth only to find out it does not work, yes I know, should have read the hardware compatibility thread first! Lesson learnt there.

Now I have another issue! I just received a Logitech G13 (which is on the compatibility list). Nice bit of kit but I dont think I can get it to work with the XIM4 the way I need it to.

All of the buttons are detected as Joystick buttons, thats fine, no problem.

But heres the snag. The analogue stick. I usually use my thump for crouch, jump and reload, at least when I am using my Razer Orbweaver, whcih has a D-Pad type button configuration.

I would like to use the analogue stick on the G13 in the same way. But the analogue stick on the G13 is not being detected as a button. When I tap the field in the XIM Manager, is says Listening....., I move the stick and nothing.

I also note that the G13 simply shows "G13" in the LCD display when connected to the XIM4. I distinctly remember that I tried an old G13 on a previous generation XIM, the G13 when connected would display the XIM logo in its LCD display. But with XIM4, just "G13".

I have of course tried using onboard profiles as the G13 supports this. But there seems to be no way of swapping between these profiles when connected to the XIM4.

Am I missing something or am I out of luck once again with my hardware choice!!

So here's a brief story.

I found XIM some time ago, years in fact. I purchased a XIM2 (XIM360) and it was and still is an excellent device. Was very hard to get hold of as I am in the UK and there were no sellers here at that time. Got one in the end though, and I have a backup if something goes wrong with my main one!

So I was excited when newer XIM's were developed, I have purchased and used every XIM apart from the very first one. Used the XIM3, the Edge and now the XIM4. But still I am finding a better gaming experience is had with the old XIM2.

I have been using the XIM4 for about one month now and on the whole, I like it. But for me at least, it has a problem. Its not as smooth as my XIM2!

I have tried so many settings that I have ended up not enjoying playing as I spend more time trying to figure out the best settings, takes up all my gaming time and I am left frustrated to be honest.

Here is how I have things setup for use on XBOX ONE.

XIM4 (Latest 20150816 Firmware)
Razer Orbweaver
Razer Tyon (I have SEVERAL other mice, all behave the same)

When in game, notably CoD Ghosts and AW, or BattleField 4. There is a VERY noticeable stutter, the game is not smooth when moving the mouse from side to side, no matter what speed I move the mouse, its there. However, when using the XB1 controller to make the same movement, there is NO stutter. But with the XIM4 its almost as if there are missing frames, jittering, stuttering, choppiness.

Again, I have tried many settings, different sensitivities, different Ballistic Curves, Steady Aim ON/OFF, different DPI settings, different mice, different gaming surfaces, different everything I can think of! But I really feel that the issue is not down to the settings, at least from my point of view, it looks as though its an inherent behaviour of all of the newer generation XIM's that dont require a PC to run.

Now, for my XIM2 to work with the XB1, I have to use a CronusMax Plus device with the above hardware to authenticate the old 360 controller with the XB1. The CronusMax Plus is an OK product, but for KBM use, forget it. I simply use the CronusMax to authenticate with the XB1. No other way to do it that I know of. But of course, thats not what we are taking about here. I just wanted to let you know how I can compare the XIM2 to the other later XIM's on an XB1.

You might ask "so why not continue using the XIM2?", well, there are a lot of features that the XIM4 has that I like, and its a nice portable system, I can use it at a friends if I need to, with the XIM2, I would have to take along with me my PC!! So not practical. And there may well come a time when I both my XIM2's fail! not only that but its a ball ache getting things all setup ready, time that could be spent actually rinsing n00bs!!!

I really want to get the XIM4 to be as smooth, or as close as possible to the XIM2. I like the way it handles, I have no issues with responsiveness, in fact it seems quicker than the XIM2, which makes sense as there is no PC involved. Its just this lack of smoothness makes the games not so great.

Can you help me?

XIM 4 Discussions / XIM4 Configuration Options?
« on: 09:45 AM - 01/21/14 »
Having owned and used the XIM2,  XIM3 and Edge, I find that the XIM2 and XIM3 has far more control and configuration options than the Edge.

I have just spent the last week trying to get a satisfactory config to work on the Edge but could not get it spot on with the limited config options available, even using Ballistic Curves did not yield the desired results.

But with the XIM2 and XIM3 I can get the control that I need.

Now, the Edge only seems to use Smart Translators and does not appear to have the option to dial in Standard settings like the XIM2 and XIM3. Only sensitivity and delay settings are available.

So my question is, will the XIM4 only use Smart Translators or will there be an option like the XIM2 and XIM3 for using Standard configs?

Cheers :)

XIM 3 Discussions / Just Cant Get It SMOOTH!!!!!!!!
« on: 08:36 AM - 01/15/14 »
Well, I have had just about enough really!

I have just spent approximately 6 hours trying to configure this XIM3 and I am at a complete loss!

I am a long time XIM user and had the XIM2 since release, sadly my XIM2 has given up, but thats fine, its been used daily for a few years. But as they are not available any more I have no option but to get the XIM3 to work. I have also ordered a XIM Edge which will hopefully be here tomorrow, maybe I will have better luck with that.

Infact I purchased a XIM3 and XIM Edge when they where first launched, had the same issues then, could not get it the way I wanted no matter what I tried. Went back to the XIM2 and all was well.

I have just purchased another XIM3 to see if I can get it to work again, but alas I just cant get it down!

I am using an Official Wired XBOX 360 Controller, a Razer OrbWeaver and a Mionix NAOS 5000.

However, I have tried different mice, namely a Razer DeathAdder, a G9x and a G500. All yield same results.

I have also tried different surfaces, from my desk, to white paper to various different gaming surfaces.

I am trying to get COD:Ghosts to run smooth. I have tried the Smart Translator, Smart Advanced and Standard options.

Deadzone set at 6700 in Standard as I read that COD uses this deadzone.

I just cant get a happy medium between not fast enough and way to fast and jerky, jittery, choppy! Whatever you want to call it I cannot get it right and its beating me which is why I need your help to get this sorted before I pull all of my hair out!

Tried various DPI settings, various Sensitivities, XY Ratios, Acceleration, Smoothness etc etc etc etc.

Someone, please help me before I throw the whole lot out of the window!

Cheers  :(

I have been a XIM2 user since it came out, to be honest I tried the XIM3 and the XIM Edge and did not like them as much as the XIM2.

I am now experiencing some problems with the XIM2 for the first time ever. I only use the XIM2 to play COD titles, currently on Ghosts mostly.

I think that I need to do a complete refresh of my system, I have one computer which is dedicated to running just the XIM360 software and the software for my Razer Orbweaver and Mionix NAOS 5000.

Currently I am running the XIM software on Windows 8.1. Ive used the software on 7 in the past also.

I must point out that the XIM has been working fine on Windows 8.1 for quite some time, so unless a Windows Update or hardware problem/failure is the cause of my issue, I am sure that Windows 8.1 is not the cause.

I am thinking of trying Windows XP as this is what the XIM360 software would have been developed for if my maths are correct.

The problems I am experiencing is the smoothness of the mouse movement has somewhat degraded, I am in the process of trying different configs but to be honest, I have used the same config for all of the COD titles since MW2. So I am reluctant to accept that the config is at fault.

I have several other mice that I can try, so I will be doing this over the next couple of days to rule out problems with the mouse, currently a Mionix NAOS 5000. I tend to play with the DPI between 2000 to 2500.

I have also tried different surfaces for the mouse.

And to finish up, I am 100% certain that the problem does not lay with the XIM2 itself as I have a spare XIM2 and the results are the same even after doing a calibration.

Any thoughts on the above?


DoZZa  :)

PS. I am eagerly awaiting the XIM4, until I have one of those, I wont be buying a XBONE!!!

Hardware Compatibility / G13 Analogue Stick?
« on: 02:51 PM - 07/23/12 »
Hey all,

Just received my XIM Edge. Very fast delivery all the way from the US to me in the UK :)

I have been a long time user of the XIM2 and thought I would try the Edge.

I think it is very good, it feels more responsive than the XIM2. And certain other features are very well thought out.

However, I do have a question.

I have a G13, I have managed to set the buttons on the G13 to do what I want in most cases. But I am having a problem mapping keys for the analogue stick on the G13. But I have a feeling that this is currently not going to be possible. But I will ask anyway, just in case.

With the XIM2 I am able to use the G13 analogue stick in the following way, LEFT movement of the stick makes a jump, or A on the XBOX Controller. I also user RIGHT as crouch. UP to use streak and DOWN to switch to main weapon secondary attachment such as grenade launcher.

Problem is I cant seem to find a way to get that type of setup with the XIM Edge. Does the XIM Edge only see the G13's analogue stick as analogue, or is there a way to get it to work as I want it to?



XIM 2 Discussions / Check this setup out!
« on: 04:55 PM - 02/05/10 »
Looks like a nice setup here, might have to bid on this as I live in the UK


XIM 2 Discussions / $999 Dollars for a XIM2!
« on: 05:44 AM - 12/21/09 »
I have been watching a UK eBay auction for a XIM2.

It just sold for 620 GBP, thats nearly $1000 Dollars.

Words fail me!

Hi all,

Did a search but could not find the answer.

Is there a working way of properly disabling mouse accel in win 7?


Support / XIM360 Software Installation Manual
« on: 02:52 PM - 12/14/09 »
Hi all,

I did a search but could not find a software installation manual for the XIM software.

Is there a downloadable copy of the manual that comes with the pre-builts?



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