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As the title says I'm getting a new gaming rig on Friday. I'm not leaving XIM and console but I want to play PUB and H1Z1.

I am one of those people who can't play with a controller. I have always been awful. For context in BF1 I am a 1.0 KD with controller and 2.64 with XIM.

I am going to get BF1 on PC to see how I compare but does anyone have any advice on just how crap I'm going to be? I kind of assume I have a good KD because I'm on Xim against controller players with AA but once everyone is using MnK on PC and no AA I will be back to my old crap ability.

Anyone got experience going from console to PC and what the skill curve difference is like?

I have a ps4 but when I use a controller I like to use an elite controller. However, I hate having to swap cables about every time I want to switch between controller and MnK so I changed my set up a bit yesterday and would appreciate advice as to whether this will cause me any issues with input.

My setup:
PS4 | XIM4  | Mouse
        - DS4    - Bus powered USB hub - Keyboard
                                                       - Elite controller

My set up is standard except I have put a bus powered usb hub in the XIM4 controller port which I then use for both Elite controller and keyboard with both always plugged in. All I need do then is change profiles.

Will this have any negative impact and should be using a different type of usb hub?

Any advice appreciated

Cheers  ;)

General Discussion / BF1 team ups?
« on: 06:51 AM - 12/12/16 »
Hey everyone

I play BF1 on PS4 and I only have a few friends who play the game so if anyone wants to team up so we can wreck house together (or at least try to) please add me as a friend. Im on 3 times a week 7pm UK time.

PSN - bigmoo31

Rank 10 on all infantry except Scout which I am doing now and 2.07 kd which isn't too bad since I don't use tanks or planes.


XIM 4 Discussions / 2 xims on 2 consoles with one xim app?
« on: 10:06 AM - 11/12/16 »
I have two ps4 consoles with a xim4 for each.

Do I need to have xim manager on two separate devices to control each one or can I control the two xims from the same phone for example?

Game Support / Good Overwatch curve?
« on: 12:16 PM - 08/02/16 »
Hi ya

Does anyone know of a good Overwatch curve. Im not sure what I need but something that feels a bit more precise when aiming and snappier.

Any help greatly appreciated.  ::)

XIM 4 Discussions / PS4 remote play on Mac
« on: 03:22 PM - 04/06/16 »
Am I right in thinking XIM 4 won't work with MAC to PS4 remote play? Just tried it and although XIM is powering up nothing else is happening

General Discussion / Destiny PS4 clans
« on: 04:28 PM - 01/03/16 »
Yes I still play this game lol.

Are there any xim4 Destiny clans out there that play on ps4.

I have completed all end content including multiple flawless runs on all characters.

Let me know if anyone recruiting


Im pretty sure it used to on the last firmware. Do I need to change something or am I just going senile?

XIM 4 Discussions / Destiny sniper micro movement judder
« on: 11:08 PM - 12/02/15 »
When I snipe in destiny I find when I ads there is a lot of judder in my micro movements making it difficult to make quick tiny aim corrections

I'm not sure which of my current settings I need to change to smooth this out. Any help greatly appreciated and sorry if this is posted in the wrong place.

Logitech G502 12000 dpi
Hip 35 (I know this is high but I like to be able to turn quickly in mid air but is it affecting my aim?)
Ads 30
In game 10

I'm using no curve other than default

XIM 4 Discussions / Playstation tv - xim 4
« on: 03:30 PM - 10/20/15 »
I have bought a ps tv to use at work so I can remote play ps4.

I bought a ps3 to guarantee the controller would work but when I did a quick test I found a very strange occurrence.

On the ps4 display there was no lag when using the xim 4 through the ps tv but there was very noticeable lag and stutter through the ps tv display on my television. I was playing destiny and controlling the ps4 remotely through playstation tv so you would assume the input lag would be the same through both displays.

Anybody know why pstv is lagging so badly, I assume it is related to internet speed.

nb I have not fully tested just using the controller to see if there is the same lag issues

Hopefully someone will be able to help

Got my XIM4 today.

Testing BF4 and after about ten seconds the xim4 starts flashing red and yellow like crazy and then disconnets all peripherals and then returns to normal meaning i have to unplug the xim and plug back in. Ten seconds late the same thing.

Went back to the xim4e and no issues.

Controllers are full charge. All cables are correct and working. Tested on both ps4 and xbone and same thing happening.

Re installing the firmware now but anyone know what this means and if it is a simple fix


XIM 4 Discussions / FEDEX - such teasers
« on: 11:47 PM - 08/03/14 »
I am starting to find it quite funny now although wasnt on Friday because my XIM4 has now been sitting in a fedex dispatch facility that is less than 10 mins from my house for FOUR DAYS!!!!

What a tease...

Beta / BF4 juddery mouse movement when prone
« on: 05:58 AM - 02/11/14 »
It may just be me experiencing this but I am getting a lot of juddery movement when prone in bf4. This was not the case on vanilla edge

When crouching or standing all movement is as smooth as James Bond with a martin in in hand.

When prone it is as smooth as a tramp smelling of urine.

I have a fairly bog standard keyboard and when using the xim4e im getting awful stutter. I thought it might be lag but with the controller only it all works fine. The problem was there on the 360 but is now even worse with xim4e/xbone

I have a 3mb/s connection which isnt great but should be good enough so im thing it is the keyboard.

Any suggestions?

I have a g400 and a pretty standard keyboard and want to upgrade for the beta and xim4. Still using the edge so any suggestions greatly appreciated to upgrade to especially in regards to the keyboard. Been looking at the g400s as I am a big Logitech fan of their mice


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