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Feedback / MOVED: PS4 pro ps 6.0 update issues?
« on: 06:05 AM - 09/15/18 »

This is the second part of the Destiny 2 tutorial which covers sub configurations for sprinting and the sparrow.
Here is a link to the first tutorial part:

Obsiv fortify the XIM Store, a new wave of customers is about to hit the coast! :)

The update that splits PS4 Fortnite players based on their input devices just came out.
I can confirm XIM is regarded as a controller! (obviously!)

here a FAQ with some important infos about this update:

1) How do i know what playerbase im matched against?
In the bottom right of your Fortnite BR lobby screen next to the PLAY button you have a symbol that tells you what type of input device you are using. It will either show a Mouse and Keyboard or a Controller. You will then be matched against people using the same input device.

2) Why does my game show a Mouse and Keyboard symbol although I am using a XIM?
Just restart the game, if you have a mouse and keyboard attached directly to the console then please remove those before you restart Fortnite. The game will only check your input devices during the launch of the game, if you switch from native mouse and keyboard to XIM while your game is already running it will not update your input device. This is most likely just a visual bug and will be patched soon.

3) What does the player base separation mean?

If you use the native mouse and keyboard support you will be playing on the PC servers against other PC players. Controller players will play in their own console lobbies and will not be matched against PC players.
If a native mouse and keyboard player on console teams up with a controller player then both will be matched against PC players.
With XIM you will be regarded as a controller player!

Shared Configs / XIM Apex - Destiny 2 Config Guide
« on: 06:13 PM - 09/01/18 »
Just in time for its PSN Plus release for this month :)
This is the first of two Destiny 2 tutorial videos. The following video will cover everything you need to know to create a perfect XIM Destiny 2 Infantry Config.

The second tutorial video explains how you can increase the turn assist of the sparrow and the sprinting mode. Here is a link to the second one: https://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=69725

Shared Configs / XIM Apex - Rainbow Six Siege Config Guide
« on: 10:34 PM - 08/25/18 »
Next to the actual tutorial this video has a focus on removing mouse stutter and increasing your accuracy which is pretty difficult in this game due to its challenging look mechanic

This video will cover everything you need to know to control tanks, planes or jets :)
Next tutorial video will be a RB6 one :)

XIM APEX Discussions / MOVED: Weird dream
« on: 11:26 AM - 08/15/18 »

a BF1 ground + air vehicle config guide will be out in a few days :)

Epic, the creator of Fortnite has decided to separate its playerbase by the input devices that they decide to use starting next week
this basically means that native mouse and keyboard users on console will face other users running the same hardware while controller players will only play against theirselfs

now the question you all might want to ask is what about the XIM?
the XIM Apex should be fine, its pretty much impossible to be detected :)
outside of that this patch seems to focus on native mouse and keyboard users, their userbase should be mutiple times larger than the one of the XIM users and is therefore the main problem

overall though this news is pretty interesting because of
1) Fortnite is the most popular game right now and is basically a rolemodel for other game developers, especially in terms of listening to their community and their community interaction in general
2) Just two weeks ago Epic openly defended their stance on allowing all kind of input devices in Fortnite, including mouse and keyboard on consoles
3) although we wont know much more until next week it seems to be that native mouse and keyboard players will have to upgrade to a XIM if they want to continue to play with their controller friends (or they will be put into mixed lobbies which their controller friends may not like)

source (read comments for Epics response):

Game Support / MOVED: How do u factory reset xim apex
« on: 10:26 AM - 08/02/18 »

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